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Plant Therapy Essential Oils Giveaway! (Closes January 10)

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Plant Therapy Essential Oils


It’s Day 5 of my 12 More Days of Christmas Giveaways and today it’s all about essential oils! This giveaway is open to all worldwide residents.


Day 5 Plant Therapy Essential Oils Giveaway

Plant Therapy KidSafe essential oils giveaway


Plant Therapy is giving away their just released, complete set of KidSafe 100% pure, undiluted, therapeutic grade essential oils! There’s 20 essential oils in this collection formulated for children ages 2-10 by the most respected authority for aromatherapy, essential oils and safety, Robert Tisserand (author of the best selling book, Essential Oil Safety).  These oils are full strength and are just as effective for adults, too – they are just formulated with the oils that are proven safe for little ones and include common ailments of kids like sniffles, calming, immune support, eczema help and more. This is such a wonderful set!


Here’s the complete line-up (with cute and playful kid-friendly names – credit for the names given to Plant Therapy’s own children, nieces and nephews imaginations):

  • A+ Attention
  • Ban The Bugs
  • Better Than Kisses
  • Calming The Child
  • Eczema Helper
  • Germ Destroyer
  • Go Go Go
  • Growing Pains
  • Headache Away
  • Immune Boom
  • Lice Away
  • Nighty Night
  • No More Warts
  • Odor Zapper
  • Silky Soft
  • Sneezy Stop
  • Sniffle Stopper
  • Sweet Dreams
  • Tame The Pain
  • Tummy All Better


Why I love Plant Therapy Essential Oils

I’ve been a fan and user of essential oils for over a decade now (woah, writing that makes me feel old!). I have a whole medicine cabinet filled with essential oils – they are a staple in my home. I use them for my favorite homemade skincare products, for helping fight sickness, for stress and anxiety relief, for bug spray, for making my house smell good without toxic chemicals, for cleaning and so much more.  


Plant Therapy Esssential Oils Giveaway


I’m not affiliated with any essential oil companies and have used many different essential oils from many different high quality companies over the years. But my personal favorite and my go-to company these days is Plant Therapy. Plant Therapy is a company who has a big passion and a purpose behind what they do. The owners Chris and Amanda Jones, who I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with a few times over the years, are very passionate about providing the highest quality products to the people they serve and they take that commitment very seriously. Having a large family themselves, it’s also important to them that their essential oils are affordable for families.  I can count on their commitment to quality, passion for safety, and going above and beyond to make sure their essential oils are 100% pure, undiluted and therapeutic grade. And I really appreciate their affordable price points!


I also love that Plant Therapy has a team of highly trained aromatherapy experts on staff who are very passionate about safety and education and are there to answer any questions. Whenever I develop a recipe with essential oils on my blog, I contact them to make sure it’s safe and safe for kids. When my readers ask me questions on my blog about essential oils that I’m unsure of, they are the ones I contact for accurate information. They’ve been such a big help to me and have taught me so much!


Here’s my current favorite Plant Therapy essential oils:

Sweet Orange – I love citrus scents so I diffuse this throughout my home.  It fills my whole house with such an uplifting, happy scent. I love it!

Germ Fighter Blend – Whenever I’m around large crowds of people or if I’m visiting sick people, I use this blend. A 1997 study at Weber State University showed the oils in this blend to be 99.96% effective against airborne bacteria! 

Stress Free Blend – I love this one for helping calm my stress and anxiety. I use it to help calm down my dog, too!

Insect Shield Blend – Works like a charm for mosquitos and gnats!  

Coffee Bean – I use it for my coffee bean anti-aging face oil recipe and it’s done wonders for my skin – more so than anything I’ve tried in the past. A few of you have written in to tell me how much it’s made a difference for you, too!


How To Enter the Plant Therapy Essential Oils Giveaway:

1. Make  sure you’re subscribed to my weekly emails.

This giveaway is for my email subscribers only. I will verify that all winners are subscribed, so if you aren’t yet here’s where to subscribe:

2. Leave a comment on this blog post!

That’s it! You’re entered to win this complete KidSafe essential oil set from Plant Therapy!  I’ll announce all the winners after the closing of all 12 days of giveaways on January 10th. You can enter all 12 days of giveaways. Tomorrow is a giveaway with many winners from one inspiring company!


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Good luck!!

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  490. I am super excited to have found you! Already I have found so many great natural remedies and because have your have recently ordered my first batch of Plant Therapy oils! I suffer from dry skin, joint pain, etc and trying natural oils is new to me but I am really looking forward to seeing how they work. I recently made your sea salt scrub and can’t wait to add the Plant Therapy oils to them. I am super excited to try them and would love to try even more. Thank you for offering this to us.

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