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ButcherBox Giveaway! (Closes January 10th)

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Christmas Giveaway Day 2 ButcherBox



It’s Day 2 of my 12 MORE days of Christmas and I’m having a blast giving away and introducing you to some of my very favorite things! Today’s giveaway is super fun because there’s 2 winners! I think you’re going to love this giveaway from one cool company that I love called ButcherBox.




ButcherBox is giving away a ButcherBox filled with 100% grass fed beef to two of my USA email subscribers! 


Butcher Box Review and Giveaway


What’s a ButcherBox you ask?

Well, I like to call it my box of deliciousness because inside is 100% grass fed beef and pasture raised meats that comes right to my doorstep! How cool is that?!


ButcherBox Review & Giveaway


Why I love ButcherBox:

Since moving to Pennsylvania 2 years ago, it’s been a surprising challenge finding local 100% grass fed and pasture raised meats. I say surprising because I live in farm country – you’d think it’d be easy, right?! But before I discovered ButcherBox, I had to drive nearly an hour away to get my 100% grass fed beef. And I have yet to find a source for high quality, pasture raised pork within a one hour radias of my house. As a busy working gal, wasting so much time and gas picking up my meats was making me crazy. 


That’s why ButcherBox has been such an awesome find for me. If you have trouble sourcing 100% grass fed and pasture raised meats like I did, I’m confident that you will absolutely love ButcherBox as much as I do, too.  Not only does it save me SO much time, but I’ve found that in almost all the cases so far, ButcherBox’s prices beat what I was previously paying at my butcher shop! Plus, ButcherBox is a really cool company that genuinely cares about the health of their customers. I’m so grateful to have discovered it! 


ButcherBox Review and Giveaway


For $129/per month (that you can cancel at any time) a box filled with pasture raised meats and healthy recipe cards arrives on my doorstep. There’s 15 – 20 meals worth of meat based on 6 – 8oz portions. And free shipping, too! Pretty awesome, right? It’s packed with dry ice and in an insulated cooler for those wondering.


You can easily customize your monthly box or add additional goodies like extra ground beef, bacon and/or burgers. I’m currently getting the beef and pork ButcherBox (with added burgers) because I have a great local source for my organic chicken right down the road.  But I’ve heard their chicken is really delicious, too!


ButcherBox Review


Did someone say FREE BACON?!

Oh! I almost forgot the other good news – ButcherBox is automatically giving Primally Inspired readers FREE BACON on the first order!!! It’s pasture raised, uncured and no sugar Bacon πŸ™‚ Woohoo for free bacon! 


If you want to learn more about ButcherBox or sign up for a delivery, click HERE <— you must use that link to get the free bacon, which will be automatically added to your order.


A big thank you to ButcherBox for caring about health, the health of this planet and for providing a brilliant, convenient way for people to access high quality, grass-fed, pasture raised meats at a great price.  And of course, thanks to them for making this giveaway possible, too!


How To Enter the Giveaway:

1. Make  sure you’re subscribed to my weekly emails.

This giveaway is for my email subscribers only. I will verify that all winners are subscribed, so if you aren’t yet here’s where to subscribe:

2. Leave a comment on this blog post!

That’s it! You’re entered! I’ll announce all the winners after the closing of all 12 days of giveaways on January 10th. You can enter all 12 days of giveaways. Look out for a big giveaway from one of my favorite companies tomorrow (hint: a year supply of one of my very favorite things!!!!)


Enter Day 1 Giveaway HERE.

Enter Day 3 Giveaway HERE.

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Enter Day 5 Giveaway HERE.

Enter Day 6 Giveaway HERE.

Enter Day 7 Giveaway HERE.


Good luck!!

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  1. Avatar

    I love this idea. I can’t find a good source of grass fed beef locally, so I have to travel a distance. It’s sorta bothersome, so this would fill a need for me.

  2. Avatar

    I love the no shipping when it comes to my doorstep.

  3. Avatar

    I would love to give this wonderful meat a try!! Thank you for all this great information.

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    This is awesome . Would be amazing to win!

  5. Avatar

    This sounds amazing. And the price is right!

  6. Avatar

    I would love to try this! Thanks, Kelly!

  7. Avatar

    I would love to try ButcherBox, I enjoy your site and all that you share. Thank you

  8. Avatar

    FYI – both links from the email pulled up a 404 page not found on your website. But I was easily able to go to the home page to find the right page.

    Thanks for planning all these wonderful giveaways!

  9. Avatar

    Thanks for such great links to healthy food and lifestyle items!

  10. Avatar

    I would love to have another option for buying may when the meat from my local farm runs out!! Thanks πŸ™‚

  11. Avatar

    I would love to give this a try! Thank you for this info.

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    I would love to try this meat, thanks!

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    Sounds like a great option for those without access to healthy meats close to home

  14. Avatar

    This is awesome, thank you!

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    I would love to win this prize, it would be amazing! Thank you for the chance

  16. Avatar

    This sounds like an awesome way to be sure I get healthier meats. The supermarkets are filled with meats that just don’t cut it. I have such a hard time finding good quality food sometimes. Thanks for the opportunity to try something new and exciting.

  17. Avatar

    I would love to win!

  18. Avatar

    Yeah!! Once again another awesome surprise. Thank you!!! I too have a hard time finding good meats without driving all over and paying a lot.

  19. Avatar

    I have great farms near me as well but the drive is killing me! This is great thank you!!

  20. Avatar

    This sounds wonderful!! Thank you Kelly!

  21. Avatar

    I’ve never heard of butcher box…looking forward to checking it out!

  22. Avatar

    This sounds awesome!

  23. Avatar

    We have our own pigs and chickens that we butcher, so beef is the only meat we have a hard time getting that is grass fed! This is such a neat option!

  24. Avatar

    The Butcher Box sounds great….I found it hard also to find good grassfed meat especially since we didn’t want to go in for a full cow or even a half, we just didn’t have the space.

  25. Avatar

    Sign me up for this one Kelly. Thank you.

  26. Avatar

    Love this giveaway because grass fed beef is difficult to find in mainstream grocery stores. I love that you have done the research and found a farm you trust to provide a product you trust to cook and serve. Thanks.

  27. Avatar

    This butcher box sounds wonderfully amazing!! What a great resource to have, since it can be wicked tricky to find 100% grass fed beef. Thank you for putting these give always together- day two and I can’t imagine what else is in store!!

  28. Avatar

    What a fabulous prize for day 2 of your 12 days of Christmas giveaway πŸ˜‰ ! I would love to win this prize ! thank you

  29. Avatar

    I have never heard of this company until now. Thank you so much!

  30. Avatar

    This sounds WONDERFUL! WHO DOESN’T love good meat?

  31. Avatar

    Beef, it’s what’s cooking! Thank you, Kelly!

  32. Avatar

    Butcher box…its what’s for dinner, I hope.

  33. Avatar

    I love finding out about companies like this!!

  34. Avatar

    This is a wonderful option! I can’t source grass fed beef where I live. Only a few smatterings of ground beef, but I have to travel 60 miles to get that! I would like the opportunity to try this company out.

  35. Avatar

    This is AMAZING! Thank you ?

  36. Avatar

    Sounds yummy!

  37. Avatar

    I’ve definitely done the driving around a lot for quality animal products! We have yet to find good bacon, so we just don’t eat it, but sounds good!

