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Infrared Sauna Webinar

infrared sauna webinar

Infrared Sauna Webinar 

Watch the infrared sauna webinar replay HERE! 


Last month, I wrote a blog post about my experience with an Infrared Sauna (it healed my chronic neck pain when nothing else worked!). The more I researched and talked with doctors about infrared sauna therapy, the more excited I became.


A far infrared sauna purges the most damaging toxins from the body, burns 600+ calories per session, helps fat loss, helps heal chronic pain and arthritis, can weaken cancer cells, strengthens the immune system and detox pathways, kills bacteria, viruses and parasites, tones skin and so much more. You can read about all the benefits of a far infrared sauna and my experience in detail HERE.


Infrared Sauna Webinar


Since then, I’ve gotten so many questions and comments about infrared sauna therapy – much more than I can handle! So I decided to ask the leading insider in the infrared sauna industry if he would help answer some of these questions for my readers. Together, we hosted a live webinar all about far infrared saunas.


And now, you can watch the replay! During the webinar you’ll learn:

  • 4 insider secrets you need to know before using or purchasing one
  • Why the leading holistic doctors, cancer and weight loss centers around the world consider it the best healing tool available and how it can help you and your whole family (including pets!)
  • 3 must do things you need to do before and after your sauna session
  • How you can get an infrared sauna at a wholesale price through our Group Buy going on now!


I’ll also share my story and some super awesome reader infrared sauna testimonials (helping fibromyalgia, helping kids ADHD and asthma, losing 3 pants sizes in 3 months and more!).  It’s so exciting for me to hear how an infrared sauna has set them free from being a slave to the pharmaceutical industry! Love that 🙂


Can’t wait to hang out with you on the infrared sauna webinar! See you there! 



(Warning — it doesn’t officially begin until 8 minutes 57 seconds into it. I got on the call early to greet any early birds 🙂 Thanks for your patience!


Link to the FREE Sauna Supplement Guide HERE.


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  1. Avatar

    Hi Kelly, I will be working at that time so is there a way for me to listen to the webinar recording afterwards? Thank you.

  2. Avatar

    I will also not be able to attend on Thursday night, but I still would really like to hear the webinar! Will you be able to offer a recorded version later after the day?


  3. Avatar

    Hi Kelly,
    Same question as others!
    Couldn’t make webinar but would love to hear it. I bought a health ate after reading your blog and the 12 days discount.
    Will webinar be on your site after?

  4. Avatar

    I see I had the same question as everyone else! We were on our way hone from BWI on Thursday night. I had been hoping to listen from the car, but my phone battery was low. Going to listen to recording…thank you! Oh, and just gave your book a shoutout on a post today…definitely want to talk to you about it further!

  5. Avatar

    Thank you for the very informative webinar. I ordered my sauna today and now I can’t wait for it to arrive! we had a wood burning hot rocks type of sauna at the cottage growing up and I loved using it, but the infrared sauna will be so much easier to use and more beneficial.
    I was wondering what essential oils you’ve used in your sauna and what are your faves. Thank you so much!

    • Kelly from Primally Inspired

      Thank you for your comment, Karen! I’m so excited for you to start using it and feeling it’s benefits 🙂 Here’s my favorite essential oils for the sauna and what I use them for:

      Eucalyptus – great for colds, congestion, clearing sinuses or for helping any upper respiratory ailment. One of my readers said the eucalyptus essential oil paired with her infrared sauna has kept her whole family sick-free for going on 3 years! She sticks her kids in there with a drop or two of eucalyptus oil in the aromatherapy cup at the first sign of a cold and it knocks anything right out. THIS is the kind we’ve been using. I haven’t had to use it for myself, but my husband attests to it working very well the few times he’s had a little congestion.

      Peppermint – great for headaches or nausea. Also very helpful for pain relief and arthritis. I use peppermint for when I need help concentrating. It works so well for me. There’s even been several studies showing that peppermint essential oil improves test performance and memory and I can definitely believe that because of how well it works for me. Peppermint gives me brain power! 🙂

      Lavender – a great “all purpose” essential oil and effective for calming the mind and providing stress relief

      Any citrus scent – very uplifting and energizing (especially great for first thing in the morning!) THIS one is my favorite!

  6. Avatar

    Hi Kelly!

    My sauna is arriving this Thursday and I was just wondering if there was any insight you have into putting it together? I’m a little nervous that UPS is dropping it off at my curb and that the box weighs 360lbs! I’m assuming we’ll be able to open the box and take out pieces at a time to get in the house? Thanks!

    • Kelly from Primally Inspired

      Oh awesome, AJ! I was really hoping you could get one – I’m very excited for all the healing in store for you! We opened up our boxes outside and then just brought the pieces in one at a time. It’s mainly just the 4 sides and top and bottom and super simple to put together. If you have any questions, just let me know!

  7. Avatar

    am I the only one who us unable to get a hold of anyone at Healthmate? I have called twice and sent at least 5 emails. I would like to purchase a sauna but getting very frustrated.

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