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Welcome to my labor of love and website, Primally Inspired! My name is Kelly and I originally started my blog for my sister and her family of 6 that were dealing with multiple health issues and autoimmune conditions. I firmly believe that food is medicine and so I wanted to create a place where they could quickly access easy (emphasis added!), yummy, real food recipes so they could begin to heal their bodies through food and natural living.

My Real Food Recipes Blog

I literally just thought my sister and mom would read my blog so you can imagine how excited I am that this has blossomed in such a short time because of all the love from readers like you. I am incredibly honored that you choose my website and some of my recipes when creating meals for yourself and your family. It’s my pledge to you that I will always post wholesome, real food meals – never any processed food, grains or refined sugars. Most of my recipes are already dairy free, but on the rare occasion it includes dairy, I will always give a dairy free version. 

For more information about me, how I personally started out with the Primal/Paleo Lifestyle and how it’s been successful for me, please read my story here: http://www.primallyinspired.com/53/


Welcome to my site! I love hearing from my readers, so please comment on my posts or visit the very active Primally Inspired facebook page 🙂


 I love to cook and enjoy experimenting in the kitchen. I believe in a “farm to table” way of eating. I shop often at my local farmer’s market and love supporting my local farms and other local businesses and their families. My highly successful recipes will be posted here so that you can enjoy them, too. My husband is the biggest food critic I know, so if he really likes a recipe, I know it’s a hit and is website worthy. My goal is for my posted recipes to be amazing. Not amazing for health food, but amazing, period. Most people are pleasantly surprised when I tell them, “there’s no flour in those” or “can you believe there is no added sugar to that?”

 The other half of my website is dedicated to fitness and home workout routines and natural living. Health, fitness and natural living have been a priority in my life for as long as I can remember. I have always been an athlete and played college level athletics. Most recently I have been named a top nationally ranked athlete/racer, and have worked with numerous amazing trainers. Many people continue to ask what I do to stay in good shape throughout my adult life and now I can point them to my blog. The routines I post here are the exact same routines that I personally use. I stopped going to a gym a few years ago after I realized that the outdoors are a far better gym than I ever imagined. I love working out in nature and using logs, trees, jungle gyms, etc. for my equipment. I now say that jungle gyms are the best kind of gyms! Follow along with me on my fitness posts and I’ll show you why you don’t need a fancy gym or expensive equipment to get an amazing and effective workout.  

I love variety and challenging myself when I workout.  

My husband Zach and I live in the beautiful, rolling hills of Amish farm country in Pennsylvania. We live in a small town called Red Lion in between Lancaster and York county.


Me and my adorably handsome and equally as sweet husband, Zach


We live with our furry and funny rescue mutt named Bently, who swims every single day. Bently also thinks he is a human.


Our dog, Bently loves the water. I have a really hard time getting him to come out. He will even swim in the winter, complete with icicles hanging from his mouth!


We all love spending as much time as possible outside enjoying God’s beautiful creation. I enjoy mountain biking, hiking, stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, cooking and interior design.


We all love spending time outside enjoying God’s amazing artistry. This picture was taken at one of our favorite state parks in Fair Hill, Maryland.