  38. Avatar

    This would be nice to have considering the price hike in beef!

  39. Avatar

    I was thinking of signing up for this, but I wanted to try it first. What a great giveaway! And who says no to free bacon???

  40. Avatar

    Being raised on a farm as a child, 100% pasture raised beef was unheard of. Cattled were raised on pasture most of the time, but the last year they were fed corn to fatten them up. So excited to participate on this giveaway!

  41. Avatar

    Thanks, Kelly! I am going to visit their website because I also have a hard time finding quality meats that I can afford!

  42. Avatar

    This is awesome!! Humanely-raised meat is increasingly difficult to find where I live. Thank you for this opportunity!!

  43. Avatar

    Thanks so much for this info. I’m going to check out their website. Hmmmmm…….. Free BACON!!!!!

  44. Avatar

    Checking Butcher Box out next! Great to have an option available that’s delivered to one’s door. Thanks for sharing this!

  45. Avatar

    I’m so excited to try this!

  46. Avatar

    I need to check th is out. May be a great thing for my family as well!

  47. Avatar

    I can’t wait to win!!!

  48. Avatar

    This is very nice to try to see if I would even like these boxes. How many boxes would one need for four people?

  49. Avatar

    Thanks again Kelly! I’m so grateful to have found your blog. I’ve tried some other delivery options that are quite expensive, so this looks like another great find. And we love bacon!

  50. Avatar

    Hi Kelly, WOW! Thanks again, what an awesome gift. It’s hard to find 100% grass fed beef. This would be wonderful! Thanks for sharing, I’m going now to check them out!

  51. Avatar

    I have always wanted to go the grass-fed route! Just need to take that jump. Would love to win this and try it. Thanks for these wonderful giveaways!

  52. Avatar

    Thank you Kelly!

  53. Avatar

    Oh my gosh! I would love to win this

  54. Avatar

    Thank you for such a awesome giveaway!

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    Wow my husband would love this…

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    This is a great choice for grass fed…I luckily have the opportunity to buy local grass fed raised beef.

  57. Avatar

    Fabulous giveaway! This is my husband’s dream!!

  58. Avatar

    What a wonderful treat that would be!

  59. Avatar

    Thank you! This looks awesome!!
    Also, the link in your email didn’t work, but I found it via the home page.

  60. Avatar

    Awesome! My husband would love this!

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    Oooooh I’m so excited to try this! I will be ordering from them, thanks for sharing. Who doesn’t love free BACON!!!

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    Thanks for the intro to another great company …and a giveaway too!

  63. Avatar

    Wow…looks like some really healthy meat! I would love to try it. Thanks for these wonderful giveaways!!

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    This sounds like a wonderful way to get healthy grass fed products! Very convenient!!

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    This would be awesome! Have never heard of this company. Thanks for the sweet giveaways Kelly!

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    Mmmmmmmmmm… Where’s the BEEF!!!!!! πŸ˜‰

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    Thank you for all the helpful information you provide on your blog. I would love to try this!

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    It would be wonderful to win this one.

  69. Avatar

    Thank you for all the helpful information you provide on your blog. I would love to win this!

  70. Avatar

    I love hearing about all these wonderful companies who really care about the health of those they serve! What a fantastic way to eat healthier when it can’t be found in our area!?

  71. Avatar

    Would love to try this company out. Thanks for all the information toy share on your blog.

  72. Avatar

    I have never heard of this company! This is great and would love to win!!!

  73. Avatar

    Raise most of my food including meat and milk but not beef. We have many local amazing beef producers but they can’t keep up.with the supply so this would b amazing to receive. Thanks

  74. Avatar

    I would love to give this meat a try!

  75. Avatar

    Would love to try this! Buying local grass fed beef is hard to come by in Vegas.

  76. Avatar

    This sounds amazing!

  77. Avatar

    Something the Husband would LOVE!

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    I would LOVE to win this!

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    I would love to win this! Definitely going to check the Butcher Block out!!

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    I agree with the others that this is a giveaway that would be great to win

  81. Avatar

    We don’t eat a lot of meat because it’s too expensive, this would be wonderful!!

  82. Avatar

    Thank you for a such a great giveaway! I would love to try out Butcher box.

  83. Avatar

    I love the Whole 30 plan but find it hard to find quality meats. I can’t wait to try Butcher Box! Thanks for sharing with us.

  84. Avatar

    Thanks for another great giveaway! A meat box delivered to my door sounds great!

  85. Avatar

    Thanks for the chance at such a wonderful giveaway. Would love to try this!

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    This sounds like a very viable option for healthier, S after sources of meat!

  87. Avatar

    Another amazing giveaway. I excited to order bacon that does have sugar!

  88. Avatar

    That sounds awesome! Thanks for sharing it.

  89. Avatar

    This is an awesome idea!! Love the idea of a mail-order grass-fed beef!

  90. Avatar

    This sounds amazing! I would love to win this. Thank you!

  91. Avatar

    OMG I need this!! I’ve never heard of the company before but would
    L-O-V-E to try it. PLEASE pick me!!!

  92. Avatar

    dinner at the door, ohhlala!

  93. Avatar

    What a great & easy way to eat more healthy

  94. Avatar

    Sounds amazing! Sign me up! Thank you!

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    Such a wonderful giveaway!

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    How great is this giveaway ! Thanks.

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    I am trying to get my family on a healthier diet. This would help. Perhaps once they taste grass-fed beef.

  98. Avatar

    Will check this one out for sure..

  99. Avatar

    I am so excited to enter this. What a fantastic prize:)

  100. Avatar

    I love this idea and will check into it! Thanks Kelly!

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    This sounds like a awesome company!I can only find grass fed burger in my town.

  102. Avatar

    This sounds like a great company. It can be difficult to find grass fed beef so having it delivered to you is outstanding.

  103. Avatar

    Love grassfed beef and especially love free bacon!

  104. Avatar

    Hi Kelly!! This sounds wonderful! I would love for my family to start eating grass fed beef! What a great opportunity to start…thank you!!!!

  105. Avatar

    Sounds great! I can’t afford local grass-fed beef, I can barely stretch the budget to accommodate the NZ grass-fed ground beef from Trader Joe’s, or sometimes I get lucky and find something from Spring Crossing on last-salable-day markdown. As a single apartment dweller, a half or quarter steer is not an option (even if I had hundreds of dollars to drop at one time, wish I did). So I don’t eat as much meat as I probably ought. I could make this last for months!

  106. Avatar

    I would like to know what cuts specifically are in a pack or the packs
    Thank you

  107. Avatar

    Great to have grass fed meat – thanks for the chance to receive!

  108. Avatar

    I’m always happy to have grass fed meats. I have to say living in the Midwest makes that a bit easier, but I will definitely be looking into Butcher Box.

  109. Avatar

    I’ve changed our diet completely and am trying to get pasture raised meats. Unfortunately, the pasture raised meats are astronomical I price, but this sounds really reasonable. I’m going to the website and check it out. Thanks Kelly! You always share great things!

  110. Avatar

    One of my nutrition goals for 2016 was to find a reputable source for 100% grass feed meat products. Lo and behold I open my email and here’s one recommended by someone I trust! Love when that happens! Thank you for generously offering these giveaways!

