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How to Help Candida Overgrowth Naturally

Here’s a surprising way how to help candida overgrowth naturally with no restrictive candida diets or expensive candida supplements!

Here's the surprising way how I healed my candida overgrowth naturally with no restrictive candida diets!

The surprising way I healed my Candida Overgrowth Naturally

Last year, I healed my raging case of candida in a very surprising way. It surprised me. It surprised my doctors. It surprised the few people I’ve told. It will probably surprise you, too. 


No candida diet? 

First let me tell you what I didn’t do. I didn’t heal by eating a candida diet or any restrictive diet. I didn’t heal by limiting all my sugars (in fact, I ate more sugar than usual). And I didn’t heal from taking any expensive candida supplements.


Before I begin, I want to be very honest with you. Part of me is dreading writing about this. But so many of you asked how I was able to kick my candida overgrowth and I want to give you an answer. The reason I’m dreading this is because it’s not what you’re expecting. And because it’s weird. Some will probably call it woo-woo. Some may not even believe me or think I’m out of my mind. I get it. I do. I like science. There’s a big part of me that likes logic and explanations. I like to know how and why stuff works (I’m kind of a nerd, really). 


Because the healing of my candida overgrowth was so weird and no one could explain it with logic and because I’m a nerd who likes to know why and how stuff works, I began a journey to “figure it out.” I wanted to discover if this kind of weird, sudden healing that can’t be explained has ever happened to anyone else. 


After my journey, all I can say is wow. Yes, it certainly does happen. All around the world, in fact. It happened to me, it’s happened to countless others and I believe it can happen to you, too.


Here’s the full story of how I healed my candida:

About two years ago, I began researching candida and candida protocols so I could help others heal from it. I learned from the most brilliant of doctors and researchers from all around the world, I attended health conferences all about candida taught by the leading candida practitioners and researchers, I read dozens of books and had numerous candida discussions and interviews with my holistic practitioner networking community.


And then in the middle of all my research, I got a candida overgrowth. Not just a little candida problem. A raging, out of control case of candida. 


At first I thought it was a bit odd that I got a candida overgrowth because I was healthy, I ate an entirely  organic diet and my lifestyle was super clean (with some margaritas thrown in every once in awhile because….. well, life is too short to not have margaritas), I exercised regularly, I live a fairly stress-free life, I got good sleep. You know, all the “right” things. 


But there I was stuck with a raging case of candida. I try to look at the bright side of things so I thought, “well, that’s good timing! I’m in the middle of all this research and know exactly what to do about it.”


And so I began a very strict candida protocol based on all my research, complete with all the expensive candida supplements and a strict diet to kill off the candida. I took my candida diagnosis very seriously and I didn’t cheat on my protocol, not even a little (that’s right – no more margaritas).


3 months went by. Candida test results showed little positive change.


6 more months went by. No change. 


To say I was frustrated was an understatement. Why isn’t it working?! All my health practitioners were confused. The diet and supplements should be working. I tried another proven candida protocol from a different doctor.


Same thing. Very little change and still a raging case of candida. What’s worse is that my normally high energy levels were crashing to the point that I barely had enough energy to get through the day.    


At this point, I was extremely frustrated. I had done everything right, I had eaten all the right things and restricted all that I was supposed to (ugh – such a pain in the butt! A candida diet is NO FUN), I had dumped a ton of money into supplements and doctors and candida tests and yet I still had candida. At this point, it was even worse than before. What the heck?!


I felt like I had wasted a full year and half of my life following this crazy restrictive diet. I wasted hundreds and hundreds of dollars on candida supplements. Following these strict candida protocols was affecting my social life – I couldn’t go out to eat, I couldn’t eat anything at friends and family’s houses. It affected my energy levels. I didn’t even feel bad before I found out I had candida and now I felt like crap. I was so done.


So I said screw it. 


Screw it.


I threw the candida supplements in the trash. I made myself a homemade mango margarita and flourless brownies (one of my favorite pre-candida treats) and thoroughly enjoyed every single sip and bite. Wow, did it feel so darn good to eat yummy food that was off-limits for the last year and a half.


And then I pretended like I didn’t have candida. I began to eat all the foods I used to eat without any worry or restriction. 


Fast forward 3 months.


I had some various lab tests done. 


Doctor: “Congratulations, Kelly! Your candida levels are back in balance. You kicked the overgrowth! All your lab numbers look stellar.”


Me: “What?! That’s impossible. I stopped the candida protocol 3 months ago. I’m eating lots of fruit. And honey, too. Oh and a mango margarita (or 5) on the weekends.”


