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Easiest Indoor Plants that Purify the Air

Here are the 5 easiest indoor plants that are virtually indestructible, incredibly resilient, air purifying and will tolerate and adapt to pretty much anything you throw at it. They are, by far, the easiest houseplants to grow that purify the air of chemicals and other pollutants. 

Easiest Indoor Air Purifying Plants

Easiest Indoor Plants to Grow that Purify the Air


I’ve seen these “easiest indoor plants to grow” lists before. But obviously, these people have never met me because I’ve managed to kill the majority of the plants on their lists. 


So this easy to grow list is from me….someone who absolutely adores plants (heck, I’m even one of those crazies who talks to them), but has yet to keep a succulent or aloe plant alive long term.


If I can kill succulents and aloe plants, (which are always at the top of these easiest indoor plants to grow lists, by the way), please trust me that these 5 plants are truly the easiest indoor plants to grow that are also among the best air purifying plants.


I have personal experience with every single one of these plants. They’re in my house, alive and thriving. I’ve managed to keep them alive for a little over 5 years now, which I’m actually really proud of because I’m a bit embarrassed about the number of plants I’ve killed over the years. 


So if you’re like me and want to add life, beauty and air purifying benefits to your home that plants provide so wonderfully well, but you haven’t had much success in the past, I hope this helps. If I can keep these plants alive, I know you can, too.


These 5 resilient plants don’t mind low light (most are even ok with just artificial light – no windows necessary!), any humidity level and irregular watering. Talk about adaptable!


Because these houseplants are so easy to grow, they’re perfect for those with on-the-go lifestyles, minimal lighting options, people who forget to water or water too much, as well as those who have no idea what they’re doing and want to try their first houseplant. 


5 Easiest Indoor Plants to Grow


Pothos Plant

(Epipremnum aureum)


Easiest Indoor Plants to Grow - Golden Pothos


I have about 10 Pothos plants in my house…at least one in each room and they all have been thriving for years. Pothos was my very first plant that I kept alive for more than 6 months. So obviously, we have a tight bond and it will forever remain a favorite. 


Pothos tolerates any lighting condition, even low light and you can go weeks without watering (although it does best with a bit of water every 2 weeks. Totally do-able, right?). Once I forgot about one of my pothos plants in my husband’s office. Well, let’s be honest, I assumed he was watering it. But I swear that little plant didn’t get watered for 3 months and it was still alive. I gave it water and it perked right back up – good as new. I also have a pothos in my son’s room, which gets virtually zero natural light (his window is shaded by a huge red maple tree) and it’s been alive and well since he was born. Gosh, I love that plant.


As you can see, it’s a very beautiful plant and can trail down hanging baskets, go up or down trellises and travel horizontally across a mantle or table. It’s also one of the top air purifying plants and helps remove toxins from indoor air, which is another awesome benefit to having them in your house. If I would recommend just one plant on this list to own for a first timer, pothos would be it. 


Easiest Air Purifying Indoor Plants



Snake Plant

(Sansevieria trifasciata)


Easiest Air Purifying Plants to Grow


Please go get yourself a snake plant. You will thank me later. Absolutely gorgeous, amazing air purifying plant that even releases oxygen through the night, tough as nails, thrives anywhere you put it…I could go on and on about the reasons I adore my snake plants.  This plant is pretty darn close to impossible to kill. 


And can we talk about how gorgeous it is?!  What a stunner! 


I have a snake plant in each bedroom of my house because it’s one of the very few plants that release oxygen at night and can actually help you get a better night sleep. How cool is that?!  It’s one the of the best air purifying plants you can own. In fact, snake plants produce so much oxygen that in an air sealed room, these plants are capable of producing enough oxygen to breathe normally…amazing!


I highly recommend getting one (or six like me) and then I think you’ll see why I’m so fanatical about them 🙂 



ZZ Plant

(Zamioculcas Zamiifolia) 


Easiest Air Purifying Indoor Plants


The ZZ plant is another tough as nails plant that adapts to any condition. It doesn’t even need any natural light – overhead lighting will do!  Bright light, medium light, low light…this plant will adapt and thrive.


It’s really tough to underwater the ZZ plant and virtually impossible to kill. It can go weeks without watering. The ZZ plant also purifies indoor air by removing chemicals and other pollutants from the air. Thank you, ZZ. 


Plus, how fun is it’s name? My toddler can’t resist saying hi to ZZ every time he passes by and it’s the cutest thing ever. 


I’ve had ZZ since it was just a tiny table plant. What fun to watch it grow into now a beautiful floor plant. The ZZ is one of my favorites and perfect for beginners or those with a black thumb. You can’t go wrong with a ZZ plant!