  111. Avatar

    This looks great, thanks so much for this opportunity!

  112. Avatar

    I’m excited to see what’s next!

  113. Avatar

    Great idea for a give away! It’s sometimes so hard to find grassfed meat.

  114. Avatar

    This sounds amazing! Gotta love grass fed!

  115. Avatar

    Great stuff!

  116. Avatar

    I love your blog and I’d love to try this healthy meat!

  117. Avatar

    This sounds amazing! I would love to win this. Grass Fed Beef is the best! Thank you!

  118. Avatar

    Sure would love to win this one before I place my oder so I can try it !!

  119. Avatar

    Wow-this is a great idea-just like Door to Door Organics but all meat. And what area of PA do you live in? I might have some suggestions for farms near you

  120. Avatar

    You have the best information and ideas!!!

  121. Avatar

    Just what I would like to try.

  122. Avatar

    What a nice treat:)!

  123. Avatar

    Yummy! What an amazing product, thanks for adding me to the contest!

  124. Avatar

    My husband is 100% correct. Since I’ve been gluten-free, I can’t take a chance on grain-fed beef!

  125. Avatar

    This would be an AWESOME relief to my grocery budget!!!!thanks!

  126. Avatar

    Oh my goodness, I would love to try this. I love grassfed beef. Thank you for hosting this giveaway.

  127. Avatar

    What a great giveaway! Thank you again for the opportunity!

  128. Avatar

    This would be AMAZING! I have a hard time finding grass fed beef around me.

  129. Avatar

    What a great idea! I need to check this out.

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    Oh my goodness, I would love to try this. I love grassfed beef? Thank you for hosting this giveaway.

  131. Avatar

    Love your blog! Thanks for the giveaways!

  132. Avatar

    I love your blog and I would love to try Butcher Box!

  133. Avatar

    What a great giveaway this is. Would love to try, not sure I have ever had grassfed beef.

  134. Avatar

    I also would love to try this. The nearest source to me is SUPER expensive, this sounds more reasonable. I live in southeast PA, in a little town called Fleetwood. What parts are you in? Thank you for the opportunity!

  135. Avatar

    Grassfed Beef is so healthy and it comes right to your doorstep!!! Great product11!

  136. Avatar

    Beef: it’s what’s for dinner! ?

  137. Avatar

    Bring on the high quality meat! I just got done cooking up some raw pork belly with breakfast (sliced thin and rubbed salt,pepper,garlic powder, maple syrup). My kids love it!

  138. Avatar

    I think this is really interesting Butcher Box, I haven’t heard of it before

  139. Avatar
    Cathy Frauenhoffer

    What a great way to start the New Year eating healthier beef. I am raising my granddaughter and hate all the hormones she gets from the grocery store meats. Thank You for this and your web page. Have a Blessed New Year.

  140. Avatar

    I’d love to try this! We are meat eaters for sure in this house. It’s hard for me to get to the Farmer’s Market (time/gas) to buy locally raised grass fed beef.

  141. Avatar

    What a great giveaway. No hormones in my meat would be a great change. I am looking at this one a bit closer.

  142. Avatar

    Yum! Grass-fed goodness!

  143. Avatar

    Yum! Looks amazing!

  144. Avatar

    Bacon? I’m in!!!

  145. Avatar

    Awesome. .would love to try it!

  146. Avatar

    Beef! It’s whats for Dinner πŸ™‚ …and breakfast, and lunch and ANYtime you need just “a little something.”

  147. Avatar

    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  148. Avatar

    What a treat! Thank you!!

  149. Avatar

    What an amazing Giveaway! It is so very difficult to but Grass Fed Beef here, so this would be so nice to receive. Bless you for your giveaways.

  150. Avatar

    I would love to try this. I can only find grass fed hamburger at my local store.

  151. Avatar

    What an amazing Giveaway! It is so very difficult to buy Grass Fed Beef here, so this would be so nice to receive. Bless you for your giveaways.

  152. Avatar

    Thanks for the information! I think I’ll try it when our grass fed beef in the freezer runs out.

  153. Avatar

    Would love to have something so much better for my family delivered to my house.

  154. Avatar

    Would love to have something healthier for my family delivered to my door!

  155. Avatar

    Wow, thanks for the tip. One of our neighbors is a huge grass-fed beef supplier, but we still have to drive nearly 40 minutes on the freeway to get to the health food store to buy it!

  156. Avatar

    I have almost completely stopped eating meat because I can’t find a good supplier that I can trust and that is reasonable. I would love to try this.

  157. Avatar

    Wow, this is awesome, thanks for the chance.

  158. Avatar

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this. Difficult to find in the stores in my area.

  159. Avatar

    Yummy I can already know what I would do w/ the meat & better yet I can smell meat on the grill.

  160. Avatar

    Oh my gosh I want to win this so badly!!

  161. Avatar

    Great idea! Thanks for sharing.

  162. Avatar

    I would love to be a winner of the Butcher Box!!

  163. Avatar

    Would love to try this!

  164. Avatar

    Such an awesome way to get healthy meats since they are so hard to find. Thanks so much for always having such wonderful research and ideas to make us all healthier!

  165. Avatar

    I have been wanting to try this since I saw it on kickstarter. Thanks for the giveaway!

  166. Avatar

    Awesome prize!

  167. Avatar

    This looks amazing. I live near (almost next to) a pasture full of cows (in Northern California) and finding good grass fed/finished beef is next to impossible.
    Thanks again for sharing all your information.

  168. Avatar

    Very nice! Never heard of this one before but am all for grass fed beef! Hormone-free. This would be wonderful to try out. Blessings!
    Robin ?

  169. Avatar

    I like that I can easily customize my monthly box or add additional items!

  170. Avatar

    Thanks Kelly for bringing a great company to our attention. I can’t wait to try it.

  171. Avatar

    Sounds like an amazing deal!!

  172. Avatar

    ive never heard of this company i like it thanks

  173. Avatar

    This is awesome. I’m definitely signing up for a box, but wouldn’t mind a free one, too πŸ˜‰ Thanks, Kelly!

  174. Avatar

    Never heard of Butcher Box. It sounds very exciting.

  175. Avatar

    Sounds like a tasty prize. I would like to win, yum.

  176. Avatar

    Very awesome service! I am fortunate enough to live in an area where I can easily purchase a half a beef every year (local, grass-fed). But if my situation ever changes I would certainly try a delivery service like this!

  177. Avatar

    Looking forward to a great new year and more inspiration from you, Kelly! Thanks!

  178. Avatar

    Im new to the group! Im excited to be a part of this!

  179. Avatar

    I love the Whole 30 plan but find it hard to find quality meats. I can’t wait to try Butcher Box! Thanks for sharing with us.

  180. Avatar

    this sounds amazing!

  181. Avatar

    I have never heard of ButcherBox. I would love, Love, LOVE to try this…keeping my fingers crossed.

  182. Avatar

    Once you try the good meats, especially bacon your family will not want to go back. Thank you for posting this company.

  183. Avatar

    I would really love to give Butcher Box a try. I have such a hard time sourcing quality meat while at college! This would be a much-appreciated solution. πŸ™‚

  184. Avatar

    I would love a butcher box!

  185. Avatar

    Thanks Kelly. Never heard about this company, and I will for sure take a look at the products.