“Excuse me?”


“Yeah, I stopped the protocol 3 months ago. I’m eating whatever I want again. I’m not taking any of the supplements either.”


Baffled silence.


So how did I really heal my candida overgrowth?

How did I go from having a raging case of candida to being healed? And even more, how did it happen after I did the very opposite of what the best candida doctors and researchers told me to do?  No one could answer those questions for me. But I wanted an answer.  


During the last few months, I went on a journey to discover if anything like this has ever happened to anyone else and if anyone could explain it. 


What I found was eye opening!


The power of the mind: Believe yourself sick and well.

What I discovered after my months of exploration was that the mind is extremely powerful. I knew it was powerful, but it is even more powerful than I ever imagined. What you think you literally become. My mind gave me candida in the first place. And the same mind that gave me candida also healed me. Sound a bit crazy? I know. I thought so, too! Stick with me on this and let me explain.


I found that you can drastically alter your body’s physiology just by changing your mind. In other words, your mind has the power to make you sick or heal you just by the thoughts you think. What we think and what we believe impacts every single cell in our body!


I realize this may sound woo-woo to those who like logical explanations. So for those who appreciate science like me, you’ll be happy to know that on my journey to figure all this out, I discovered tons of scientific proof, case studies and even whole books written about this subject. It isn’t woo-woo at all. There is real evidence proving something that happens purely in the mind can not only change the way you feel but can also cause or alleviate real physical symptoms in the body.  (Some of my favorite sources are referenced below for those who want to dig deeper).


I don’t know about you, but knowing this excites me! We have tremendous power to heal just by changing what we think. This doesn’t just apply to candida, it applies to everything.  


As I was reading the countless case studies, I was reminded that as an elementary school aged child, I could make myself have a fever whenever I wanted. All I had to do was be still for a minute or two and believe really hard that I was sick. I could even feel my body temperature rising and sure enough, when I took my temperature, I had a fever. (I used this to my advantage all throughout school – I could get sent home from school whenever I wanted because I had a fever haha. Sorry mom.)


But what’s even cooler is that the studies I was reading have healing and diseases that go far beyond a fever or candida. HIV-positive patients becoming HIV-negative. Cancer. Autoimmunity. Thyroid disease. Tumors. Heart disease. Aneurism. So much more. (sourcesource)


There is even a case study that describes a psychiatric patient with a split personality. “As one personality, the patient was not diabetic and her blood glucose levels were normal. However, the moment she became her alter ego, she believed she was diabetic, and she literally became diabetic. Her entire physiology shifted. Her blood sugars rose, and from all the medical evidence, she was, in fact, diabetic. When her personality flipped back, her blood sugars returned to normal.” (source)


Another fascinating study describes Timmy, a patient with multiple personality disorder. Timmy can drink orange juice with no problems. But when Timmy is in his other personalities, he’s allergic to orange juice and breaks out in hives and horrible blisters all over his body at the slightest sip. When he comes back from his personalities, the hives instantly resolve and the blisters go away. (source


I’ve read countless other cases like patients losing their hair after chemo treatments, but they were only give water, not chemo. And studies like tumors dissolving away after a radiation session, but the radiation machine turned out to be broken. Logic can’t explain any of this. But the patients believed it and the body followed. (source)


My mind gave me candida.

As for me getting candida in the first place, it happens all the time to medical students immersed in studying disease like I was with candida. Med students often get real, physical symptoms of the very diseases they are studying. It happens so often that the doctors and nurses at student health clinics coined a name for it. They call it “Medical Student Disease” or “medstudentitis.” 


The mind can create disease. But even better, more hopeful and very exciting for those not well, the mind can also heal disease.


My mind healed my candida.

The minute I stopped focusing on my candida, truly believed I was healthy and started enjoying life like a healthy person is the minute I believe my candida started going away. My lab reports prove that my raging case of candida (that actually got worse with a year and a half of the most proven of candida protocols) was of no more concern by doing the very opposite of the proven candida protocols! All logic says that by doing the opposite of the candida protocols, my candida should have spun drastically out of control. The medical community couldn’t explain my  healing to me.


My mind healed my candida because I stopped focusing on candida and I believed I was healthy. My body simply followed what my mind believed, like it always does.


Your thoughts matter. I believe that your thoughts and what you focus on matters even more than the food you eat, the exercise you do, the supplements you take, the sleep you get. Change your thoughts and you’re able to change your biochemistry.


