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September Stitch Fix Review

September Stitch Fix Review

September Stitch Fix Review from Kelly @ Primally Inspired


Can I take a minute to say how much I am loving Stitch Fix?! 

I feel like I look so put together now! *Look* is the key word – because  just the other day I left the house with my shirt on inside out. Clearly I still don’t act put together just yet. Maybe someday 🙂

But I’m getting so many compliments on my new outfits (when they are not on inside out). And I feel so much better when I actually make an effort to look nice. Plus, I haven’t stepped foot in a shopping mall or clothing store since I signed up for Stitch Fix a few months ago. I just tell my stylist what I need and she sends it. How cool is that?!! It’s actually ending up to be very cost effective for me, too because I don’t have to pay for alterations anymore (or gas to go shopping). So far, I’m so happy with this service and am a huge fan 🙂


What is Stitch Fix?

If you’ve never heard of Stitch Fix, let me take a minute to tell you what I’m raving about! 

Stitch Fix is an online styling service and fashion retailer in one. You get your own personal stylist that handpicks a “Fix” for you with five clothing items and/or accessories that are unique to your taste, budget and lifestyle. You have 3 days to decide if you are going to keep any of the items in your Fix. You can buy whatever you like and return the rest, free of charge in their postage paid envelope. There is a $20 styling fee, but if you purchase any of the items in your Fix, it’s credited back to you. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should try it for a month! It’s SO fun! You can sign up for just a one time Fix or you can set how often you’d like your Fix’s to arrive. You can sign up (or learn more) by clicking HERE.

Most of the pieces are priced on average around $55 and usually a whole fix will cost you around $200 if you decide you want to keep all of the items (if you keep everything, you will also get a 25% discount). Some of the pieces were a bit more than I was used to spending, but when I factored in the unique, handpicked, boutique quality pieces, the convenience of trying things on in my home with my own shoes and accessories, and my time not having to be spent shopping all day to find things that actually fit me perfectly (no alterations anymore for me!!!), I was sold! Plus, I am really loving the style guides your stylist sends with each Fix. I’ve been able to piece together some great outfits, out of my normal comfort zone, that work together so well from those guides!

You can see my previous Fix’s here:

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September Stitch Fix Review

September Stitch Fix Review from Kelly at Primally Inspired

After getting an awesome Fix last month where my stylist totally nailed my style, I had high hopes for this Fix and couldn’t wait to see what she picked out for me. I requested a few tops that would pair well with my white skinny jeans that I got (and love!) in my August Fix.  

It’s kind of embarrassing how excited I get when I see the box at my doorstep. I can’t help it, though – I love surprises, especially when they involve new clothes 🙂

September Stitch Fix Review from Primally Inspired


My first reaction after tearing open the box was, “Hmmm……I’m not so sure about this one.” And then I read the note my personal stylist sent along. She is super sweet and told me she took a few risks this month with a more adventurous Fix for me. It was clear that she was trying to get me to step out of my fashion comfort zone.  That is something I actually appreciate because I tend to get “stuck” in my fashion choices. In her note, she also told me how I can pair some of the pieces with my previous Stitch Fix keepers, too. I love that she takes the time to do that! My stylist hasn’t let me down yet so I couldn’t wait to try everything on to see if she could succeed at getting me out of my fashion comfort zone. Here’s what I got……


Renee C Tucker Mixed Print Split-Back Tank

September Stitch Fix Review from Primally Inspired  Tucker Mixed Print Split Back Tank with White Mavi Skinny Denim

This shirt caught my attention as soon as I pulled it out of the box. It’s something that I would admire and love on someone else or on the hanger, but I would never choose it for myself. Maybe that’s because I think the print is too busy for me or maybe it’s because it’s super bright and quirky and I know it would make me stand out. Whatever the reason, I never would have even tried this on previously. But as soon as I put it on, I fell in love. It is so lightweight and comfortable. Plus I think the vibrant colors make my facial features pop. I love it. I wore this shirt the first night I got it to a friends birthday party and got so many compliments. Thanks, Stitch Fix and my wonderful stylist for breaking me out of my style comfort zone  and finding fun stuff like this that is just perfect for me 🙂

Another thing I love about this shirt is that I can wear it all year around. I think it looks really cute with this denim shirt that I already own for Fall and Winter:

September Stitch Fix Review from Primally Inspired  Tucker Mixed Print Split Back Tank with White Mavi Skinny Denim and Urban Expressions Crossbody Bag


Plus, doesn’t it look absolutely adorable with the Stitch Fix teal cross body bag from my last Fix?! I am still completely obsessed with this bag if you couldn’t tell 😉 And I love that my stylist is sending me coordinating pieces that work with my current Fix and my last Fix’s!