  186. Avatar

    Thanks Kelly. I would really love to give Butcher Box a try.

  187. Avatar

    I do have a difficult time finding grass fed beef in my area. I love that you can customize the Butcher Box and that they have free delivery!

  188. Avatar

    Sounds yummy! Great idea!

  189. Avatar

    This would be a wonderful gift for the family. Thank you

  190. Avatar

    This is excellent! Thanks for introducing us to companies I wasn’t aware of!

  191. Avatar

    This would be fantastic on the grill…. Even during our Wisconsin winters, we grill out!! Thank you!!

  192. Avatar

    What an awesome giveaway! Would love to try this meat!

  193. Avatar

    Grass feed beef at your door? What a deal!

  194. Avatar

    A great gift for a Paleo 2016!

  195. Avatar

    What a yummy prize!

  196. Avatar

    Would love to win this for grilling during our Wisconsin winters!! Thank you.

  197. Avatar

    Never heard of this company, thanks for the information.

  198. Avatar

    Looks great! πŸ™‚ I’d love to compare with U.S. Wellness meats.

  199. Avatar

    Another great and generous give away! Thanks!

  200. Avatar

    What a fun gift for both my husband and me!! Thanks for the opportunity to win…

  201. Avatar

    This is awesome!!! And free bacon, too?! Yummy!!!!! ?

  202. Avatar

    Sign me up πŸ™‚ I hope I qualify. I live in the US but up in Alaska and I have tried to order from butcher box before and their website said they don’t send to Alaska :-(.

  203. Avatar

    Would really enjoy wining this wonderful prize !!
    Would be just like having Christmas all over again..

  204. Avatar

    I would love to try this, sounds great!!!

  205. Avatar

    What a great idea. Thanks.

  206. Avatar

    This would be great to win as my doctor is urging me to eat paleo to improve my health. Thank you for introducing your readers to such great products!

  207. Avatar

    Thanks for sharing info about another company that is passionate about good health! I like their website and You Tube video – “Happy cattle” and food the way nature intends it (or actually the way God intends it)

    And thanks for making it easy to post with the auto-populate feature! Bless you, Kelly!

  208. Avatar

    This company sounds awesome! I live in WV and like you I have found it very difficult to source good healthy meats. I would love to try their meats and help my family get healthier. My family has health issues and trying to turn them around is difficult when you are eating unhealthy food. Thank you and Butcher Box for this great giveaway!!!

  209. Avatar

    Nice prize. Great option to know what’s in your food a little more

  210. Avatar

    Free meat?! Yes, please! Great giveaway, kelly!

  211. Avatar

    This is amazing, Kelly! What a delicious healthy and amazing gift.

  212. Avatar

    What a wonderful prize. This is a great giveaway! Thanks, Kelly

  213. Avatar

    It’s difficult for me to find a nearby source of quality 100% grass fed beef. Unfortunately, many people think that organic is just as good for you or that grass fed and grain finished is okay. This is a great giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity to win something so very healthy.

  214. Avatar

    Thank you for helping me on my quest to eat healthier!

  215. Avatar

    I would love to give this a try! Thank you for this info.

  216. Avatar

    What a great deal! I have trouble finding grass fed anything where I live!

  217. Avatar

    Oh my! This is great!

  218. Avatar

    What a delicious idea! Organic is the only way to go. Thanks for helping us learn about better options.

  219. Avatar

    This sounds like it would be amazing. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  220. Avatar

    This sounds wonderful!

  221. Avatar

    What a great idea! Thanks for the opportunity!!

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    This really sounds amazing! Thanks!

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    Hooray for free bacon! Thanks for the chance to win!

  224. Avatar

    Looks so yummy!!!!

  225. Avatar

    Kelly you are the best….I love your site. I have learned a lot!! Thanks!

  226. Avatar

    Sounds like an awesome company to add to my go-to list ! Thanks for sharing ?

  227. Avatar

    Amazing giveaway! Thank you and Happy New Year!

  228. Avatar

    Oh my gosh! This has to be the BEST subscription box I have seen!! Thank you for sharing. πŸ™‚

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    I love the idea of a Butcherbox! Would love to eat humanely raised beef, chicken and pork! Grassfed meat is so much healthier than commercial meat!

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    I also find it surprisingly hard to find 100% grass-fed beef. I am in rural South Dakota where everyone has cows. I am perpetually surrounded by cows, but all grain fed. The price for this looks great too. I don’t know what y’all pay at the store, but we’ve almost stopped eating beef because it is so cost prohibitive. Thank you, Kelly, for bringing this service to my attention.

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    This is a great idea. I didn’t know it was available and am so happy to learn of it. I grew up in West Virginia eating only grass beef and know how difficult it is to find.

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    i love meat, i’m in!

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    Great idea! 12 days of giveaways is so fun!

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    $129 a month is a great price! I’d love to give them a try!

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    As a Momma with little babes whose hubby works long hours, I love options that allow me to not have to load everyone up and leave the house! PLUS my hubby works for UPS, so I love front door deliveries πŸ˜‰

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    First time hearing of this company. Thank you for introducing us to them!

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    Awesome!! Fingers crossed πŸ™‚

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    Would love to try this out

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    Thanks so much for the fun giveaways!

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    What part of PA are you in? I have several local farm contacts outside Pittsburgh?

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    Thanks for doing this giveaway. It’s a wonderful opportunity to try some new healthy products.

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    Very nice! I would love to win some of that lovely healthy meat!

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    What a great idea, grass fed meats seem hard to find. We would love to win !!

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    Thanks for letting us know about Butcher Box. Would be cool to win.

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    What a wonderful product! Seems like subscription boxes of all kinds are all the rage right now. This would be great to win! Thanks for the chance! πŸ™‚

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    While I do think this is cool and would love to win a free box, this is very not cost effective. They say that each box only has 6 to 10 lbs of meat in it. That’s between $12.90 and $21.50 per pound…the lower end of that is more than twice what I pay for my local grassfed beef. Yes, it is a convenience to receive this at your door, but be aware that for people with a tighter budget (raises hand) it would probably still be cheaper to spend the gas.

  247. Avatar

    I had not heard of this company before-thanks!

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    Wow – sounds great! I know Red Lion! I grew up in Mechanicsburg, PA. Thanks for what you do and this fun giveaway. πŸ™‚

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    This is an amazing giveaway!! I just subscribed. I’m also a blogger, at Girlinhealing.com. I follow you on Instagram πŸ™‚ I hope I win!!!

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    Yum! Would love to try this box.

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    Yum, yum ! The meat looks delicious!

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    Oh my gosh, this sounds amazing! Can’t wait to check them out (and hope I win!)

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    I’ll bet this beef tastes amazing! Thanks for the chance to win a really nice prize.

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    Thank you! πŸ™‚

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    Glad to see healthy options. Thank you for the information.

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    I would love to try the Butcher Box!

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    This looks like a great company.

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    Sounds delicious. Thanks.

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    We raise our own pork and chicken, but don’t have the space for cattle right now. Love this for beef. We have places local that sell 100% pasture raised beef, but you normally have to buy a whole cow. Thank you so much for this info!

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    This sounds awesome!! I would love to win!!

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    Would love to win!

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    WOW Thanks for finding this. Can’t wait to try them out.