Does this mean I should give up my current treatment and just start believing I’m healthy?

No. I’m certainly not suggesting that. I believe there are many avenues to healing. From western medicine and surgery to Chinese medicine, chiropractic, homeopathy, energy healing and so much more. Continue to do the treatments that work for you. But changing your mind to believe that you are healthy and being truly grateful for the health you have is a beneficial, life changing practice no matter what other modes of treatment you choose to do. 


Focusing on your health rather than your sickness will complement any mode of medical treatment plan to speed recovery and make your body optimal for healing and repair!


How do I change my mind and thoughts? 

When you are sick and miserable, it’s really hard to believe you’re healthy, but that’s what you have to do to change your mind. I’ve been through some tough stuff over the years and I get it. It’s like a vicious cycle of misery. And it’s really hard to break free. Here’s some advice that works the quickest and is the most effective for me:


Right now in this moment, close your eyes and think of all the ways you are healthy. If you can’t think of anything, try harder (hey, you’re reading this, aren’t you? That means you have eyes that work, right? And working hands or fingers? Woohoo, that’s 3 things that work! Give thanks for them!).  If you can read this, you’ve been given the gift of health for another day. And remember, you have trillions of cells working hard 24 hours a day just for you!  Your organs work automatically, without you even thinking about it. They are constantly filtering, cleaning and renewing everything in your body, working hard to keep you alive. How cool is that?!  See, your body really is healthy in so many ways! Focus on that. 


Try to catch yourself whenever you think about your pain or whenever  you complain about your health or feel sorry for yourself or even talk about your sickness. You’ll start to see just how much you think about being sick or not feeling well. When you catch yourself, immediately turn it around and give thanks for the health you have. Daily, or ideally multiple times throughout the day, give thanks for your health.


Focusing on the ways you are healthy rather than focusing on your disease or problem, trains your mind to focus on health rather than sickness. And literally, in real physical ways, you become what you think. Train your mind to focus on being healthy and the body will soon follow. 


I’ve experienced this happen to me. It’s happened to countless others all around the world. And yes, I believe it can happen to you, too.


P.S. I healed all my food intolerances this way, too 😉 It truly can work if you believe.


Note to my regular readers: When I first got my candida overgrowth healing diagnosis, I first thought the healing must have been because of my infrared sauna, as I mentioned in my infrared sauna webinar. After discussing this with various practitioners, they believe that the sauna drastically helped, but it’s not likely or usual to be the only source of healing a candida overgrowth. 

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Here's a surprising way how to help candida overgrowth naturally with no restrictive candida diets or expensive candida supplements!



  1. Avatar

    In a sea of all the things we should do to be healthy, often totally overwhelming, I am so grateful for the simple and powerful truths you write about here. We have learned how to disconnect from our own information and our own bodies and I love that the help you found was in you. Thank you so much for this inspiration!

  2. Avatar

    Hi Kelly, I think I might have a candida overgrowth. How did you know that you had candida? If you don’t mind explaining please tell me what symptoms you experienced? Thank you very much.

    • Kelly from Primally Inspired

      Hi Anita,
      The interesting thing is that I had no symptoms before my diagnosis. I was feeling great. Just for fun, I performed an at home “spit test,” which many practitioners say can be a fairly accurate way to see if you have a candida problem. My spit sank to the bottom. I then got real lab testing done which confirmed a candida overgrowth. It was during the 2nd candida protocol that I started feeling really bad. Mostly really, really bad brain fog – I couldn’t think straight, it was hard even holding a conversation with anyone because I was so foggy. HERE is a good web article about some symptoms of a candida overgrowth. Although the leading researchers are now saying that candida overgrowth is actually not the main problem. But it’s an indicator of a larger problem that is spurring the candida to grow out of control. A good doctor will look for the underlying cause of the candida overgrowth and treat that rather than the candida itself. Most practitioners will suggest ways to boost liver function, hydrochloric acid production and toxin removal so the body can do what it does best – heal itself. Once digestive and liver function is restored and the body’s toxic burden is lowered, most will naturally heal from the underlying cause. And then once the underlying cause is healed, the candida automatically comes back into balance.

  3. Avatar

    I am so on board with everything you wrote! Thanks for being brave and writing what you did. There is so much science behind what you are saying, and it’s even biblical :-). Knowing that we can heal ourselves with our positive expectations is so exciting, and again scientifically proven. I think I just attracted your great article to me by being interested in this topic very much right now :-). Law of attraction always works :-). And as far as the infrared sauna goes, it brings so much enjoyment and feeling good for you doesn’t it? So right there, that is the key to keeping a positive attitude for health… just enjoying life, that is how we get healthy and stay healthy :-). Great article, spot on.