Chinese Evergreen



Easiest Air Purifying Indoor Houseplants


I absolutely adore my resilient Chinese Evergreen. This plant can grow anywhere and can even grow with zero natural light. It will do just fine in a space without any windows, but has overhead light. You can water regularly or go weeks and weeks without water and it will adapt and thrive. The Chinese Evergreen is one of the very best indoor plants for beginners, those who travel often or those forgetful plant owners. 


There are a lot of different varieties and sizes of Chinese Evergreens and all are equally beautiful. I saw one variety that had pink leaf edges that was so colorful and cool looking. If I ever see it again, I’m going to scoop it up and add it to my collection.


Plus, Chinese Evergreens emit a very high oxygen content and are one of the best plants to purify indoor spaces of chemicals. This plant is a winner on all levels and I highly recommend owning at least one!


Spider Plant

(Chlorophytum Comosum)


Easiest Air Purifying Indoor Plants to Grow


The spider plant is a well known indoor houseplant because it’s so easy to grow and can thrive nearly anywhere in your home. It tolerates any lighting condition and can adapt to frequent waterings or missed waterings. 


The spider plant is an especially popular choice for hanging baskets because the gorgeous slender leaves arch downward and small spider baby plants cascade out of the basket. 


It’s also one of the best air purifying plants and will reduce chemicals and other pollutants from the air.


Additional Care for Easy Indoor Plants


All of the indoor plants on my easy to grow list only require fertilizing once or twice a year.  I know that may sound hard to a beginner, but I promise it’s not scary or difficult. It’s actually a super easy process, especially if you get a granule fertilizer, which I recommend. Simply sprinkle 1 teaspoon of granules on top of the soil, once or twice a year. That’s it – easy peasy. You can certainly do it more often for faster growth, if desired, but it’s not necessary.   This is by far the best organic fertilizer I’ve found and I highly recommend it. 


My favorite organic fertilizer


My favorite organic potting soil


There you go! The easiest air purifying, indoor plants to grow from me, an ex-black thumb. I absolutely love having a ton of (alive) plants in my home. They add so much life and beauty to my indoor space. Not to mention, all the extra oxygen and air purifying benefits that they provide to my family. I’m so grateful for all the joy and health my plants bring me! I hope my experience was helpful to you and maybe even inspires you to give a few of these plants a try! 

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Easiest Indoor Air Purifying Plants

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  1. Avatar
    Richard Cassidy

    Enjoyed your post. In fengshui the sword-like snake plant is considered inauspicious, causing conflict or some such. Will look into getting others you mentioned.

    • Kelly from Primally Inspired

      Interesting! We haven’t experienced that here and have had more harmony and balance, especially in the recent years. But I’m very curious and want to learn more about that. Thanks for letting me know.

      • Kelly from Primally Inspired

        The snake plant seems like it can bring very protective energy in feng shui, too… “Spiky plants like snake plants are excellent for shielding you against negative Chi. The snake plant is a perfect expression of upward, growing ch’i. The strong wood energy cuts through negative or stagnant energy.”

  2. Avatar

    This is a great post, Kelly. I, too, am a huge plant lover, both indoor and outdoor ones. I especially love A_rican Violets and propagate them continually. (The e__ on my keyboard went out! Hope you can read this anyway!)

    I am going to look into getting a spider plant again and I already have two pothos. I like the look o the Chinese Evergreen and also the cute ZZ plant.

    Thanks _or this in_ormative post!

  3. Avatar

    Showing my ignorance here, but where do you buy your plants?

    • Kelly from Primally Inspired

      Hi Angie, that’s a great question and I’ve gotten them at various places over the years. I know it’s hard to believe, but the nicest ones have been from Home Depot! The Home Depot near us has a wonderful selection of indoor plants and they regularly carry all the ones in this post. (Although my only complaint is that sometimes the little garden tag from Home Depot will say “bright light” for some of these plants and that’s just not true)

  4. Avatar
    Jacqueline King

    Are all these plants cat friendly?

    • Kelly from Primally Inspired

      Thank you for bringing this up, Jacqueline! If your cat is known to “eat” plants, the spider plant is truly the only non-toxic plant on this list. The other plants are considered toxic. Although, toxic is largely dependent on the dose. Generally speaking, eating one of these plants will most often only produce mild to moderate symptoms that range from diarrhea to excess drool. Hope that helps!

  5. Avatar

    My mother always said she ran a hospice for plants. I have carried on the family tradition!! I will give some of these a chance….or a nice place to die?? Thanks!!

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