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August Stitch Fix Review


August Stitch Fix Review from Primally Inspired

 August Stitch Fix Review


As you know, last month I finally caved into Stitch Fix after moving to the middle of nowhere with no good shopping to be found unless I wanted to travel over an hour away. And I was super impressed with my last Fix! I got a few really cute and already well worn pieces and decided to go for it again (see my last month’s goodies HERE). And now you can see what I got this month and help me decide what I should keep!


What is Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix it’s an online styling service and fashion retailer in one. You get your own personal stylist that handpicks a “Fix” for you with five clothing items and/or accessories that are unique to your taste, budget and lifestyle. You have 3 days to decide if you are going to keep any of the items in your Fix. You can buy whatever you like and return the rest, free of charge in their postage paid envelope. There is a $20 styling fee, but if you purchase any of the items in your Fix, it’s credited back to you. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should try it for a month! It’s SO fun! You can sign up for just a one time Fix or you can set how often you’d like your Fix’s to arrive. You can sign up (or learn more) by clicking HERE.


Most of the pieces are priced on average around $55 and usually a whole fix will cost you around $200 if you decide you want to keep all of the items (if you keep everything, you will also get a 25% discount). Some of the pieces were a bit more than I was used to spending, but when I factored in the unique, handpicked, boutique quality pieces, the convenience of trying things on in my home with my own shoes and accessories, and my time not having to be spent shopping all day to find things that actually fit me perfectly, I was sold! Plus, I am really loving the style guides your stylist sends with each Fix. I’ve been able to piece together some great outfits, out of my normal comfort zone, that work together so well from those guides!


August Stitch Fix Review from Primally Inspired

I saw the Stitch Fix box on my front porch and let out a little squeal. I just love surprises and I couldn’t wait to see what my stylist picked out for me this month. 


I tore that box open in 2 seconds flat. And then I started doing a little happy dance. Look what was inside!! How fun are these colors?! 

August Stitch Fix Review via Primally Inspired

I got a sweet personalized note from my stylist telling me why she picked some of the pieces and how she would suggest wearing them. She also mentioned that she looked at my July Stitch Fix blog review and my style/beauty pinterest board to pick out the perfect pieces for me this month.  Also included in the box is a style guide suggesting 2 ways you can wear the pieces with different accessories that could dress it up or down. Love!


My stylist is really starting to nail down my style and sizing and this Fix is even better than the last. I heard your Fix’s will get better each time, after they are able to review your feedback, and I am finding that to be true. She really did an awesome job with my style and fit in this Fix. I am seriously considering keeping the whole dang box! 

Stitch Fix tip: If you are happy with a Fix, request the same stylist for your next Fix.


Since I just moved and live in the boonies, I don’t have many girl friends yet to ask about all this girly stuff. So can you help me decide what I should keep this month?


My August Stitch Fix Review:

August Stitch Fix Review by Primally Inspired


Urban Expressions Booker Fold Over Crossbody Bag in Teal Green

August Stitch Fix Review - Urban Expressions Booker Fold Over Crossbody Bag

Ohemgee!!!! This was the first thing out of the box and I knew as soon as I saw the color and the gold hardware that it was going to be mine. I requested a bag on my Pinterest board in a similar shade, but the bag I requested was much smaller. I’m so glad my stylist decided to send this one instead. She said it would be the perfect everyday summer bag and she is absolutely right! It’s the perfect summer color and it’s so nice and roomy with a ton of storage space. It even fits my DSLR camera so it will be perfect for travel and our upcoming vacation. And the quality is amazing. I am super impressed with this!

Verdict: I am keeping this baby! All mine!


