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How To Pick A Watermelon



How to Pick a Watermelon from Primally Inspired 

Summertime is here! And when I think of summer, I can’t help but think of a big ‘ol sweet and juicy watermelon. 


Today I’m going to show you how to pick a watermelon. And not just any old watermelon. The perfect watermelon. You know – one that is super sweet and oh so juicy.  Oh yes.



There’s a few things to look for when you’re out shopping for a watermelon. If you follow these tips, you’ll get a super sweet, ripe and juicy watermelon every time. 



How To Pick a Watermelon:


#1: Look for the yellow field spot.

That yellow spot means the watermelon was on the vine getting sweet and ripe and it was picked at the perfect time. You want that creamy yellow spot! If it doesn’t have a yellow spot, put it back.

How to Pick a Watermelon via Primally Inspired


#2: Make sure it’s heavy.

Pick the heaviest watermelon in the bunch. This means it’s super juicy.


#3: Look for white scars and brown dots or lines.

If you see any small white scars or brown dots/lines, this is evidence that the watermelon was so sweet and yummy that insects were trying to get some, too. You’ll know it’s ripe and sweet if you see these scars and lines.


#4: Go for the dull watermelon.

A shiny watermelon is an underripe watermelon. You want the dull one – that means it’s sweet and ripe.


#5: Look for the darkest skin.

Dark skin suggests a sweeter watermelon.


How To Pick a Watermelon by Primally Inspired


There you go – your 5 tips for picking the perfect watermelon this summer 🙂 Enjoy!


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Learn how to pick a watermelon in 5 easy tips! You'll pick the best watermelon every time - super sweet and juicy! 

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How to Pick a Perfect Watermelon by Primally Inspired


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  1. Avatar

    I live in Texas and saw a yellow (inside) watermelon today. Not sure what the name of it is or its’ taste? Any ideas?

  2. Avatar

    I always heard that you look for a creamy yellow bottom and broken lines on the sides–lines that are not connected. This is a great rule of thumb for me I have used for many, many years. You gave some other great tips also. Thanks!

  3. Avatar

    I’m just glad one of the tips wasn’t to “knock” on it, haha! I see this all the time and wonder if they are waiting for someone to answer;) I usually end up offering some assistance on how to pick a good watermelon…just as you said!

      • Avatar

        Funny that you laughed at the thumping of a watermelon. I spent many a summer
        at my grandparents gardens and was always given many of your same tips but also was told that the a riper watermelon has a hollow sound when thumbed and this has worked for me for over 40+ years. Don’t knock (no pun intended) unless you try it.

        • Kelly from Primally Inspired

          Thanks for the tip, Judith! Oh and I totally wasn’t laughing at people who thump watermelons – just laughing at the joke about waiting for it to answer! The picture that popped up in my head of a watermelon answering back cracked me up 🙂

    • Avatar

      Hi! I can understand how strange “thumping your melon” seems, however, I have found it helpful in trying to avoid a waterlogged, mushy melon. You want the melon to sound hollow, that way you know it will still have a good texture. I’ve sometimes had bad luck going for the heaviest one because sometimes its just all juice. My dad used to grow watermelons in Arizona of all places, he showed me how to pick em 😉 Thank you for yellow sun spot tip! Never heard that before 🙂

  4. Avatar

    How are watermelons made seedless and why? I love watermelon, its my favorite fruit. I live for the summer, I eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the summer months. Yummmmmmm!

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