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    This seems very affordable!

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    What a great concept! Would love to give it a try! Thanks for the info!

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    This sounds Great!! Thanks, Kelly!

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    My daughter is super sensitive to grain-fed beef. This is an excellent source for grass-fed beef. I’d love to give it a try.

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    What a great product! I have been buying local grass feed meat for health reasons. Would love to try this company.

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    This entire 12days of giveaways is amazing !! Thank you so VERY much for these incredible opportunities!
    We are currently raising our own chickens. With the ever increasing meat issues and prices, it is not leaving many of us with confidence in the food industry.
    Having the opportunity to purchase properly raised beef, pork, chicken and have it delivered to your door at no-extra cost is awesome!
    We are definitely giving this a try!!

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    We move every 3 years with the Army and it is always tough to find Grass Fed and Pastured meats right away, this would totally fix my problem! Plus, you had me at FREE Bacon!

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    My daughter and I rarely eat beef because we can’t afford it. This would be such a treat for us if we won!

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    Thanks for a great giveaway. Your blog is awesome! Great information. Really need to check this company out & get some good, clean meat.

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    Our family tries to eat grass fed beef as much as possible. Unfortunately here in CA it’s very expensive and the availability is limited. This would be a great option!

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    Love this way to find new resources

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    What a great giveaway! Would love to try them out!

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    This sounds like a great resource. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. And, I hope to win πŸ˜‰

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    Thank you so much for the info and new insights to a healthier life style. I always enjoy reading your blog. Thank you for the opportunity. I would love to look into it some more. Happy holidays.

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    Finding a good source of quality meat isnt always an easy task…thanks for this!

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    What a great service! Grass fed beef is always appreciated!

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    This is awesome . Would be amazing to win!

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    Another fabulous giveaway! Thanks Kelly!

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    Wow, this sounds amazing and I’d love to win!! Like you, I spend a lot of time driving around to make sure the food I’m bringing into my house is of the highest quality. This sounds like a winner!!

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    I would love to win this!

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    Thank you for doing this!! Would love to win.

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    Great idea and even if I don’t win I have placing a order in. Thanks for the tip!

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    How to count the ways that this would be an awesome win, will let you know when we get through licking our fingers!!

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    Sounds wonderful! Thanks for the opportunity and for getting the ‘glitch’ taken care of for the 12 days!

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    Awesome informtaion, will definitely have to check them out! Thank you!

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    Such lovely gifts you have chosen, Kelly. Good luck to all of us!

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    Wow, this is great. Thank you Butcher Box for participating and spreading the word.

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    What a great giveaway. I would love to win this one. Looks like real quality meat with a great taste.

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    Thanks for the info on another company that cares about good living! I like their website and You Tube video: Happy cattle and beef the way nature intended it. I sure would love this “Christmas gift”!

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    Do they deliver anywhere in the US? Even in the boondocks? This sounds wonderful!!!!

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    Thanks for the extra Love this year. Hope you had a Merry Christmas.

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    I’ve been searching for someplace to get grass fed beef, as there are no local providers where I live.

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    Sounds yummy! I would love to win!

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    ButcherBox is a great idea. I would love to have meat delivered to my door.

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    Sounds like a great idea – have never tried mail order beef and love grass fed, organic and natural foods for our bodies. We only get to go around once, so we need to feed our body for optimum health.

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    Please count me in. Thanks!

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    What an awesome giveaway! Thanks so much for doing this!! πŸ™‚

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    This definitely intrigues me. I have been looking into local sources for grassfed beef and organic chicken but it is too far for me to drive.

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    Wilma Howe-Bennett

    Sure sounds terrific, and I WISH that we had something like this here in Wichita Falls (Texas).

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    Thanks Kelly! Sounds delicious! πŸ˜‰

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    This is such a great idea! My hubby and I would love this.

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    I am so glad I found your website. You have so much valuable information. Would love to win this.

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    This is the first I’ve heard of this company–what a great idea!

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    Neato! I haven’t tried butcher box and it sounds like a great company. It’s so challenging getting quality sourced meats around here too.

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    WOW!!! What a fabulous gift! Totally have to check this company out!

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    Now this is a grass fed source I hadn’t heard of before! I think I may have to go in with a family member or friend on this one for sure (only myself and my kiddo in my household…we definitely wouldn’t need the full thing each month).
    Thank you for these awesome giveaways!

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    Grass fed beef is so healthy for you. Thank you!

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    My family enjoys grass-fed beef. Thank you for such great giveaway!

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    I would love to try the beef from this company. I currently order from Zaycon. Thank you.

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    I would love to try their products.

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    Awesome resource! Thanks!

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    We love Grass-fed meats, they taste so much better!! Another awesome giveaway!!

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    I am thankful to be able to get grass fed beef on a regular basis.

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    Would love to try this companies grass fed beef. Thank you for the chance to enter this giveaway.

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    Sounds amazing and I definitely want to try even if I don’t win the giveaway! Thanks again, Kelly!

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    Not sure if my comment posted from yesterday so Im trying again. Thanks Kelly!

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    have been looking for something like this!

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    Hi, I would really love to win this!!!!!, because I trying to eat healthy again, lose weight and this would be extremely helpful to me!!!. Grass Fed Beef is so very nutritious, but expensive!!. I would so very very happy if I won this Grass fed Beef package!!!!!.

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    Kelly, thanks for such an amazing giveaway; hope we win!!! We are absolutely sold on the health benefits of grass-fed meat and have even purchased half a cow with our daughter! Thanks, again!

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    I LOVE finding sugar-free bacon!! Might be also good to mention how their animals are raised as well. πŸ™‚

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    Awesome! I’d love to try it!

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    We’d love to win! Thanks!

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    Once you’ve had 100% grass fed and/or hormone free beef, you won’t be able to eat what the grocery stores sell you. And shipped your door – can’t beat that!

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    wow…this would be just amazing!!!

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    Thanks so much for this offer Kelly. There is no local place where I live to get grass fed beef.

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    How did I not know about this company!? My family LOVES to eat grass-fed beef and BACON!!! Signing up for the first box with free bacon now πŸ™‚

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    This would be such a blessing!

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    Interesting….might have to check them out.

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    WOW! What a wonderful way to provide fresh meat! I had no idea this was an option!

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    My mouth is watering thinking about these meats!

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    Your blogs help us keep our commitment to health!

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    What a neat box! Would love to try it πŸ™‚

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    Let me start meal planning!!!

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    I would love to win the grass fed beef. I know it is healthier for me but it is hard to find at a reasonable price where I live

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    My family would enjoy this!

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    100% Grass Fed Beef, what a fantastic prize give away. I would love to try it.

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    what an amazing prize, i love great beef

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    Thank you for the awesome giveaways!

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    This is awesome thanks for sharing! I’m definitely looking into this, it’s so much more affordable than other services I’ve come across.

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    This is awesome! I’ve never heard of Butcher Box so thanks for sharing!

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    Really would love to win this!

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    Oh my goodness! I’m moving to Pennsylvania on the 2nd of January, 2016, so this information came right on time! If possible, I prefer to buy local. But, until I can find a source, or like you- just couldn’t, this will be such an easy way to get healthy meat. Thanks for sharing!