September Stitch Fix Review from Primally Inspired  Tucker Mix Print Split Back Tank with Urban Expressions Crossbody Bag


My stylist also said she thinks this top would look fantastic with my green trousers from my July Fix. What do you think? This colorful combination is definitely way out of my comfort zone, but if you think it’s cute (or too much), please leave me a comment. I need some reassurance to step out of the house looking so colorful 🙂

September Stitch Fix Review from Primally Inspired  Tucker Mixed Print Split-Back Tank with Green Emer High Waisted Cropped Trousers

VERDICT: KEEPER. My fav from the Fix!


41Hawthorn Lex Textured Floral Knit Fit and Flare Dress

September Stitch Fix from Primally Inspired | 41Hawthorne Lex Textured Fit and Flare Dress

I love dresses and wear them all during the warm and hotter months. Dresses are way more comfortable to me than wearing shorts or pants when it’s hot outside. Usually I cannot resist a cute little dress, especially in sunshine yellow, my favorite color. However, I really did not like the textured vintage floral pattern on this dress. It reminded me of an old, ugly, outdated sofa and I couldn’t get past that. I LOVED the fit of this dress, though and I hope to try another fit and flare type of dress closer to springtime in a different fabric.

I’m still amazed that all these Stitch Fix clothes are fitting me perfectly with NO alterations. How do they do that?!  In the past, I seriously had to take 95%+ of my clothes to alterations to get them to fit me. I am beyond impressed with this.

September Stitch Fix from Primally Inspired  Lex Textured Floral Knit Fit & Flare Dress


*Update — I am totally regretting sending this dress back now. Here’s the conversation that took place today between my husband and I that’s making me regret it even more.

Me: After looking at these pictures, I think I really regret sending that yellow dress back.

Zach: You sent the yellow dress back?

Me: Yeah, I felt like I was wearing an ugly sofa.

Zach: What? You looked so good in that dress. That dress was my favorite thing on you from Stitch Fix so far. 

Me: Are you serious?!! Why didn’t you tell me that before?! Ugh!


Skies are Blue Smith Ruffle Front Blouse in Green

September Stitch Fix Review from Primally Inspired  Smith Ruffle Front Blouse with White Mavi Skinny Jeans

I love this top! It’s one of my favorite colors to wear – isn’t it the prettiest shade of vibrant green? Plus it has an adorable ruffle detail down the front. How cute is that?! I love anything cutesy and girly like ruffles and bows so this was just the perfect fun detail for me. Plus this top looks equally fantastic with both my white denim from my August Fix and with my Navy Trousers from this Fix, too. I’m finding that I really like and prefer sleeveless pieces that you can just pop a cardigan or shirt over and wear year ‘round. I can wear this cute little shirt all spring and summer with shorts, skirts and pants and then just add a demin shirt, some cute boots and bam – super adorable look for Fall and Winter, too! Love that!

September Stitch Fix Review from Primally Inspired  Smith Ruffle Front Blouse with Navy Emer High Waised Cropped Trouser



Fun2Fun Scarf Print Roll-Tab Blouse

September Stitch Fix Review from Primally Inspired  Johnson Scarf Print Roll-Tab Blouse with Emer High Waisted Cropped Trousers in Navy

I appreciate my stylist trying to get me out of my comfort zone with this Fix. Wearing anything with such a busy pattern like this is totally out of my comfort zone, to be honest. I seem to be most comfortable in solid tops and then love adding different colored jewelry or accessories to make the outfit more fun.  So I am grateful that my stylist is helping me step out of that comfort zone with some pieces that I never would have considered trying before. But I really, really did not like the busy pattern on this shirt right out of the box. It reminded me of an old handkerchief or scarf that a little old lady would wear.   I wanted to be fair and give it a chance because it just might  surprise me like the vibrant blue mixed print tank did. But unfortunately this shirt did not. The colors did nothing for me (I think, in general brighter colors tend to look better on me) and I really was not a fan of this pattern.  I’m trying to pinpoint what exactly I didn’t like about the pattern so I can give better feedback to my stylist, but I don’t know. I just don’t like it!  I have a friend that loves this shirt and it would look so good on her, but it’s just not for me. 

VERDICT: Sent Back. See ya!


Margaret M Ember High Waisted Cropped Trouser in Navy

September Stitch Fix Review from Primally Inspired  Smith Ruffle Front Blouse with Emer High Waised Cropped Trousers in Navy

I got these same trousers, but in bright green in my July Fix and told my stylist they were the best fitting pants I’ve ever worn and please send me more. So she sent the same pair, but in Navy this time. I can’t get over how well these trousers fit me and how comfortable they are. They feel like I’m wearing yoga pants! (There’s no zipper or anything – they just slide right on! Love) Seriously, these are the Best. Pants. Ever. My stylist said she wanted to send a color that would be complimentary and won’t clash or overpower the whole look with all the vibrant color tops she was sending and would continue to send. I am especially loving these pants with my green ruffle front blouse from this Fix. I know these pants will be a great color and a staple item for Fall and Winter, too.