  4. Avatar

    This is exactly why the placebo effect works—because the mind truly is incredibly powerful. I have read several accounts of people being healed by various methods (and sadly, some becoming sick again once they lost faith in the treatment). I’ve read of people recovering from late stage cancer, believing they were receiving the actual drug, when in fact they were receiving a saline placebo. I have also read an account of a woman with multiple personality disorder who needed several different glasses prescriptions, and sometimes no glasses at all, depending upon which personality she was currently exhibiting. I, myself, have gone from having a debilitating wheat allergy, to barely being affected (still working on it with EFT) in a matter of a couple of weeks. Pretty cool! Thanks for being courageous in sharing!!

  5. Avatar

    Great reminder that the power of life and death are in our words (and thoughts) I needed this reminder today as I have been having health struggles the last few months and my mind gets carried away with the what ifs of my symptoms. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Avatar

    Thank you for sharing Kelly. It goes right along with God’s word….you will reap what you sow.

  7. Avatar

    Wow, I have been struggling with candida is such the same way. Then I started reading about adrenal fatigue and lost my energy…this is an amazing and empowering post, and just what I needed to hear!

  8. Avatar

    Kelly, thank you so much for having the courage to write this. It is so true. What you focus on grows. Thoughts become things. I never get sick. Even if everyone in my house is sick, I avoid it by telling myself what an awesome immune system I have. When I sit down to eat I try to think about where the food came from (like eggs from happy chickens) and how it is nourishing my body. Thanks for sharing your wisdom! Oh, and I’d love it if you’d share your mango margarita recipe!!!

  9. Avatar

    The book, “The Healing Code” will help you change your mindset in a positive and healthful way. I’m suggesting this for others, who, unlike you, probably need some type of tool to help them accomplish the positive mindset. It’s easier said than done. Kelly, please check this out. My life and heart have healed in ways I could never have imagined. I have more peace, love and happiness in my heart than ever before. I have no financial interest in Dr. Loyd’s book or promoting it other than wanting to see others healed. Please feel free to contact me if you wish to hear my TRULY AMAZING story.

    • Kelly from Primally Inspired

      Thank you for sharing this, Lisa! I am familiar with The Healing Code and would love to hear the rest of your story. I will reach out to you privately.

      I also wanted to mention that I had and have a lot of help accomplishing a positive mindset and letting go of negative beliefs and emotional blocks. I have amazing teachers, mentors, books, various healers of all modalities and a wonderful support system that seem to come into my life at just the right moment to help, teach and support me. “When the student is ready the teacher appears” – that is so true! You are right – it’s very hard to do this on your own and I don’t think we are meant to do it alone.

      Thank you again for sharing your insights and letting us all know what has helped you!

  10. Avatar

    Wow!!! Thank you soooo much for this article! Like you said, it’s so NOT woowoo or weird – it’s scientific. I’m sure you’ve read Bruce Lipton’s “The Biology of Belief”, and countless other books about this. Another good one is “You Are the Placebo”, by Dr. Joe Dispenza, who healed his own broken back with visualization and belief. Your article is super inspiring, and thank you for all the helpful tips on how to do this!!!! 🙂

  11. Avatar

    This is an incredible post, Kelly! I really appreciate you taking the time to write this and put yourself out there with such a bold and refreshing message. I have gone on a similar journey and am curious about what your previous food intolerances were as I’m guessing some of mine might be ‘all in my mind’….

    • Kelly from Primally Inspired

      Thank you so much for your encouragement, Brenna! My food intolerances included gluten, dairy, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes and coffee. To heal from them this is what I did: Each time I ate, I told myself, “I am healthy. This food I am eating is good and nourishing to my body. My body and digestive system are amazing and working well! My body knows exactly what to do with this delicious and nourishing food I put in my mouth and will use it all to my benefit.” I repeated that in my head a few times during each meal. It wasn’t long before my food sensitivity tests showed no reactions to any food. The mind is SOOOOOOOO cool!!!!!

  12. Avatar

    Thank you Kelly, you have inspired me many times, but this is by far the best advice. I can do this and will do this.
    You are a blessing, keep posting!