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    I also don’t have many options for good meats near me and would be curious to try this out. Having it come right to my door saves time, money and hassle.

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    This is an awesome option for my family. Thank you for the info!

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    I try to eat healthier so this would be a great win! My husband is a meat lover and I would love to have healthy meat instead of that bad stuff in the stores. Saying it nicely.lol

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    Nice! πŸ˜€ What a great thing!

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    I checked out Butcher Box and told friends and family to check it out too. Their pricing is very good. Great giveaway!

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    I am always looking for a good source of grass-fed meat, thanks for this delicious offer!

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    This sounds amazing! Eating clean can get tedious some times and this just makes it easier.

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    Last night I have having a conversation with friends about how true butchers are hard to come by these days. Then you offer this amazing prize…. come to me meat. (please)

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    What a great idea for busy families!

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    Wow, what a fantastic gift! That meat looks amazing. Thank you!

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    I had never heard of Butcher Box, thanks for introducing it to me.

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    Wow, that would be wonderful! I’ve been looking for a source of pasture raised meats, but chicken is so hard to find in my area in particular!

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    Oh my!!! I so want to win this…this looking amazing!!

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    This is awesome! Thank you!

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    It’s so difficult to get good grass fed beef where I live, and considering I’m in the process of moving, anything free and helpful to my family sounds great!!!

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    I’m curious if they’re sourcing from one farm or a small number and how they verify their products.

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    mmmm mouth watering

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    Wow, this sounds fantastic!

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    This is a great! What a cool ideaa. Doing the math means that each meal is about $5-8 worth of meat. Not bad price to feed the family!

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    Very nice – hard to find grass fed here!

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    What a great box! Would love to taste all that great goodness!

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    Love it! I live in the middle of cow country but it’s still hard to find quality meats at a good price.
    Thanks again Kelly!

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    I would sure love to win this for my family!

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    I buy organic fruits and vegetables but it’s really hard to find pasture raised meats. I would love to win this giveaway!!

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    Would love to win this and try grass fed beef.

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    In the past, our only source required buying the whole cow and we never could get enough people to make an order possible. I had no idea there was a source like this. I will be telling my friends and I know they will be glad to find out about this too.

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    Wow! Sounds great…we. too, are in an area that is really hard to find grass-fed beef. Would love to win this…tks for the chance!

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    Yum this looks really good! I love red meat.

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    We try to only eat grass fed meat. What a great giveaway

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    What a great way to begin 2016 with healthy grass-fed beef! Thank you for the opportunity.

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    This offer is great. I can’t always get grass-fed beef at my local store. I will look into Butcher Box. Thanks.

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    Yum! Where’s the beef? Hopefully in my freezer very soon! Thanks!

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    Ooh, this is the first I have heard of ButcherBox. I look forward to placing an order

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    How awesome it would be to find this on my doorstep!

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    Looks amazing! I would love to try the grass-fed meat.

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    As someone who also has had a difficult time finding grass-fed beef, this would be an amazing win for me!! Thank you for offering this giveaway Kelly!

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    What a great giveaway!!

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    WOW super exciting. I would love to receive such a healthy treat on my journey to healing with 4 autoimmune illnesses & 2 major car acidents it hard on the budget to eat AIP so I have been moslty eating raw foods. Living in TX it is a must to have dry ice items shipped. I never heard of this company until now thank you for sharing.

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    I am a Paleo eater trying to lose weight for my daughters wedding in June. Grass-fed beef is so good, but very expensive. This would be a great win for me.

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    Have been wanting to switch to grass fed meat but didn’t know where to start since it’s hard to find locally. This would be great to allow me to change to the healthier meats.

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    I would love lo win the butcher box. I am trying to eat more naturally and where I live, it so difficult to find grass fed beef, etc. This would be great! Would love to taste a meat like this. I am sure it has so much more flavor

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    This would really help! I would love to eat this quality of meat all the time, but our budget just doesn’t allow it.

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    I would love to try Butcher Box! Sounds great!

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    This sounds awesome. I live in a small “cow town” too and can’t get my hands on anything grass-fed locally.

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    Thanks for another opportunity for healthy living choices!

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    Bacon! Bacon! Bacon! I love bacon! I live in a farming community and have yet to find grass fed beef or pork. I can’t wait to check out ButcherBox πŸ™‚ Thanks Kelly!

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    There’s nothing better than good quality meat! I would love to win this!

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    Yayyy LOVE this sight, and bacon! Good thing I’m not a vegetarian!

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    I have been looking for the right grass fed beef and pork source and realize how hard it is to find high quality. I would love a chance to try Butcher Box! Thank you for being so generous!

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    Great giveaway. Thanks

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    YAY for grass fed! This company sounds great! Would be blessed to win this for my family!!

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    this is an Awesome, useful giveaway!!! it seems like I feed an army, daily…with being a grandma nanny to our 5 grandkids and caregiver to aging parents I’m back to cooking 3 plus meals a day!!!

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    Yes Please, Thank You!

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    Would love to try them!

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    This sounds amazing! I love that this company makes high-quality grass-fed meats available to folks who don’t live near farms or in areas with good farmers markets. It would be great to supplement in the winter when the markets are closed! πŸ™‚

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    Wow, this would be awesome to win. Thanks for the chance!

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    This would be awesome to win! I’m really trying to get back to a fully paleo lifestyle.

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    Sounds like a great business. I would love to win this!

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    What a wonderful giveaway! I have been wanting to eat more grassfed beef, but it’s very hard to find around here. Thank you for the offer!

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    Great giveaway!

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    No….seriously….did someone say bacon??? Count me in!!!

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    Who doesn’t love bacon! Can’t wait to try them out.

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    Today’s gift is both nutritious and delicious!

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    Brilliant! Bacon, Bacon, Bacon…

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    YUMMMMM…. looks and sounds delicious!

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    Oooh! I would love to win a box of meat! My husband has been whining about the cost of pastured meat, so a free box would quiet him down for at least a month. πŸ˜‰

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    Sounds so wonderfully tasty and healthy…my dh will be ecstatic! Thank you!!

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    awesome giveaway. I have a usa address but don’t live there.. Hope I can still have a chance!!

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    Very cool. Will have to check into this!

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    I would welcome the opportunity to win! Happy New Year ????????????

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    How often do you get the chance to win GREAT meat? Yum. I am SO hungry!

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    Grass fed is so much healthier! Thank you for giving information on this company.

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    I just started a paleo diet This would be amazing

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    Oh My Gosh! Oh My Gosh! I so would love to win this! You have no idea how much I have been wanting to find a source for good meat. And free shipping?? I have died and gone to heaven! Could you post their site address please. And I so would like to win this. Thanks so much.

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    That’s a box of deliciousness!

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    This would be fabulous as its so hard to find grass fed meats in my town.

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    Would LOVE to win this – thank you!!

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    Wow! I would love to win this. Thank you for another source for good meat. I’ll definitely be checking them out.

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    There is nothing better than humanely raised and vegetarian, milk – fed pigs. Best pork you will ever have. Happiest pigs I’ve ever seen too.

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    Thank you for all you do!

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    What an amazing gift! Hope we win!

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    Kelly, you are amazing woman!

    Thank you for what you are doing!

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    Free bacon? I’m in!

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    Grass fed beef is the best

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    This looks like a great giveaway from an excellent company. I am trying to increase my protein level.

