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DIY Lemon Face Scrub with Free Printable Labels

DIY Lemon Face Scrub with free printable labels. This easy homemade scrub recipe gives you the smoothest, glowing skin! Suitable for all skin types.

DIY Lemon Face Scrub with free printable labels. This recipe gives you the smoothest, glowing skin!

DIY Lemon Face Scrub 

This DIY Lemon Scrub scrub is so fabulous, you guys! I love what it’s done to my skin!  It’s become my little pampering treat that I look forward to each morning. This scrub is my new favorite and I can’t wait for you to try it, too!


A few months ago, I took a trip to visit my mom. We don’t live in the same state and I only get to see her every few months. As soon as I saw her, I couldn’t help but notice that her skin was different than the last time I saw her. A really good kind of different. It was super smooth and so radiant! 


“Mom, what in the world are you doing differently to your skin? It looks amazing!” 


She replied that she’s using my coffee bean face oil (Find my easy recipe HERE) and a homemade lemon face scrub every day. She said that it’s a winning combination and it’s made quite a noticeable difference in her skin.


DIY Lemon Face Scrub with free printable labels. This recipe gives you the smoothest, glowing skin!


I already use the coffee bean face oil (which I absolutely love and swear by), but I needed to hear more about this DIY Lemon Face Scrub that she was using!


She let me try it and once I did, I was hooked. 


That Lemon Scrub gave me an, I-kid-you-not, instant glow and smooth as butter skin. Plus the smell of it was so uplifting and bursting with lemony fresh goodness. Love, love, love!


DIY Lemon Face Scrub with free printable labels. This recipe gives you the smoothest, glowing skin!


As soon as I got back home, I whipped up some of her lemon scrub recipe and I’ve been using it on my face ever since. I call it Lemon Glow because it truly gives me an instant glow that lasts all day and makes my skin look so radiant and healthy. 


Because I love it so much and because I’ve also noticed a big difference in my skin, I want to share my mom’s DIY Lemon Scrub recipe with you. Give it a try and you’ll see why my mom and I are raving about it 🙂


Here’s why this Lemon Scrub is so fabulous for your skin:

Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon Essential Oil is well known for its skin rejuvenating properties. When applied consistently, it helps dramatically increase the luster of dull skin.  Be sure to look for steam distilled lemon essential oil whenever using lemon essential oil in body care products. Unlike cold pressed lemon essential oil, the steam distilled variety is not photosensitive. I use THIS steam distilled lemon essential oil. 


Argan Oil

Argan oil is one of my very favorite anti-aging facial oils…I’ve been singing its praises for years! It’s one of the most popular and sought after oils for anti-aging because of its ability to repair and regenerate damaged skin tissue, diminish the appearance of fine lines and restore skin elasticity. Argan Oil is even well known to make dull complexions glow! This oil is wonderful for all skin types, even those who are sensitive or prone to breakouts.  For best results, look for cold pressed argan oil.  I love and use THIS argan oil.


Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is rich in antioxidants that protect the skin from premature aging. Plus coconut oil contains healthy fats that deeply nourish the skin. To get the most bang for your buck and the very best results, look for cold pressed, unrefined coconut oil. I use THIS coconut oil. You can also find it at most grocery and health food stores.


Organic Cane Sugar

Wait, what….sugar is good for the skin?!  I normally try to avoid sugar so it came as a surprise to learn that sugar is actually very beneficial for the skin when it’s applied topically.  Sugar contains glycolic acid which dissolves dead skin…plus it exfoliates like a champ. The result? Polished, smooth and radiant skin! I use THIS organic cane sugar.  You can also find organic cane sugar at grocery stores in the baking aisle.



DIY Lemon Face Scrub with free printable labels. This recipe gives you the smoothest, glowing skin!





Free Printable Labels

I also included free printable labels for easy gift giving! This recipe makes such a nice homemade gift. And with Mother’s Day coming up, I wanted to make sure you were covered with some cute printables!  Enjoy 🙂 

Click HERE or the image below to download the Free Printable Labels PDF


DIY Lemon Face Scrub Recipe:

DIY Lemon Face Scrub with Free Printable Labels
Serves: 2 4oz jars
Anti-Aging DIY Lemon Face Scrub for radiant, glowing skin! Free printable labels included.
  1. Combine all the ingredients together until mixed thoroughly. The mixture should resemble wet sand. Scoop into 2 4-ounce jars. I use THESE jars.
To use:
  1. Rub a small amount with your fingers in a circular motion all over your face. Rinse and enjoy that beautiful, glowing and smooth skin!
To download the printable labels, click here:
(If you are having trouble, copy and paste the above link into your browser)


Pin DIY Lemon Face Scrub Recipe HERE:

DIY Lemon Face Scrub with free printable labels. This recipe gives you the smoothest, glowing skin!

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    Hi. I was wondering if I could use brown sugar instead of cane sugar for this scrub, as I do not have cane sugar in my house and want to make this scrub today

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    Congratulations on the birth of Sam! I read about him in your e-newsletter. He is adorable and looks like a baby Where’s Waldo in the first picture! (and I mean that in the CUTEST possible way!) Way to go, Kelly!

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    Hi Kelly,
    Where are you buying your glass jars? I like the size. Thank you.