So 3 for 5 on a very adventurous Fix (and it should have been 4 for 5 since I now regret sending that cute yellow dress back). I’m thrilled with that, I’m so pleased with my stylist and I absolutely adore my new pieces! For October, I requested a pair of denim ankle length jeans and a new Fall bag. I figure my stylist is 3 for 3 with finding me the perfect fit pants and every girl needs the perfect pair of jeans, right?  

If you want to try Stitch Fix, I totally recommend it. I am absolutely loving it so far and it’s been so convenient and fun for me (not to mention cost effective since I don’t have to get alterations anymore).  You can fill out your style profile and sign up for your first Fix HERE.


So do you think I made the right decisions with what I kept and sent back? Did you like that yellow dress? Leave me a comment because I  love to know what you think! It’s so fun getting honest feedback from you all. You all were such a big help to me deciding what I should keep in my last Fix – thank you to all who left opinions <3



To see my beauty/fashion Pinterest board that my Stitch Fix stylist uses for inspiration for my Fixes, click HERE.

  September Stitch Fix Review from Kelly at Primally Inspired  #stitchfix

Important Note: I am not being paid for this post. I just love this service so far. I think Stitch Fix would be a great value to my readers, especially those fashionable moms, who don’t have time or don’t want to deal with the hassle of shopping with little ones, but want to rock some totally cute boutique, handpicked pieces.  If you sign up for Stitch Fix with one of the links I provided in this post (like THIS), that helps me earn Stitch Fix credits. You can earn them, too once you sign up for your first fix :)

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  1. Avatar

    I have been hearing so much about fix stitch! I wish that I got a subscription for the summer because I move abroad in 2 weeks and they only ship to the US! Boooo! When I return in a year, you can bet I will be getting it! Your outfits are adorable, I really like the yellow dress also, sorry you returned it!

  2. Avatar

    I think the fit of the top you sent back is what is wrong. Navy and white close to your face are not great colours for you, I agree, but if you imagine that as a little peplum top or even a longer buttoned top fit to your waist you may have changed your tune. Nothing you like or wear is baggy, and that top sits at a weird point on your body AND is baggy. the only way I could see it working is tucked into a high waisted skirt with a nice colourful solid colour scarf up top to brighten your face. But that is quite a bit of work. Well done to send it back.

    • Primally Inspired

      You are so right, Ali! Wow, hadn’t thought of that. Thank you for that!

    • Avatar

      I completely agree. I think it was the fit of the top, too baggy for you. I also think there were too many different patters in it, it was a little overwhelming! I won’t feel too bad about the yellow dress. I didn’t like the pattern either, but the fit was great. Maybe next month you’ll get the same dress in a pattern you love and you and your husband will both be thrilled 🙂

    • Avatar

      I must concur here…I actually liked the colors but the fit was not very flattering and you are too fit to be in that sort of baggy top! 🙂 xoxo

    • Avatar

      Exactly what I would have said. The style and fit did not work on you, at least from what I can see in the photo. I, too, loved everything about the yellow dress, but I can imagine a heavy fabric not being so great, especially for a spring-type dress. Hopefully they make that in a similar print, but another fabric and you can enjoy it in the future.

      Thanks for the fashion show. I already have lots of clothes to mix ‘n’ match and probably have never even spent $200 several times a year (much less every month) on clothes (don’t care much about name brands, I guess). Just give me jeans and Tshirts for our lifestyle right now, and a pair of shorts and denim skirt ‘n’ shirt and I’m set, but I like what I see in your experiences here with Stitch Fix. Having fun all the way around.

  3. Avatar

    Not only was the scarf print top baggy on you, it looked a little boxy due to the print. I might have liked it with a belt if not for the boxy look of the fit and print. The print itself is pretty and maybe would have been better on a diagonal or something, just not how it was put together on that top. The rest of the items are amazing though. The dress was really cute on you. You can’t have them resend once it goes back? No mind changes allowed?

    • Primally Inspired

      Thanks, Suzy! You are right, it is too boxy. That’s the perfect word for it – I’m going to write that in my feedback to my stylist. I can request that same dress next month, but I think I’ll wait until spring 🙂

  4. Avatar

    I LOVED the very colorful outfit on you. That is an outfit that would look terrible on me, but it just looks “right” on you. It doesn’t seem loud at all when you are the one wearing it!

  5. Avatar

    i agree with your husband!! that yellow dress looks amazing on you!! definitely my favorite outfit in your stitch fix box. i agree with you though on that blue blouse. it is just not cute and has way too many patterns going on. it reminds me of something the art teacher in billy maddison would wear!! haha

    the green pants with the blue top is ON POINT!!!

  6. Avatar

    The blue tank with the green top is perfect. 🙂 Great fix!