Hourglass Lilly Kasie Geo Print Wrap Dress in Light Green

August Stitch Fix Review Hourglass Lilly Kasie Geo Print Jersey Wrap Dress


This jersey wrap dress fits my tastes and lifestyle to a T. It’s lightweight, it’s super comfy, it’s mint green, which is a color I adore wearing and it has a fun, fresh and clean geo print fabric. She really hit the nail on the head with this dress. I love how it’s very fitted on top, but has a fun, flirty, cute and twirly bottom. I live in dresses and skirts in the summer and this one is going to get a lot of wear. It’s casual enough to wear everyday, but it can be dressed up if needed, too. I really like this a lot. And look! It even goes great with my new crossbody bag! 🙂

Verdict: Keeping! 


Pixley Livie Abstract Chevron Maxi Dress in Blue

August Stitch Fix Review from Primally Inspired | Pixley Livie Abstract Chevron Maxi Dress

I requested a specific maxi dress that I fell in love with, but my stylist said it was meant for much taller gals and wouldn’t fit me correctly. I love that she takes the guesswork out of shopping because the maxi she did send is the perfect length and perfect fit for petite little me.  


What do you think of this dress? I am really torn with this maxi, guys. My first reaction was that I didn’t 100% love it. But maybe that was because it wasn’t the other dress that I thought I was going to get. You know how you get something in your head and if it’s not it, nothing else will do? I feel like this dress will always come in 2nd to that other dress no matter how cute this dress is. I love these colors, which are the same as the dress that I requested, but I’m a little torn on the pattern. I’m usually not a fan of “grunged up,” messy looking prints like this. I, personally, prefer to wear cleaner lines. Know what I mean?  


But then after I added some bright pink accessories to the dress, per the style card (love that suggestion – never would have thought of that!) and added my beloved new bag, I thought the dress was super cute on. Plus it is so freaking comfy. It feels like I’m not wearing anything, which is awesome. I could seriously live in this dress – it’s another one that if I kept, would get a lot of wear out of because you can dress it up or down.


And then I had a crazy idea, “well maybe it would be better short.” So I may consider cutting it if I keep it. Am I crazy? Stupid idea? Do you like it short or long better? Do you even like this fabric pattern on me, or should I send it back? I tend to get “stuck” in my fashion choices and this is not a pattern I would typically wear, so I need your help! 

August Stitch Fix Review from Primally Inspired - Livie Abstract Chevron Maxi Dress

Verdict: Undecided! Help me decide!


Pink Martini Ezequiel Sheer Panel Sleeveless Blouse in Coral

August Stitch Fix Review by Primally Inspired | Pink Martini Ezequiel Sheer Panel Sleeveless Blouse

This color! Swoon. I love this color. This is the perfect, refreshing bright summer color and I love it. The shirt fits me perfectly. It’s not too big, which a lot of these types of shirts are on me.  My stylist suggested to pair it with white demin for a fun summer look. So I did and this is my new favorite outfit. So classy and cute! Perfect date night outfit. Love!

Verdict: Keeping!


Mavi Aiden Ankle Length Skinny Jean in White

August Stitch Fix Review from Primally Inspired | Mavi Aiden White Skinny Jeans

I requested a white or off white pair of trousers. My stylist said they didn’t have them in stock so she sent this pair of white skinny denim. 


What I really want to know is how in the world can a stylist, who doesn’t know me, has never met me, keep sending me pants that perfectly fit me? Me, a person who can’t find pants to fit to save my life?!?! I have no idea how they can do this, but I am incredibly thankful. They are the perfect fit in the waist, length, legs and back end, which has been impossible for me to find previously. True story – I have never had pants that didn’t require some sort of alterations before Stitch Fix. How do they do this?! 


Paired with the coral blouse and teal green cross body bag, I knew this outfit had to be mine. Plus the jeans fit me like a glove. I’m totally not the girl who can stay clean, though. You can’t take me anywhere without me making a total mess of myself, so this will be fun trying to keep these white babies clean….. 

