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Top 10 Egg Free, Paleo Breakfast Recipes

Top 10 Egg Free Paleo Breakfast Recipes - www.PrimallyInspired.com

If you are allergic to eggs or just feel the need to switch things up in the morning like me, here are my top 10 favorite Egg Free Paleo Breakfast Recipes for you to enjoy!


Top 10 Egg-Free Paleo Breakfast Recipes


Coconut Yogurt from Real Food Kosher

coconut-yogurt-dairy-free real food kosher


Sweet Potato, Apple and Pancetta Breakfast Hash from Gutsy By Nature

Sweet-Potato-Apple-and-Pancetta-Hash - gutsy by nature


 Chunky Monkey Breakfast Shake from Primally Inspired

chunky monkey breakfast shake


Fauxrridge from It’s a Love Love Thing

porriage love love thing


Pan Fried Avocado with Pulled Pork from The Rising Spoon

pan-fried-avocado-stuffed-with-pulled-pork-2-for-facebook-(800-x-419) - the rising spoon


 Apple, Leek, Bacon, Breakfast Sausage from And Here We Are

Apple-Leek-Sausage-And Here We Are


 Avocado Bacon Cups from Primally Inspired



Cherry Berry Vanilla Breakfast Shake from The Darling Bakers

Cherry-Berry-Vanilla-Shake1 from The Darling Bakers


Paleo Breakfast Sausage from Gutsy By Nature

Autoimmune-Friendly-Breakfast-Sausage. gutsy  by nature


Broiled Spiced Grapefruit from Caretactics

broiled grapefruit caretactics


Nutty Granola (with an egg free option using coconut oil) from Real Food Kosher

nutty-granola real food kosher


If you are looking for more great egg free, paleo breakfast options, you can find plenty more in one of my favorite e-cookbooks called, Awaken. Awaken has over 30 grain free, egg free and paleo approved breakfast recipes. This book was a total lifesaver to me when I was healing my husband’s egg allergy. Every recipe I made from it was a hit with us. You can find it HERE.



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Top 10 Egg Free Paleo Breakfast Recipes - www.PrimallyInspired.com


Are you allergic to eggs and need to follow egg free paleo recipes? Or do you just get sick of eating eggs all the time like me? I hope you like these egg free, paleo breakfast recipes as much as me! 🙂 And if you have any other favorite egg free paleo breakfast recipes, let me know so I can try them out!



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  1. Avatar

    Thanks for including my sweet potato and apple hash and my autoimmune sausage! Looking forward to trying these other recipes too!

  2. Avatar

    Hi Kelly! Thanks for including my fauxrridge in your roundup. All these recipes look so delicious! <3

  3. Avatar

    The hardest part of any diet/lifestyle change is always the beginning, people underestimate the power of routine. Routine will either make or break your life.

  4. Avatar

    Thanks for the inspiring breakfast ideas without dairy or eggs. I’m allergic to dairy, eggs (egg white actually), and gluten somewhat and it’s challenge making interesting breakfasts.
    Your post ” while I was healing my husbands egg allergy” got my attention, as I really love eggs, and I would be very interested in finding out what your approach in healing the egg allergy. Do you think you could do a post about that?

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