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TruVibe Organics Giveaway! (Closes January 10)

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TruVibe Organics Giveaway


Day 6 of my 12 More Days of Christmas Giveaways brings organic superfoods from one super cool and inspiring company, TruVibe Organics


Day 6 TruVibe Organics Giveaway

TruVibe Giveaway Organic Superfoods with inspiration


TruVibe Organics is giving away a trio of some of my favorite nutrient dense, organic, super foods to 10 winners!!! Win a 3-pack of maca powder, chia seeds and goji berries! (US only)


Why I love TruVibe Organics

Anyone who knows me in real life or has spent some time on my blog can take one look at TruVibe’s packaging and know why I love them. TruVibe aims to inspire you to be your true potential by eating healthier and living happier. That pretty much sums up my mission and calling here at Primally Inspired! I feel like TruVibe and I are kindred spirits πŸ™‚


TruVibe Organics Superfoods


TruVibe has a whole line of certified organic, high quality, nutrient dense super foods. They are perfect “super chargers” for my daily detox smoothie recipe! Once I tried TruVibe’s raw cacao powder, nothing else would do. I’ve tried so many cacao powders before, but this! This is something really special! The flavor is so smooth and fresh and it smells absolutely wonderful. And the prices are fabulous. I’m a big fan!


TruVibe Organics Cacao Powder


I also use a few other TruVibe products in my daily detox smoothie.  

Here are TruVibe go-to’s:

Maca Powder is chock full of important nutrients and is traditionally known to balance hormones and increase energy. I’ve felt a noticeable difference in libido and energy since incorporating it into my daily smoothies. Just 1 or 2 teaspoons a day is all you need! It has a very nice flavor – almost nutty with hints of vanilla and caramel. 

Chia Seeds provide an energy boost and are good source of omegas, fiber and antioxidants. They are commonly known to help you feel full faster and may also improve blood pressure and brain health functions. I add 1 tablespoon in my daily smoothie (recipe HERE). 

Goji Berries are extremely nutrient dense. They are known to boost overall health and immune system functions, promote healthy skin, and may increase energy, improve gastrointestinal functions, liver and eye health, and they even have anti-aging benefits.  I pop a few in my mouth when I need something a little sweet. They taste similar to a dried fruit and I use them anyway I would a dried fruit. 


And really, how great is their packaging?! I just love the positive energy affirmations on every bag. It brings a little smile to my face each time I use their product πŸ™‚ Thanks TruVibe for spreading joy, health and inspiration to your customers! And a special thank you for being so generous with this giveaway!


How To Enter the TruVibe Organics Giveaway:

1. Make  sure you’re subscribed to my weekly emails.

This giveaway is for my email subscribers only. I will verify that all winners are subscribed, so if you aren’t yet here’s where to subscribe:

2. Leave a comment on this blog post!

That’s it! You’re entered to win this organic superfoods trio from TruVibe.  I’ll announce all the winners after the closing of all 12 days of giveaways on January 10th. You can enter all 12 days of giveaways. 


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Good luck!!

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