August Stitch Fix Review Coral Top White Jeans Teal Crossbody Bag

Verdict: Keeping


Just had to show you guys how perfect and versatile this crossbody bag is! It goes with everrrrrrything! This is probably my favorite piece in my Fix 🙂

August Stitch Fix Urban Expressions Crossbody Bag in Teal Green via Primally Inspired


My Fix rocked this time and I am so grateful to have pieces that perfectly fit me, are great quality and I didn’t have to spend frustrating hours and hours in stores to find. I am very petite and it’s always been so hard to find clothes to fit that don’t look like they belong on a 13 year old. If you have a unique sizing situation, I know you understand how frustrating shopping can be! 


If you want to try Stitch Fix, I totally recommend it. I am absolutely loving it so far and it’s been so convenient and fun for me.  You can fill out your style profile and sign up for your first Fix HERE.



August Stitch Fix Review from Primally Inspired


I signed up for a September fix and requested some cute tops that will go with my new white skinny jeans – I don’t follow the “don’t wear white rule after Labor Day”, so it’s all good.  I’d love to hear about your Fix’s, too! If you get them, send me a comment and let’s have some girl talk. Also help me decide about the maxi dress I’m undecided about – leave a comment with some girl advice (thanks in advanced!) 🙂


Important Note: I am not being paid for this post. I just love this service so far. I think Stitch Fix would be a great value to my readers, especially those fashionable moms, who don’t have time or don’t want to deal with the hassle of shopping with little ones, but want to rock some totally cute boutique, handpicked pieces.  If you sign up for Stitch Fix with one of the links I provided in this post (like THIS), that helps me earn Stitch Fix credits. You can earn them, too once you sign up for your first fix :)

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  1. Avatar

    I absolutely love the long blue and teal dress on you! I think it really elongates you and makes you look taller! After that crazy, ridiculous, amazing, awesome bag… This dress was by far my favorite in your fix. But that being said, your whole fix was really spot on!

  2. Avatar

    Hey Kel! They all look great on you!! I’m obsessed with the first dress!!! I DO like the long one…..long or short it’ll look great one you! THAT BAG….you know how I feel about blues:) love it!

  3. Avatar

    So jealous! I just got my fix today and don’t like anything 🙁 This is the third one I’ve got that I’ve had to return everything. So bummed but glad you got a good one!

    • Primally Inspired

      Awww man, Giselle. That is a huge bummer. Do you have a pinterest board filled with your style stuff they can refer to? I think that really, really helps if you have a good pinterest board! I definitely have a particular style and am pretty picky/specific in what I like and want so I think that has made it easier for them to hone in on my style. My stylist is named Kieu-Kelly if you want to request her. She is amazing and has done such a good job listening to my feedback!

  4. Avatar

    I LOVE the fact that everything you got is so modest! I am very impressed. It is so difficult for me to find things that are long enough/cover enough. I am shaped in a way that women’s clothing is too “frumpy” on me, petites are too short, and juniors- well, let’s not get started on the styles targeting teenagers! I have yet to find a pair of jeans that I just LOVE because something always ends up just not right. You’re doing a great job of talking me into doing this :). Oh, ps. every item you got looks AWESOME on you!

    • Primally Inspired

      Thanks, Jessica!! I’ve read a lot of stitch fix reviews and everyone seems to comment about finally finding those perfect pants or jeans. I have no idea how Stitch Fix does it!! Kind of spooky. lol. If you decide to get a fix, I hope your perfect pair of jeans is in there! Come to think of it, I don’t have a perfect pair of regular jeans. I should request some in an upcoming fix!

  5. Avatar

    You are so cute in everything! I’m going to muddy the waters a bit with a different opinion than the rest of the posters. I felt like the pattern on the maxi dress was a sort of a type 3 pattern and that you got a bit lost when you put it on. I found myself looking at the dress first and you second. I did like it better shorter.