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    Missed you, Kelly. Delighted to hear you’re back online and have a beautiful bouncing baby boy to enjoy. Congratulations to the whole family!

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    Do you use the coffee bean/ coconut oil first, then the lemon scrub? Do you use them on alternating days? Just curious.
    Sam is adorable!

  6. Avatar

    So glad you are back Kelly. This is truly an amazing exfoliattor and face scrub.

  7. Avatar

    It looks like the free lemon EO is cold pressed, not steam distilled.

    • Kelly from Primally Inspired

      I’ll look into this, Rob and ask to get it fixed. Thanks for letting me know!

      • Avatar

        Hi Kelly, I know the offer was only until 06 May but it seemed the error hadn’t been fixed with the free lemon EO showing as cold pressed instead of steam distilled. Do you know if this offer is going to be available again with the correct lemon EO?

        • Kelly from Primally Inspired

          Hi Jane! I reached out to Plant Therapy to ask about the steam-distilled and also asked to extend the coupon and am still waiting for a response. I’m hoping to hear some good news back today – I’ll keep you posted 🙂

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    This looks amazing Kelly. I can’t wait to try it. Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy! Feb. 17 is a great day to have a baby. It is my daughter’s birthday as well! Enjoy baby Sam, they grow so quickly, but each age brings it’s own wonders.

  9. Avatar

    Is it possible to omit the sugar and have this as a moisturizer? I love the idea of a lemon scented moisturizer or night cream.

  10. Avatar

    How long does it last? Sounds like as long as you don’t introduce water in to the jar, it should last until you use it all up

  11. Avatar

    May I ask how long do you keep the scrub on your face before clensing

  12. Avatar

    I just ordered the steam distilled lemon oil from Plant Therapy. Can’t wait to try your Lemon Glow. You are one of my favorite Bloggers and really missed you. so glad you have a healthy, bouncy baby boy. He looks adorable. Glad you are back and healthy yourself.

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    What a beautiful baby boy you have. I’m so glad you are back and I can’t wait to read your story. Hugs to you and your family.

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    Thanks so much for the Lemon Glow facial scrub! I am really needing it this spring.
    Congrats on your baby boy! A new adventure begins.

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    Hi Kelly snd Congratulations on your beautiful baby! I was wondering if you would use this as an all over body scrub or do you have a different recipe for that?

  16. Avatar

    Hi Kelly, Does the Lemon EO have to be steam distilled or can it be cold pressed?

    Thank you,

    • Kelly from Primally Inspired

      Hi Carmen! You can use cold-pressed and I have for years with no problems. The issue is that cold-pressed lemon essential oil is considered photosensitive which means it may cause burning if you go out in the sun (this is much more common if the oil isn’t properly diluted). I’ve never had a problem, but it can happen…so just something to be aware and careful of 🙂

  17. Avatar

    How long can it be stored for?

  18. Avatar

    How long will this LEMON GLOW SCRUB keep in small jars…? Will it ruin in anyway like molding, ect… An how long will the COFFEE SCRUB last in a jar and would keeping it in the refrigerator help it to last longer or would putting tiny amount of preservative or something in it be better…
    THX ! My skin is just really sensitive I can’t do any type of face scrub daily…

  19. Avatar

    Hi Kelly, will give this one a try. 🙂 Have you tried using Lemongrass Oil instead of Lemon? Its antiseptic properties would make it a great alternative.

  20. Avatar

    Hi Kelly. Your blog is fresh and uplifting, just what we all need. I’m wondering if honey may be substituted for the coconut oil in this recipe. We only use high linoleic oils on our skin in our family bc high oleic oils like coconut oil make us break out miserably. I am sure I could use another high linileic oil like pumpkin seed oil, or double the argan pil, but I am wondering what you think about the use of honey here instead. God bless your family!

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    Hey! This looks awesome, how long does it stay good to use for? Within a week or more?

  22. Avatar

    Hi! Just made my batch. I was wondering if there is a finer sugar I could use? It’s a bit harsh on my skin. What’s this caster sugar I read about would that work or put the sugar in a blender? Thanks! I’ll

  23. Avatar

    Hello! Hope you are well
    This tips seems so amazing. Thank you for sharing this.
    Question, is it okay if I can use like Nescafe coffee and regular sugar. Apparently, that’s what I have in my cupboard :/

    Thank you 🙂

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    Hi. What other oil can we use instead of argan oil? Is almond oil a good option and how much quantity?

  25. Avatar

    I just stumbled upon your page a couple days ago, and I am IN LOVE!!!! I adore your content!!! (And I placed an $87 order on Amazon, to make a few of your recipes!!!!)
    I was wondering if there’s anything I can sub the coconut oil for? I want to use coconut oil so bad, but I suffer from cystic acne, and everytime I’ve tried coconut oil I break out. But this recipe sounds devine!

    • Kelly from Primally Inspired

      Oh Mel, that is so great to read – thank you for taking the time to leave me such a nice comment! Yes, you can substitute your favorite facial oil for the coconut oil. Some of my favorites are jojoba oil and sweet almond oil. I hope you get a chance to try it – I love this scrub so much!! 🙂

  26. Avatar

    Hi Kelly,
    What brand Argan oil do you recommend? The link seems to be broken. Thanks.

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