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July Stitch Fix Review

July Stitch Fix Review By Primally Inspired

July Stitch Fix Review


Well guys, I finally caved in to Stitch Fix. I’ve been hearing tons of good stuff about Stitch Fix the past few months.  And a bunch of my friends have been raving to me about it and have been looking completely adorable in their personal stylist hand picked pieces and outfits. 


I am so nosy and love seeing what other people get when they go shopping, so I decided it would be fun to show you all, too. I am signed up to get monthly “Fixes” from Stitch Fix. So I’ll be posting them here from now on – now you can be nosy, too 🙂


What is Stitch Fix?

July Stitch Fix Review from Primally Inspired

Stitch Fix is an online styling service and fashion retailer in one. You get your own personal stylist that handpicks a “Fix” for you with five clothing items and/or accessories that are unique to your taste, budget and lifestyle. You have 3 days to decide if you are going to keep any of the items in your Fix. You can buy whatever you like and return the rest, free of charge in their postage paid envelope. There is a $20 styling fee, BUT if you purchase any of the items in your Fix, it’s credited back to you. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should try it for a month! It’s SO fun! You can sign up for just a one time Fix or you can get monthly Fix’s. You can sign up (or learn more) by clicking HERE.


I finally bit the Stitch Fix bullet when I moved to the middle of nowhere in Pennsylvania just a few weeks ago.  The closest good shopping mall to me is over an hour away. And even though there’s few things better to me than fun new clothes and accessories, I actually hate to shop. Hate it! The crowds, the noise, the parking, the frustration of trying stuff on, the going in for a dress for an upcoming bridal shower and coming out with 5 shirts you didn’t really need but got on clearance (am I the only one who does that??) – shopping is so not for me. Knowing that I can have 5 hand picked pieces that reflect my tastes, budget and lifestyle delivered to my door in a cute and fun surprise package totally appealed to me. Love, love love that. 


So, let’s get down to the fun stuff! 


What’s in my July Fix?

First of all, your Fix will show up at your doorstep in a fun little box like this. If you are anything like me, you will scream like you just won the lottery when you see it at your doorstep and then rush in to rip it open and see your surprise goodies. I just love surprises 🙂

July Stitch Fix Review via Primally Inspired


You open it up and there’s a personalized note from your stylist along with a style card that shows you a few different ideas about how you can style and accessorize your pieces! I actually love putting outfits together myself, so I didn’t think I would like and use the style card as much as I did. I found it very helpful to get a professional creative opinion on outfits and I loved these ideas.

Stitch Fix  July  Primally Inspired


My stylist wrote that she looked at my beauty Pinterest board and found some ideas that would be perfect for me. 


I immediately knew I was going to like this Fix. The colors were perfect for me and the fabrics felt so comfortable and lightweight.  (I made sure to tell my stylist in my online style profile that I prefer lightweight fabrics)


July Stitch Fix Review from Primally Inspired


Here’s what my Stitch Fix stylist hand picked for me this month: 


LA MADE Felix Sleeveless Fitted Maxi Dress

July Stitch Fix from Primally Inspired

My eye was first drawn to the mint maxi dress because mint green is one of my favorite colors to wear.  But honestly, I didn’t want to get my hopes up because of my previous experiences trying on maxi dresses. Being a very petite 5’2”, all the maxi dresses I’ve tried on in the past are sooooo long on me and just don’t fit me well. And they hang funny and make me look pregnant – know what I mean? But this one was absolutely perfect and the perfect length! I found out that Stitch Fix cuts to order some pieces and this must have been cut to order just for me!  Needless to say, I kept this baby and it will now be a staple in my summer wardrobe. I love that I can dress it up or down depending on my accessories.  It will be so comfortable to wear for my weekly farmer’s market trips. And I can jazz it up to be cute enough to wear for a date night.  I’m also definitely taking this maxi on our upcoming vacation. 

The verdict? KEPT


Fun2Fun Cassanova Chevron Crochet Button Up Tank

July Stitch Fix Review from Primally Inspired

 The next thing I was drawn to in my box was the cream crochet top. Seriously, how cute is this shirt?! I pinned a similar one on my Pinterest board and I was so excited to see my request fulfilled. I had been wanting a unique and cute cream top that would pair well with many different things. This was absolutely perfect! It’s so much better than just a plain cream top, right?  It fits me really well and I just know this is going to be my new favorite shirt. It’s pairs so well with shorts, jeans and a few skirts that I already own. This was a definite keeper.

The verdict? Kept and it’s my new fav!


