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My Dressing Your Truth Makeover

My Dressing Your Truth Makeover

Dressing Your Truth Makeover from Primally Inspired  

You guys! I’ve been bursting at the seams, waiting to share this story and my makeover (*squeal!*) with you.  


You see, the past few months have been a total life changer for me.  I’ve always believed that being healthy was way more than just the food we eat or the exercise we do.  Most of us already know that getting adequate sleep and managing our stress levels also play a big role in defining our health. But I think self-love and acceptance play a big part, too. Today’s story is about a makeover program I took part in that not only changed my outside appearance, but it also totally transformed the way I look at myself. 


If you’re a regular reader of Primally Inspired, you most likely already know that I’m a total girly girl and a sucker for all things fashion and beauty. So back in January, I took part in a free online beauty profiling course from a company called Dressing Your Truth. TM


Fashion? Beauty? FREE?! Um…hello, sign me up! Obviously, this was right up my alley and I couldn’t resist πŸ™‚  


Little did I know at the time, that little free beauty profiling course would forever change my life.


(You can sign up for the free beauty profiling course HERE – do it! You will thank me later)


At first glance, Dressing Your Truth seemed to me like a fun Dressing Program that would teach me how to look my best. Oh this will be so fun, I thought. But let me tell you, while it definitely does teach you how to look your best, it is SO. MUCH. MORE. What I have learned about myself and others has been priceless. 


What is Dressing Your Truth?


Dressing Your Truth is an online makeover system that helps you fully understand and be confident about  your unique type of beauty. 


The fashion world teaches us how to put beauty on, but Dressing Your Truth teaches you how to bring your true beauty out.


And unlike most beauty and makeover programs that only focus on color and skin tones, Dressing Your Truth takes into account your whole unique person.


It examines your energy level, your facial features,  your behavioral tendencies, your personality characteristics, your inner feelings, how you handle different situations, your body movements, your natural gifts, and much more to help you understand your natural expression.  Once you figure out your natural expression through the tools they provide, Dressing Your Truth then teaches you how to embrace it, love it, and how to outwardly dress and accessorize to express your best self every single day!


My Makeover! Look at me –  I am Dressing My Truth!


Kelly from Primally Inspired, Dressing Your Truth Type 1


This is ME!!!! Really, truly ME! Why, hello there, I am Kelly and I am a TYPE 1 BeautySM. I am happy and positive and you’ll always catch me smiling and laughing at something. I will forever be a kid at heart. I see and bring out the good in everyone. I love having fun, going on adventures and meeting new people. I am instant friends with whoever I meet and people enjoy being arond me. Oh and I’m super creative and am always thinking up new ideas that I want to try πŸ™‚


Check out my before picture…..

Kelly from Primally Inspired Before Pic, Dressing Your Truth Type 1  


Does my β€œbefore” picture portray myself as described above? No way! That picture and the old me totally don’t outwardly express who I am, does it?! 


Dressing Your Truth taught me exactly how to dress and accessorize so that my true self and inner beauty perfectly reflects my outward expression. It even taught me how I should wear my makeup and showed me what hair cuts and styles would look best on me! Love!

  Kelly from Primally Inspired, Dressing Your Truth Makeover


Dressing Your Truth – the Course


The free Dressing Your Truth course taught me about the natural expressions of beauty.  Every woman expresses  one of the 4 Types of beauty. Through the course, I was able to recognize my specific Type of beauty. After that free course, I became slightly totally obsessed.


I stalked the Dressing Your Truth YouTube channel, I found their Facebook and Pinterest pages, and I read every blog post I could find. I talked non-stop about Dressing Your Truth to my friends and family (sorry guys!). And I wanted to know more! So I went ahead and bought the Dressing Your Truth course and am so glad I did (I highly recommend it for anyone who is on the fence about it). Believe me when I say it’s a life changer in more ways than one. 


Because of what they taught me in the course, I know exactly what colors, cuts, design lines, textures, patterns, and fabrications that look the best on me so that I  can communicate exactly who I am without even saying a word. It taught me what makeup colors look the best on me, what hair colors and styles I should have (it gave me the courage to chop 10 inches off my hair!), what type of jewelry will make my face pop, etc. 

Kelly from Primally Inspired, Dressing Your Truth Type 1  

After buying and taking the course, I got rid of all my old clothes that weren’t expressing my true self. What a liberating change!  I’ve never been more inspired in my closet than I am now. It’s so easy for me to get dressed everyday because I absolutely love every single thing in my closet. I know the clothes and accessories in my closet  perfectly express my outer and inner beauty. And when I go shopping, I can sift through the racks and quickly pick out what I know will look great on me and what will express my true nature and beauty….this has made shopping so fun and easy! 