    • Primally Inspired

      You are absolutely right, Rachel! Thank you for confirming what I knew to be true and for your honesty. It’s so nice to get a fellow Dressing Your Truth opinion 🙂 Something just isn’t quite right about the dress on me and that’s what it is! My first reaction when I saw it was “bummer it’s a type 3 pattern in type 1 colors.” But I kept trying to rationalize it lol. Like maybe the points can be considered star points and maybe the grunged up pattern could be considered fun paint splashes. LOL! But every time I look at it, I know something’s not quite right and that’s why. I love the dress, just not on me – I think it would probably look amazing on a Type 1,3!

  6. Avatar

    I like the blue dress, but it seems to swallow you up! I didn’t like the short version at all, though. I’m sorry! But that first dress is soooo CUTE & you look amazing! Gorgeous legs, by the way! And I LOVE that purse 🙂

  7. Avatar

    While I love the idea of Stitch Fix, I just don’t think it’s for me. The $20 styling fee and the average price of $55 per item…yikes! I hate clothing shopping, unless it’s for workout clothes, so you would think this would be ideal, but no. I hate paying crazy amounts of money for anything that I won’t have that long or I won’t wear that often. Also, I recently saw this post which is totally not cool: http://www.adweek.com/adfreak/why-did-these-68-shorts-stitch-fix-show-2495-price-tag-nordstrom-rack-159245

    On another note, I think your fixes all look great Kelly. I do agree that the long dress is just meh. Not bad, but not amazing. And I would caution you against buying a long dress with the hopes of cutting it to make it short. Unless you AREN’T like me and you actually finish projects you set out to complete. 😉

    • Primally Inspired

      I hear ya, AJ! It’s definitely not for everyone, but I am really enjoying it for me so far. I saw that article a few days ago, too – crazy! I guess I don’t mind paying a little extra to not have to travel to shop and get a few really nice pieces that actually fit me. We don’t have stores like Nordstrom Rack or anything like that around here – I’m in the sticks!! lol

  8. Avatar

    While the dress does make you look taller, it is a bit overwhelming on you. I do like it much better shorter. If they had that dress in a solid or smaller print, it would be great. Thank you for posting these for us to look at. Makes me want to get new clothes. 🙂

  9. Avatar

    I love all the outfits they are super cute. I love the blue dress but I think it’s not for you. I think maybe the color scheme is what throws it off for me maybe. I love all the rest of the outfits, the coral top is absolutely gorgeous on you, so stunning, and that purse, oh that purse!! I need that purse in my life!! After picture number 2 or 3 with that purse in it I was like SOLD, I need one!

  10. Avatar

    Definitely keep the Maxi dress – that one looks the best on you!! I would also keep the coral shirt but skip on that other light blue dress. And keep that purse – so cute!!

  11. Avatar

    I love everything except the maxi dress. Maybe it’s because I’m petite and always trip over maxi dresses. I do love it short on you though!

  12. Avatar

    I love the maxi on you – in both lengths actually….and it is sooo soo soo close to the look of the one you pinned. I would keep it. My first fix was a flop, mostly due to sizing. I am hoping my second fix, due to arrive a week from today, will be a winner, otherwise I may have to stop dropping $20s every month 😉

    • Primally Inspired

      Thanks, Nicole! My very first fix was a flop, too (mainly sizing issues, too). I didn’t even post it on here because literally everything was falling off me – I still swear they misread my profile to think I was 5’11” rather than 5’1″ lol. My friend convinced me to try it again and promised me it would get better once they get some feedback. She also told me to give really detailed feedback to Stitch Fix as to why I didn’t like it, what parts specifically didn’t fit and she told me to really work on my pinterest board. So I reluctantly gave it a second chance and I’ve been sooooo happy since. I think the detailed sizing feedback and pinterest boards are really helpful. Crossing my fingers you get a good fix this time!

  13. Avatar

    You look so cute in everything. I like the maxi and I would keep it long. So cute! I think you are convincing me to try Stitch fix!

  14. Avatar

    You look great in everything but the maxi dress. That pattern is not for you! The short dress is so cool and summery! You must keep it because it is perfect with “that bag”! The coral top is my absolute favorite.