  13. Avatar

    Kelly thanks for this info, perhaps I can heal my depression and anxiety which is due to my husband having dementia that is getting dangerously worse and I am not sure how I will cope. Btw Kelly can you share what you use for your hair, its so similar to mine, thanks

  14. Avatar
    adrienne boullianne

    i just had this very discussion, today, about being grateful for good health. i just spent the weekend in NY and must have walked about 10 miles. i kept thinking to myself that i was so fortunate to be ambulatory with no problems. the other side to this is how many ppl let their illnesses become their identity, and how defeating that is. in this country, the masses expect to be ill, especially with aging. you can just as easily expect to be well, and medication free. all it takes is will. we all have that.

  15. Avatar

    Hi again Kelly! Thank you so much for sharing with me how you healed your food intolerances. I have already put your advice to practice and it’s helped with so many things, not just my food issues. I do have one more question for you. Ever since I went Paleo about a year ago, I have struggled with anxiety every time I eat something made with gluten-free grains (white rice, quinoa, etc) which is largely due to the fact that I read Rob Wolf’s book “The Paleo Solution’ at the beginning of my paleo journey. I don’t eat GF grains on a daily basis of course but we do like to have avocado sandwiches on gluten-free bread on the weekends for an easy meal and I can’t help but struggle with the thoughts of how these grains aren’t good for my gut health. What is your opinion on occasionally consuming gluten free grains as I know you basically are grain free? This has just been quite the vicious cycle for me….

  16. Avatar

    I loved reading this! I just recently I finished reading Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself and am almost finished reading You are the Placebo by Dr. Joe Dispenza. It truly is amazing how powerful the mind is!

  17. Avatar

    HECK YES! This is my mission, girl. Thank you for spreading the word. I have a blog post coming out next week that’s all about healing anxiety with the power of our thoughts. We speak the same language 😉

  18. Avatar

    I completey believe you …. I think the same thing happened to me with a UTI, I got so tired of thinking about it and drinking the sour, organic cranberry juice! I remember oe day thinking to myself, “I’m tired of having a UTI, I’m done” … and guess what? …. gone. Coinsidence maybe, but sometimes I think we focus too much on the illness. Our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made and want to be in balance, sometimes we just need to let our bodies figure it out!

  19. Avatar

    Kelly, I came across this at such a timely manner. I’ve been waring with candida for a number of years on and off. I’m tired of dealing with this and I’m at a point of being done with it once in for all.
    See I pray for my husband everyday since he’s received a kidney transplant and do you know we just celebrated 1 year post surgery this last week. And his doctors are amazed at how well he’s doing. I believe in the power of prayer and that life and death are in the power of the tounge. I’m so glad you shared this and I will not be subject to any disease. ((Hugs)).

  20. Avatar

    I treated my candida by taking zinc in a multiple vitamin capsule.

  21. Avatar

    I love this- I needed to hear this today!
    Thank you!! I also love your blog… the article on protecting yourself from ticks naturally is wonderful!!

  22. Avatar

    THANK YOU so much! I’ve been battling this for years. Meds do not work! Your blog is excactly what I needed!

  23. Avatar

    i had been struggling with many health problems when I discovered the mind body connection to health. I scoured the library and finally found a book that changed my life in a big way. many of my health problems were overcome almost instantly wtih a change in my thinking. One such problem I corrected. I lie not.. was a protruding neck. I had been to the chiropracter about this and nothing helped. this book said that the musceles are controled by the mind and a protruding neck was caused from thinking too much. That night as I was walking and thinking and seeing my reflection in the store front windows I decided just stop thinking… i deserved a break. within a half hour I looked at my reflection and saw my neck had straitened up within the half hour. also I had a hunched back growing up my mom would always tell me to straiten up. In this book I learned thats caused from the mind saying lifes too hard .” I can handle life” caused my back to straten up also. other mind body connections where sharp heart pains caused from putting time constraints on a task. ( cheaper by the dozen is a movie with a interesting case of this. The father in this movie was a time motion expert. He died of a heart attack on the way to a convention to speak about how to do a task in less time. Ive never had heart pains since I change my thinking. I could tell you what thoughts you need to cure artheriteis diabitis cancer, i kid you not. I have watched many case histories on these issues since I learned these things.

  24. Avatar


  25. Avatar

    Thank you for writing this article. It has really hit home to me. Starting last November I have had tingling, fatigue, bacterial infections, body aches, etc.. I have felt like I need a doctor to dx me with something & really have not come up with much. My next thing now is thinking I have Candida. I need to get off the internet & researching cause I think i’m only making my symptoms worse doing this. I need to change my way of thinking & let my thoughts & my mind with positive thoughts start to heal me. Your article has really opened my eyes and I have decided I can do this!

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