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March Stitch Fix Review 2016

See what’s in my March Stitch Fix!

March Stitch Fix Review 2016

March Stitch Fix Review 2016


My March Stitch Fix arrived and it’s such a good one! I decided to take a winter break from Stitch Fix so I was especially excited to see the Stitch Fix box show up on my doorstep after months of not getting a Fix. I cleaned out my closet to make room for some new spring and summer goodies and I couldn’t wait to see what my Stitch Fix stylist, Kallie, picked out for me.


I’ve been using Stitch Fix almost exclusively to build my dream closet and it’s been such a blast. What’s not to love about a surprise box showing up at your doorstep filled with amazing (& affordable!) goodies picked out just for me by a professional stylist?!  It’s been going on two years since I signed up for Stitch Fix, so it’s safe to say that I’m a huge fan of this service.


Thanks to Stitch Fix and Dressing Your Truth (a fashion and personal development program that taught me how to connect my inner beauty with my entire outer look – it honestly changed my life in so many ways!), I’ve learned so much!  Because of Stitch Fix, I’ve managed to step out of my once boring, fashion comfort zone. And then through Dressing Your Truth, I learned so much about myself, what styles, colors, patterns and textures look the best on me and what it takes to put a great outfit together that totally expresses ME. It’s been so fun!! If you want to learn more about Dressing Your Truth, click HERE to take the free mini-course  – it’s a game changer!

Dressing Your Truth Free Course


What is Stitch Fix? 

If you’ve never heard of Stitch fix, let me tell you! With Stitch Fix, you get a surprise box complete with 5 handpicked clothing and/or accessories picked out just for you from your very own personal stylist (how cool is that?!).  You get to keep only what you want (for me it has to be a 10 out of 10!) and you can send back whatever you don’t want in the postage paid envelope. You can schedule a Fix whenever you want – no monthly commitments or anything like that.  For those wondering about the cost, it is affordable. The clothes are definitely more expensive than Target, but about equal to what you would expect at a department store. For me, it’s been so worth it – a professional stylist, not having to waste my time or gas shopping, clothes that perfectly fit me that I can try on in the comfort of my home – love, love, love.

If you’d like to learn more about Stitch Fix or sign up for your very own Fix, you can click HERE

March Stitch Fix Review


March Stitch Fix Review 2016

March Stitch Fix Review 2016


Can I just say how much I adore my stylist, Kallie? Kallie has been my regular stylist for over a year now. She gets me and gets my personal style. I love that she checks out my fashion Pinterest board each time. And I especially enjoy her very creative style recommendations that I would not have otherwise considered. Here’s her note to me for my March Stitch Fix (isn’t she the greatest?):


March Stitch Fix Stylist Note


Now let’s take a peek inside my March Stitch Fix!

Papermoon Norris Split Neck Blouse

Liverpool William Straight Leg Trouser

Papermoon Norris Split Neck Blouse and Liverpool William Straight Leg Trouser


I was so excited to see these dressier trousers in this Fix! Stitch Fix has yet to send me pants that haven’t fit perfectly. For someone who always had to get pants altered in the past, I can wholeheartedly say that Stitch Fix has been worth it just to get the most perfectly fitting jeans and pants.


I have a few business events coming up this spring and summer and these pants will serve me well – I just hope I don’t spill anything on them!  I love them paired with the Papermoon top from this Fix. What a great professional look that is true to my personal fun, bright style! 


Papermoon Norris Split Neck Blouse


Verdict on Papermoon Norris Split Neck Blouse: KEEP

Verdict on Liverpool William Straight Leg Trouser: KEEP


Skies are Blue Kinzi Henley Knit Top

Skies are Blue Kinzi Henley Knit Top


This top is super lightweight and just my style in all the colors I adore. At first I didn’t consider keeping it because it seemed too basic, too simple. You know, something I could pick up anywhere. But when I put my newly acquired yellow floral necklace with it, I knew I had to keep it. This simple, casual top can be brought to life with a big, fun necklace for an evening out. It will be the perfect vacation top that can go from day to night when I’m trying to pack light.

 Verdict on Skies are Blue Kinzi Henley Knit Top: KEEP


Donna Morgan Calvin Dress

 Donna Morgan Calvin Dress


I loved the fit of this dress, but I wasn’t a fan of the print. There’s a little too much going on with the pattern for my personal tastes. You can probably see by my picture that the dress wears me.  For those that follow Dressing Your Truth, it’s not quite a Type 1 dress, hence the disharmony since I am a Type 1. (If you are interested in learning how to dress in a way that harmonizes with YOUR unique type of beauty, Click HERE to take the free beauty profiling course. It was a game changer for me!!!).

Verdict on Donna Morgan Calvin Dress: RETURN


Margaret M Christiana Printed Pencil Skirt
March Stitch Fix Review Margaret M Christiana Printed Pencil Skirt

I LOVE this form fitting pencil skirt! Navy is a neutral to me, so I found that this skirt goes with so many fun colors in my closet! The cute, coral top in the picture is from one of my very first Fixes. I especially love the skirt paired with that coral top, but it goes so well with yellows, greens, hot pinks and I’m sure even more than that. Oh the possibilities! I’m going to have so much fun putting outfits together with this adorable skirt!

Verdict on Margaret M Christiana Printed Pencil Skirt: KEEP


There you have it! I loved my March Fix and already can’t wait for my next one!

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Kelly from Primally Inspired is a Type 1! Dressing Your Truth Type 1/4 #dressingyourtruth #dyt

Click HERE to take the FREE Dressing Your Truth Beauty Profiling Course – it’s a game-changer!! 

Dressing Your Truth Free Course


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  1. Avatar

    Love your choices, especially the first outfit! What a gift to find pants that fit. That is one of my biggest shopping challenges! Looks like you are all set for spring 🙂

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    Oh, and seriously let me know when you can meet for lunch at Harvest! I’m home from Mexico in a few days!

  3. Avatar

    THAT DRESS!!!!!! You look great in it all!!!!!

  4. Avatar

    Hi Kelly – have you had the same stylist for the majority of your fixes? I’ve really liked the past fixes you’ve received but haven’t had much luck myself.

  5. Avatar

    I thought the dress, fit wise, was just perfect for you, but I did not care for the pattern. I wish it had been something brighter and less busy. But the cut/shape was fantastic on you.

  6. Avatar

    I like your March Stitch Fix. You looked good in all the things she picked for you. I just got started with Stitch Fix. I want to ask you, how did you hook Pinterest so that your stylist can see it. I started a Stitch Fix file on Pinterest but I’m not sure how to connect it. Thank you, Tina

  7. Avatar

    Hi, Kelly! I’m enjoying your type 1 post! I’m new to the system. Do you answer questions about type 1 clothing?

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