    I usually spend the summer in tees and cropped pants but I’m getting inspired!

  15. Avatar

    I like ’em all, but if you’re still having doubts about the blue dress then send it back. If it doesn’t feel right in color, pattern or fit you’ll probably rarely put it on. Hold out for something more like the dress you requested, or at least give it a little time to see if you can find something more like it before you take something that’s more “plan B”. That said, if you need a long dress ASAP, that one is very nice, fits you well and looks comfy. Put a solid color wrap/shawl/bolero/sweater/blazer over it and instant tone down and more sophistication. The coral top matches your cheeks perfectly. And the skinny jeans usually have some lycra in them so it stretches and contracts, making a better fit for anyyone – at least in my experience. Love the wrap dress too, and can see how you can dress it up or down, whatever the occasion.

    Thanks for the fashion show. I have little fashion sense and really no where to wear fancy clothes most of the time as we live in the sticks and I’m always getting dirty, too so I live in jeans and t-shirts!. We do have a Ross 40 minutes away if there’s a need…

    • Primally Inspired

      Love this advice, Janet! Thank you. I need a friend like you in my life 🙂 When we moved, I really cleaned house and gave away practically all my clothes. It’s been really fun for me getting to build my up my wardrobe with some nice things. And I love Ross!!! That is probably the closest store to me and I haven’t found the clothes to fit me there, but the shoes! I love the shoes there!

  16. Avatar

    I loved the short dress, the maxi dress was a bit busy. When I saw the long dress you kept last month, I can see why maybe something solid and not with a pattern would work better on you. The purse is amazing..love the color, love everything about it. I like the coral short sleeve on you, great color, but I think it would look great with blue jeans, not white jeans. There is too much bright color with the coral and white. The white jeans are way cute, but maybe with something else darker. I would not guess you are so petite, as everything your stylist is giving you is making you appear tall. Thanks for sharing your new cloths..very fun stuff!

  17. Avatar

    I love it all!!! Keep the maxi and I think it looks GREAT on you long!! 😀

  18. Avatar

    I think your stylist absolutely NAILED it this month! You look great in all of the items, and I agree that the bag is super cute! I may have to pin that to my board… I get my first fix the 21st! Can’t wait!

  19. Avatar

    Love seeing the clothes. Everything looks great, but I agree with the person who said something about noticing the maxi dress more than you. I think the pattern is a little overwhelming on you. Everything else is perfect. I am very petite like you and run into the same problems with clothes. I end up shopping in the “teen” stores like Hollister or Abercrombie kids. It’s fine for jeans, but I can’t always find everything I’m looking for. So Stich Fix is sounding better all the time!

  20. Avatar

    That dress is perfect for you! The colors, the fit, and the length. I hope you kept it. It may be an overwhelming print but I think you skin tone and hair color balance it out. I love how Stitchfix makes us rethink our wardrobe choices. I notice I am really opening up to other styles even in my own personal shopping adventures 🙂

    • Primally Inspired

      Hey thanks Nicole!! I did end up keeping it because when I played around with the numbers, my bill actually would have been more expensive if I sent it back because of that 25% keep everything discount. So it’s in my closet 🙂 I loved the suggestion of another commenter of pairing it with a cardigan to tone down the overwhelming print.

  21. Avatar

    I love both dresses and think the maxi looks cute on you long if you’re looking for a more formal look. which might be nice. either way it’s cute and your stylist did a great job coordinating the clothes and bag!

  22. Avatar

    I hope you kept the long maxi! It looked GREAT on you! What a great fix!! Everything was Fabulous!! I am expecting my second fix any day!! CANNOT wait!!!

    • Primally Inspired

      Thanks, Ashley! My stylist is really doing a great job!! And I did end up keeping it 🙂 I hope you get some great things in your fix. I just got a Shipped email today, too – it’s like christmas eve!! lol

  23. Avatar

    Everything you kept is so perfect on you! You look amazing girl, very “Type 1”!

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