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    I have tried to make a commitment to start eating healthy and what a delicious way to start.

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    Would love this. Thanks for the great giveaways!

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    Yay! I FINALLY have access to healthy bacon! I LOVE healthy grass fed meats, but oh, to be worry-free while making a pig of myself, (pardon the pun), when enjoying a scrumptious BLT, will be like a day on grandpa’s farm again! Ahh, those were the days…Also, since I cannot drive anymore, this is well worth my while to give it a try. Kelly, thank you for introducing this company.

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    could definitely use this!

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    nice to hear about this company

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    I cannot find a local source for healthy meats. This would be great. I do not eat a lot of meat, but my husband seems to need it to thrive.

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    What an awesome idea! I would love the opportunity to try this out!

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    Oh, I would love this. I’ve never had anything like this – we live in a small community and do not have access to stores that sell this type of meat.

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    I would love to get grass fed beef!! I have not been able to find it locally πŸ™

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    BACON!! You sold me hahaha. ButcherBox sounds fantastic! I need this in my life!!

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    Grass fed is the bomb! God’s way is the only way!

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    Deborah Buchanan

    I would love to win this give away! I’ve been looking for grass fed meats and can’t find them yet. My Fibromyalgia diet says to eat them. This would be wonderful for my body! Thank you for offering this great opportunity to win this!

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    My boyfriend would freak out… he LOVES meat!!!

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    Would love to try this! We get our (locally-farmed) chicken from a local independent butcher, but I’ll throw my name in the hat, too.

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    Would love to win some grass fed beef. Only natural fed meat we get is the deer and hogs we hunt. Thanks for the chance to win.

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    Nothing better than grass-fed beef. Thank you!

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    Smart – a monthly subscription for the wonderful grass-fed meats instead of having to stock up a couple of times a year and worry about freezer space. And free bacon . . . well, I’m all in. Woot!

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    Yeah! I’ve been eyeing this company for awhile! Great giveaway!

    Thank you,
    Billi Cummings

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    This sounds awesome – great way to get started.

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    Looks delicious

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    Ahh, bacon, one of the joys of life! Thank you to you and Butcherbox.

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    My family and I would love to try the BUTCHER BOX meats!!! Yumz????????

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    This is AMAZING,

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    This would be a problem solver for me and my family.

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    This would be fabulous to win and what a way to start off the new year! Yum!

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    I live in central Kansas and have access to some wonderful, local grass-fed beef but a free box is also wonderful. Sign me up!!

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    You would think in Texas grass fed meat wouldn’t be hard to locate… guess again. My family will be checkin’ this out… Thank you! Oh ~ if we win the prize… YAY!!

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    Amazing giveaway!

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    Love us some meat. Protein is important.

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    My whole family would love this. Thanks for another great giveaway!

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    Kelly, these are amazing giveaways! Thanks for sharing your passion in such a unique way.

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    First time hearing of Butcher Box – I would love to try this out!

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    Thank you! Love grass-fed beef. It would be great to win!

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    How cool is that? Very cool. Butcherbox sounds yummy!

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    I would really appreciate the opportunity to try this great idea. Grass fed meat tastes so much better! Many thanks!

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    I’ve ordered from others before but would love to try this also!

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    This is a great idea, just what my family needs.

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    Sounds like a great service. We would love to try them, we have been looking for a new place to get our meats from because publix & the fresh market has not been cutting it for me lately.

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    Happy new year. Oh yes to wholesome meat!

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    What a surefire way of getting healthy grass fed meat products! !!

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    Thanks for not not offering the Prizes but letting us know about these companies.

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    We love grass-fed beef!

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    Have rarely had beef meat, it being organic, would love to try it! Best wishes to all!

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    This sounds perfect as we live in such a remote location also! My hubby LOVES bacon, would love to try it!

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    This looks amazing!

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    That sounds so neat! It’s like a grass-fed beef cut of the month club πŸ˜€ I’ve heard about butcherbox before, I would love a chance to try it!

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    Awesome website, glad to have found it just in time to enter Christmas giveaways!

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    Oh that is all we eat grass fed!!

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    I love finding additional sources for grass-fed meat.

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    I love that there is a place to find grass-fed beef. I have trouble buying meat as I am not sure what is in the meat I eat. I would love to try this.

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    Looking forward to some awesome meat.

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    This looks so great. I would love to try the Butcher Box- seems so awesome!

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    Please! I want to win!

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    Grass fed is the best!

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    Would love to try it!

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    This would be so cool to win. I’ve tried boxes before (but never an all meat one). Love that they inspire me to try new recipes. Thanks for reviewing this service.

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    Wow, what an amazing offer. Typically this quality of meat is too much $$$.

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    Never had your products but if I win it would be fantastic!

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    I would love to win this!!

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    “Bacon, Chicken, Beef oh my!!!”
    Love it!

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    Thanks for introducing us to Butcher Box! I had never heard of it before, but I am always seeking out 100% grass fed beef and it isn’t always easy to find. This would be an amazing prize to win!

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    $129 is a steal for that much grass fed beef. Can’t wait to try it!

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    We try to do our best locally. Butcher Box sounds great, and I will definitely look into this option for my family. Thanks again!

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    WOW! My boys would love for me to win this! Thanks so much for this opportunity!

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    This looks wonderful. This would be a big help. I would love to win this.

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    I didn’t realize you lived in PA too!? Very cool! We are in Lancaster County. Love grassfed meats but it can be hard to find and quite expensive! Butcher Box sounds like a great deal! Thanks for sharing about them!

    • Kelly from Primally Inspired

      So cool, Carrie! I had to travel over to Lancaster County to get my grass-fed beef! Lancaster Farm Fresh is another awesome option that I did for a few years, but the nearest weekly pick-up was over 45 minutes away in the opposite direction of everything else that I did. I just couldn’t continue to do that every week – but they are so great and have organic veggies, fruits, eggs, etc!!

  572. Avatar

    So glad that the world is reconsidering how it raises meat.

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    You have the best tips for staying healthy! Thanks for all the research you do!

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    This looks amazing.

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    Hello, yum!!! What a great service and an AMAZING giveaway!!! Thank you, Kelly!!!

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    Free Bacon with pastured meats! What a fantastic idea. Would like to order! πŸ™‚

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    Who wouldn’t love to win meat!?

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    Awesome. Great gift!

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    I think I need to place an order! Yay for Bacon. Winning this would be amazing

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    Elaine Beitelspacher

    Looks great! So glad I found this site.

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    Wow this is great! I have never heard of Butcherbox and will have to check them out!

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    Nothing better than grass fed and pastured beef. So many health benefits.

  583. Avatar

    I recently read an article on how the routine use of antibiotics in livestock has contributed to the rise of antibiotic-resistant superbugs. I am not a fan of using antibiotics as a preventative measure or for growth. Thanks for introducing your readers to companies that offer a more holistic approach!

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    Would love to try this high quality meat!

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    This is a delicacy! Thank you for offering this box of goodies in the contest! It would be a wonderful prize to win!!

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    Yes…I need this! My husband would be in hog heaven! ha

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    Love your work, thank u

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    Never heard of this company but would love to try it! Always looking for great companies to purchase from as I don’t really have much local that I can trust.

