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Paleo Meal Plans Are Here!

Fresh and very tasty steak

Paleo Meal Plans Are Here!

Want to give your family healthy, REAL FOOD meals with NO STRESS and minimal time in the kitchen?


Let someone else do all the planning for you!


Primally Inspired now offers paleo and real food meal plans through Holistic Squid Meal Planning services!


What you get:

 A detailed shopping list to save you time and money

Your schedule for the week laid out day by day (with one main cooking day and minimal time in the kitchen)

Paleo recipes for 5 dinners – plus an extra – with enough leftovers to cover most of your lunches too!

One double recipe each week to bank “fast food” in the freezer

Bonus recipes each week so you always have Real food handy

Primal option – for those who include dairy products


Here’s what a sample weekly menu looks like:


AND it’s only $14 a month! 

This buys you a month’s worth of recipes, weekly shopping lists, and takes all the guesswork and stress away!

(That’s even cheaper than one restaurant meal!)


Click HERE for more info!

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  1. Avatar

    Can you have a Paleo diet and still be vegetarian?

    • Primally Inspired

      Yes, you can. Although it’s a lot harder.
      If you (or whoever is a vegetarian) eats eggs and fish, it makes it a lot easier.
      Also, if you can eat or tolerate dairy products, yogurt and kefir are great options to consider.

      You will most likely have to eat legumes (make sure to soak and cook them thoroughly) to get adequate protein in your diet. You also might want to consider supplementing with a protein powder.

      It’s definitely do-able (I know a few who do this), but it definitely makes it harder!

  2. Avatar

    How do you get your kids onboard with this way of eating? Especially if they hate vegetables?

  3. Avatar


    Can you request meal plans for only one adult or do you have to manually adjust them to be suitable for one person?

    This seems like a great idea!


  4. Avatar

    I have just made the bone broth
    Do I throw out the veggies and chicken after I pour off the broth?
    Or do you eat them?
    Thanks for your assistance in this matter.


  5. Avatar

    Hi there! I keep trying to go to your meal plan links but it continues to link to a Web page about children’s furniture. This happened with every link I tried.

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