Under Skies Dempsey Floral Print Sleeveless Blouse

July Stitch Fix Review from Primally Inspired

The next thing I tried on was this blue floral top. This top intrigued me right out of the box. I loved the lightweight, sheer fabric and I loved the different random patterns it incorporated. But I don’t normally like such loose fitting, shapeless and flow-y tops. I guess you could say that I prefer my tops more fitted. I’m all up for trying new things, though so I couldn’t wait to see if I would like this shirt on. I tried it on with a pair of casual jeans that my style card suggested and I surprised myself. I thought it was adorable. But it was a little too big and shapeless for my tastes. Plus, it was too long in the back and completely covered one of my best assets. 😉  On my online critique form, I told my stylist it was too loose fitting for  me, so next time she will have a better understanding that I prefer more fitted tops.

The verdict: Sent back.


Margaret M Emer High Waisted Cropped Trouser

July Stitch Fix Review from Primally Inspired

These green trousers! These! I am in love with these! This is the perfect example of why you need a stylist even when you think you don’t.  I would have never ever chosen these green trousers for me, but my stylist told me they’d be perfect for me. She was absolutely right! They fit me like a glove. They are seriously the best fitting pants I’ve ever tried on, which is so crazy to me, since I have the hardest time finding pants to fit me. And I would have never chosen this bright green color for me. But these are SO fun and SO cute and I am in total love with them. I kind of want them in every single color now 😉


My stylist told me they’d look cute paired with the cream crochet top and she was right. Love this outfit!

July Stitch Fix Review from Primally Inspired

The verdict? Kept and in love.


Market and Spruce Roma Cowl Neck Jersey Knit Top

July Stitch Fix Review from Primally Inspired

I put on my  Stitch Fix online style profile that I didn’t want any accessories in my Fix.  Generally, people get 4 clothing items and 1 accessory. So for my 5th item, I got a peach cowl neck top. I liked the pastel peach color, although I would have liked the color to be a little brighter, like a true peach or coral.  I did like how lightweight and comfortable the fabric was. I chose an aqua blue necklace that I owned to go with it, as suggested by the style card, and I loved the color combination. But I found the shirt to be shapeless on me and a little too loose fitting for my tastes. I also am not a fan of draped necklines and draped clothing styles on me.  I gave feedback that I don’t like draped or cowl necklines so my stylist knows not to send that sort of a neckline again.

The verdict? Sent back.


So there you have it! That was my July Stitch Fix Review! 

July Stitch Fix Review from Primally Inspired


I am thrilled with my new purchases and will definitely put them to good use this summer!


For next month’s Fix, I requested a pair of white or off-white trousers and to surprise me with something in sunshine yellow (my all-time favorite color to wear!). I can’t wait to see what I get!


What did you think of my Fix? Do you get Fixes from Stitch Fix? Let’s have some girl talk – leave a comment below 🙂


And if you want to try Stitch Fix for the first time (I totally recommend it!), you can click HERE to get started!



Important Note: I am not being paid for this post. I just love this service and am extremely pleased with their customer service. I think Stitch Fix would be a great value to my readers, especially those fashionable moms, who don’t have time or don’t want to deal with the hassle of shopping with little ones, but want to rock some totally cute and personalized pieces.  If you sign up for Stitch Fix with one of the links I provided in this post (like THIS), that helps me earn Stitch Fix credits. You can earn them, too once you sign up for your first fix 🙂

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  1. Avatar

    So cute!! One question that I had but was not made clear when I looked at their website is, when you ship back who pays for shipping? And are you charged for everything when it is shipped and then credited back when items are sent back?

    • Primally Inspired

      Hi Angela! It’s free return shipping with their postage paid envelope. You get charged a $20 fee when your Fix ships. And then you are only charged when you decide what you want/don’t want at checkout within 3 days (You’ll be credited back the $20 at this time if you keep something). You keep what you want and then return the rest in their postage paid envelope.

  2. Avatar

    I’m so jealous your Stitch Fix rocked! I actually sent my whole fix back this past month and wrote in to complain as they sent me two pieces I’ve already gotten and one I had purchased! Most my others have been okay though and overall I love the service. Plus it does make you try things you might normally pass up 🙂

    • Primally Inspired

      ohmigosh, I would have been so irritated at that, too Giselle! What a bummer. I’m curious to hear their response or if they credited you back the $20.

    • Avatar

      That would upset me too, given that you probably waited so long only to be disappointed! I hope they sort it out and won’t have to make you wait longer for your fix.

  3. Avatar

    Oo I love that they draw inspiration from your pinterest boards and show outfit styling! I definitely want to check it out.

  4. Avatar

    Stitch Fix is the answer to my shopping troubles ( kids, my hatred of shopping etc.) I have been wanting to get a “fix” for about a year now but I can hardly justify the costs. I teach PE and I’m a mom to 3 (plus one on the way in November). Maybe I will get a fix for Christmas after baby is born.
    I love your outfits!!