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    Newlyweds here! I would love to help keep my husband healthy and well fed with quality meats! …and he can eat!!! πŸ™‚

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    Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum!! πŸ™‚

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    I have a hard time finding grass fed meat would love to win!

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    Grass Fed is the ultimate! Grass fed has Omega 3 benefits to boot.
    Thanks for introducing me to this Company & its products.
    Would certainly love to experience the taste before I buy.

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    Oh yes, I would love, love this! Grass fed is not available in my area πŸ™‚

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    Would love to try Butcher Box!

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    Would LOVE to try this meat!!!! I am always on the hunt for good grass feed meat!

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    Would love to try this! It’s a double bonus that it eliminates a trip to a grocery store!

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    I’ve been wanting to try this!

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    Would love this…

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    Thanks for this wonderful giveaway! I would love to win free meat!

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    We used to raise our own beef (when we were a little younger) grass fed, antibiotic free, an so miss it. The taste was so good, and so much better for you. It would be so nice to have some like that again!

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    This is such a great idea!

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    Butcherbox with Pastured Raised Beef, Great Giveaway!

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    Great meat is important!!

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    Would love to try this!! It is very hard to find high quality meat around here

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    man this would be awesome! clean meat is so important!

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    Perfect to start off a healthy 2016!

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    Just recently heard about this company from someone and thought it was a great idea. Grassfed beef is the way to go.

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    Delicious and convenient! Do they carry lamb?

  617. Avatar

    Love this, i hate shopping for meat. I never know what to get and then end up with either too much or too little and definitely not this good of quality

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    mmm grass fed beef. and bacon.

  619. Avatar

    What a nice giveaway! Thank you for the chance to win this.

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    We have been wanting to cut out unhealthy meat – especially with the new law not telling you what country the meat is from. This is perfect!

  621. Avatar

    I had recently heard about Butcherbox and was thinking of giving them a try. Winning a box would be awesome!

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    Free bacon? Doesn’t get much better than that! I’d love to win this prize.

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    Free bacon!?!? I’m in!

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    Thank you for this info. I love it! I am on the wheat belly diet, all protein and veggies, I believe in what Dr. Davis explains about todays wheat and grains. I have been doing his diet for almost a month and feeling great, lost seven lbs. My problem is the cost of grass fed beef/chicken, and finding the real thing! I’d jump for joy if I won this package and hopefully continue my membership. Thanks Again!!!

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    Love BACON! Want that!

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    Great idea. I’d love to try it!

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    We have no local stores that carry grass fed beed. I would love to try this!

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    i would love to try this meat.

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    Have eaten grass fed meat. Must be cooked differently than regular. Would love to win this.

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    I would love to win a Butcherbox!

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    Kelly, awesome website! Great job!

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    BEEF!! it’s what’s for good eatin’

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    Love your website!!

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    Oooooh. Pasture raised and grass fed beef. You cannot go wrong with that! I love knowing that the food I’m feeding to my family is coming from a healthy, responsibly raised animal, so I would love to win this!

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    This sounds like a wonderful treat!

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    What a blessing. This would be amazing. Grass fed meat does taste better.

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    What a nice giveaway, I try to eat grass fed meat whenever possible.

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    Love this. Signing up. Thank you for the connection!

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    I would love to try this! I heard that grass fed ground beef is spectacular!

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    I want this! Please?

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    Please? I would love this one!

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    Sounds like a great deal!

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    Kristin Whitaker

    Delicious! This is awesome!

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    I’m imagining all the great meals I could make with this!

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    I would love to try a different meat company. If I don’t win, then I’ll probably take advantage of the free bacon offer!

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    I love cows and pigs, they are delicious!

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    I’d love to try grass fed beef!

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    I’d love to try the Butcher Box!

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    What a treat! I love grass fed beef, but it is getting quite expensive. And free bacon!

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    !!! Looks yummy

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    This is a wonderful gift! Would love to win!

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    This sounds like a very convenient way to get great meat!

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    Wow! What a great company and a great giveaway! It can certainly be challenging to find good quality meat that is grass fed/pastured/treated well!

  654. Avatar

    I love finding new sources! Thanks!

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    Would love to win this one! I live in central Mississippi and it is hard to find any type of grass fed anything here.

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    Dang! I love grass fed beef!

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    I learned something new today. Sounds like a great company. Would love to win this one.

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    i subscribe! this would be great to try – it’s always a challenge to find good grass fed meat.

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    I would love to have this grass-fed beef. Thank you for introducing this wonderful company to me!

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    Meat…as it should be. Thank you!

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    What an awesome prize!

  662. Avatar

    Your not the only person in Pennsylvania that has trouble finding grass fed meat that’s affordable. I had never heard of this company till now. Thank you for all the info and a chance to win.

  663. Avatar

    Grass-fed beef is the way to go! I hope I win!

  664. Avatar

    Thank you for telling us about Butcher Box! Grass fed beef is so expensive in our area so we eat mostly chicken. I would love to win this to try it out!

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    Wow. this would be great.

  666. Avatar

    Grass fed meats are so awesome for healing. It is hard where I live to find healthy meat that doesn’t cost a fortune. What an awesome giveaway!!! Thank you so very much!!!!

  667. Avatar

    “Where’s the beef?” “Right here darling–Isn’t Primallyl Inspired blog wonderful?”

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    Meat is expensive, so I’d love to get some free! Thanks for doing all these fabulous giveaways!

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    I have a hard time find grass fed beef in my local area. I’m going to check on Butcherbox!

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    Would love to win this!

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    That would be a great prize and a great way to try something new.

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    What a wonderful giveaway! I love grassfed beef! Thanks for this opportunity!

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    kristina johnston

    Bacon and other meat for the New year….yum-o!!!!

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    What a great giveaway! Let me be the lucky winner!

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    What an awesome idea! I live far away from most stores and this would be amazing for me!

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    Barbara McKinley

    What a giveaway!!! Thank you for the chance β™₯

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    Thank you for this opportunity!

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    Yum! Perfect timing since our farmers market only occurs every once in a while during winter. Thank you for this opportunity!

  679. Avatar

    Thank you for always giving up the best information possible. You’re the best, Kelly!

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    I love the idea of monthly deliveries. That would be very helpful with meal planning. I’d love to give this company a try – thank you for offering this giveaway!

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    Amazing! Would love to win!

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    What an amazing giveaway! Thanks for being so generous! <3

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    This would be do good for our family.

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    You had me at bacon! Thanks for the e review and giveaway.

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    Would love to try this

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    My family would love this!

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    Meat with a side dish of meat! perfect!

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    bacon, um yes and yes πŸ™‚

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    Wow! Looks and sounds wonderful. I’ve never tried grass fed meat, but since I’m trying to make changes, I would love to! Thanks again for the opportunity πŸ™‚

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    Nothing beats grass fed beef!!!! Thanks so much!!!

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    This would be awesome! I try to buy grass-fed beef, but its not always in my budget.

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    OMG all that beautiful meat!

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    All of your favorite things are going to be all of MY favorite things now! Thank you Kelly for all these 12 giveaways – you’re awesome! πŸ™‚

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    This would be wonderful to try. I have a hard time finding quality sources of grass fed meat. This would really get us started on the right path to health

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    Who doesn’t love bacon?! This would be amazing!

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