  7. Avatar

    I actually love the green trousers way more than the white ones with the blue tank! They are so cute together! And i agree – the yellow dress looks fab on you. Ask if they can send another?

  8. Avatar

    I think the blue top with the green trousers would be a perfect date night outfit, whereas the white trousers are great for a casual day look.

    I just received my first Stitch Fix box (love it!), and received the Margaret M pants in black – I adore them. Also in my box were Just Black Jimmy Ankle Length Skinny Jeans that are the most incredible jeans I’ve ever tried on. The fit is perfect, which is a rarity for me as I’m petite (5’1″) and short-waisted. I can’t help but think that if you love your Margaret M pants as much as I love mine, the JB jeans might work for you too. Just FYI in case you want to request them by name. 🙂

  9. Avatar

    You must get the dress back, it was super cute on you!

  10. Avatar

    I agree with all your choices except the dress. I agree with your hubby on that one! Sorry!
    And as for the top that only a little old lady would wear? I’m a little old lady, and I wouldn’t wear it! I hope I have better taste than that.
    But this is about you…all in all, well done!

  11. Avatar

    First of all, you’d look GORGEOUS in a paper bag! 😀

    I loved ALL the outfits except for the top you sent back, so I think you were spot-on with your choices! 😉 I loved the yellow dress and yellow is my fave color too! Definitely request that one again! I thought it was very classic and would look great with some cute flats (think Audrey Hepburn). 😉

    I am so happy that you have shared this site! I have never heard of this and I’m in desperate need of a wardrobe makeover! LOL I had a color analysis done a few months ago and discovered every color in my closet was WRONG! :p I’m what’s considered a “soft summer”….softer muted colors (mint green, buttercream yellow, lavendars, most blues, soft pinks, etc) look best on me. You and I have similiar hair color, but I’m very fair and have gray/blue eyes. The kicker is…I absolutely cannot wear BLACK (of course that’s all I had in my closet! LOL)! Navy, and charcoal gray are my “black”. Knowing this, are you able to tell the stylist your color preferences as well? I’m soooo doing this!
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the navy blue and green pants they picked for you and I actually liked the green better than the white! 🙂 I’m like you though…it’s hard for me to wear color and patterns….but honestly, I can’t get over all the compliments I’ve been getting since wearing color and the RIGHT colors!
    Have FUN! Keep the wardrobe ideas coming! You look FAB-U-LOUS!:D


    • Primally Inspired

      Amy, you know how to make a girls day <3 I love the soft summer colors and I bet they would look so good with your blonde hair and light skin/eyes. My sister is a blonde/green eyed beauty and is a soft summer, too. It's amazing how finding the right colors does wonders for face and makes all your features pop, makes your skin look better, etc. I think everyone should get their colors done! It makes such a difference!

      I totally hear you with the black thing! I threw out ALL (except 1 dress that they will have to pry out of my hands) my black and grey. I LIVED in black and grey - I bet over 3/4 of my wardrobe was black or grey. It was so hard for me, but I now know that black does nothing for me. Navy and chocolate brown are my new blacks!

      But, yes, you can be very specific in what you tell your stylist. I told my stylist to never send me black, grey or burgundy and that I look best in bright, vibrant spring colors. I was very specific even in the type of patterns I like, fabrication, cuts, etc - So far, I think she's done a fabulous job for me!

      Hope you have a greaaaat weekend, Amy xoxox

  12. Avatar

    You look great! I’ve had 5 fixes so far, but they’ve mostly been off the mark. Do you mind telling me which stylist did your Sept. fix? Love all the pieces and colors!
    Thanks 🙂

    • Primally Inspired

      Hi Suz! Thank you! My stitch fix stylist is named Kieu-Kelly and I can’t say enough great things about her. She’s been my stylist for the last 3 fixes and I always make sure to request her. I hope she can find you some good pieces, too!

  13. Avatar

    I really like colour combination! scarf print blouse will look nice if u just tuck it in girl! especially in high waisted trousers-that’s what they r made for-to make your legs look longer! same thing with green and pattern top. it will also make you look so much more put together and finish. if you are afraid of it then just tuck it in the front so your waist is visible and put it all in if you wear this denim shirt on top and show off your great legs 😉

  14. Avatar

    Get that yellow dress back! It is flattering, feminine, sexy, but not overtly… and I suspect that it would be a wardrobe staple for you.

  15. Avatar

    Oh yeah…you really should have kept the yellow dress. I think it looks fabulous on you and I love the print. It is different, but if you really don’t like it, you after all, is the one who will wear it. But it really does look great on you.

  16. Avatar

    I love stitch fix and love seeing your reviews. You seriously get the best fixes ever!!!!

  17. Avatar

    I sent back the yellow dress as well for the same reason! I couldn’t stand the fabric!

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