    • Primally Inspired

      I totally hear you, Denise. Being a bargain shopper myself, I had a really hard time getting past paying more than $12.99 (I was a hardcore Ross/TJ Maxx shopper 😉 ) for a shirt. But when we moved, I kind of had a change of heart I guess you could say and was able to justify it. I was disgusted with the amount of clothes I had – clothes that I never even wore because I didn’t totally love them or they didn’t fit quite right, but I had to have them because they were on mega sale or it was a really good deal. I gave practically all my clothes away when we moved (seriously – I kept maybe 10 things total) and vowed to only purchase items going forward that I was truly in love with, looked great on me, fit me perfectly and things I know I would get a lot of wear out of. Now, I’m happy to say that I’d rather have 10 nice pieces that I truly love and fit me to a T than 100 things that were cute, but maybe not quite right for me. Between my change of heart and my hatred for shopping, plus the gas cost and time involved for me to get somewhere now that I live in booneyville, Stitch Fix was a no brainer for me. My time is really valuable to me these days, too and I really don’t want to spend a whole day being frustrated and doing something I don’t like when I have a bazillion other things I could do. I hope my Fix’s continue to be this good and I really hope you get that Fix for Christmas. If you do, somehow you’ll have to let me be nosy and see what you got. I hate shopping, but I love to see what other people get, especially when it involves clothes and accessories. lol. xo, Kelly

  5. Avatar

    Loved the maxi dress! I didn’t realize that SF cuts dresses to order. I’m 5’2 as well and didn’t want to request a maxi because I assumed it would be too long & have to be sent back. I got the Emer trouser this month too, but in black. Now I NEED your green 🙂

  6. Avatar

    I love everything you got Kelly!

  7. Avatar

    I just had to comment & share my Friday morning giggle with you.
    I just had a “shipped” notification from Stitch Fix regarding my July “fix”… so naturally I had to snoop around to find pictures of what is in the box. I have no patience to wait until it arrives.

    The “Dempsey Floral Print Sleeveless Blouse” led me to your picture in this post. And I read the “Moved to the middle of nowhere in Pennsylvania” statement I said “bet she’s local” because I have that “stuck in the middle of nowhere” feeling since moving to …. drumroll… YORK county, Pa.

    Thanks for sharing the images of your fix…

  8. Avatar

    You look super cute in all of the items in your fix!!!

  9. Avatar

    Just wanted to say that I just got my first Stitch Fix yesterday. I liked 2 of my items and one was the exact same chevron crochet button up that you got. (I promise I won’t wear it to the same parties you’re at)
    I do like it. Super cute

  10. Avatar

    I am new to this blog but really enjoying it. I too live in central PA and agree that shopping is terrible here. This sounds like a great idea. I love how you mix fashion with health and fitness…fun to read. Have tried a few recipes and love them!

  11. Avatar

    Oh, I didn’t know that they cut some to order. I’ll request a maxi in my next Fix!

    You look great! Thanks for sharing your Fix!

  12. Avatar

    I think all the clothes you got are adorable and look great on you, even the ones you sent back.I totally get why you sent back the ones you did but everything looked really good!

  13. Avatar

    I recently enroll to Stitch Fix, and eager for my first shipment, and see what will bring. Thanks for your review 🙂

  14. Avatar

    Thanks for sharing what you got in your fix. The maxi dress looks like it was made for you! Quick question–do you pay $20 for each box or is it a one time fee?

  15. Avatar

    Love all you stitch fix items!! Who is your stylist?!!

  16. Avatar

    i have a question, if you do not decide to keep an item does the 20$ credit ‘roll over?’ or is it lost?

  17. Avatar

    I am very interested in signing up for Stitch Fix, but my concern is how much each item typically cost? On average how much would you say you spend on each box you receive, and what is the average cost of each item?

    • Primally Inspired

      Hi Marissa! Stitch Fix says on average each piece is around $55 and I’ve found that to be true. My tops are usually less than $55 and my jeans/pants and dresses are usually a little more. I believe accessories are in the $20-30 range (I don’t request accessories so I’m not 100% positive about that – it’s just what I’ve heard). If I buy everything, I get a 25% discount so that brings the whole box to around $200. One of the cool parts and a way to make it less expensive is by referring your friends and family. When you sign up, you get your own referral code so you’re able to get a $25 credit each time someone signs up under your referral link. I found the best and most effective way to use the referral link is to put a picture of you with your favorite StitchFix outfit on Facebook for all your friends and family to see and include your referral link 🙂

  18. Avatar

    You have the prettiest skin!! Loved the maxi!

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