  Kelly from Primally Inspired, Dressing Your Truth Type 1


And I kid you not, every single change I made based on their teaching was totally perfect for me and brought out my true self and beauty more than anything I’ve ever done before. I kicked and screamed at some of the changes, but now I know they were totally right. (When they told me I shouldn’t wear black or gray, I almost died. Practically ΒΎ of my wardrobe was black or gray!) 

  Kelly from Primally Inspired, Dressing Your Truth Makeover


I have never in my life received more compliments (even from complete strangers!) than I have in the past few months. It really works! Because of my inward and outward change, my friends and family grew curious and are now all hooked on Dressing Your Truth, too! Here’s a pic of my beautiful TYPE 3 SM Mom Dressing Her Truth: πŸ™‚

  Dressing Your Truth Type 3


Getting Deeper!


Remember how I said Dressing Your Truth is way more than just a makeover program that teaches you how to look amazing? Let me tell you just one way it has been a game changer for me.


Like most women, I spent a fair share of time and energy countering who I really am. Many times I tried to be someone who I thought I should  be or tried to be someone who I was told I should be. But Dressing Your Truth taught me how to embrace my true self. What I previously thought were negative qualities about myself, are actually some of my best gifts to this world. This, my friends was so life changing and liberating for me. 

  Kelly from Primally Inspired Dressing Your Truth Makeover


After taking the whole course and implementing my Dressing Your Truth Makeover, getting dressed even turned into an affirmation for me. Every single day I’m putting on my outward expression that reminds me of who I am. I can now look in the mirror and ask myself, β€œhow authentically am I living that?” It reminds me each day to love and live true to myself. And I noticed that when I am living authentically, I feel and look the most beautiful and confident πŸ™‚


Kelly from Primally Inspired, Dressing Your Truth Type 1  

Are you living true to yourself? Does your outward expression communicate that to yourself and others? Have you taken the free Beauty Profiling course yet? Leave me a comment and let’s talk!


You can sign up for the free beauty profiling course HERE.

Check out my Pinterest board full of TYPE 1SM beauty styles HERE.



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  1. Avatar

    Reading this is perfect timing for me. I did the free course a month ago and everything she said has been really resonating with me, and I’m seriously considering investing in the course. When I found out I was a type 2 it just felt do liberating. Thank you so much for writing this :).

    • Primally Inspired

      I totally hear you! And I’m so excited to hear you feel the same way about it – Liberating is the best word to describe it, too! I did the free course back at the beginning of January and finally went ahead and bought the program in March, after dragging my feet about it for weeks lol. It was SO worth it, at least for me!

  2. Avatar

    You look seriously fantastic by the way!

  3. Avatar

    I loved this! Definitely going to check out Dressing Your Truth!

  4. Avatar

    You look amazing! You were always beautiful, but your personality is front and center now! I love this post! <3

  5. Avatar
    Sandra Therrien

    hhhm, I am waiting for the email to be sent…

  6. Avatar

    Wow! You look great! I’m so happy to see this pop up on my pinterest feed. I’ve been dressing my truth (T3) for over a year now and I truely believe that they should teach energy profiling in junior high schools. Because just understanding your own personality type and others is the most freeing, and life altering knowlege you can have.

    • Primally Inspired

      I so agree with you!! Thank you so much for reading and that’s awesome that you have been dressing your truth for over a year. I can’t say enough great things about this program!

  7. Avatar

    Oh my gosh! You are too cute! So, I clicked one of the links on your page and started today. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the great tip on this program.

  8. Avatar

    Love the look and the hair! What are you using for styling products? I looked at what they offer online and the ingredients in the products are horrible!

    • Primally Inspired

      Thank you so much, Donna! I’ve been “experimenting” with no-poo for the last 8 months with good results. I just scrub and rinse my hair with hot water a few times a week. One of the coolest things about doing no-poo for me is that I don’t have to use styling products anymore! I had naturally fine, curly and very dry hair (before no-poo). Curly and dry hair = major frizz. But after no poo- my hair is so much thicker, not dry (not oily either – it’s normal now) and it got even curlier! My natural oils seem to manage all my frizz so I don’t even need any styling products. Honestly, that has been the best part of no-poo – I can literally just wash, brush and go and my hair looks decent. That’s something I never had the luxury of before – I had to REALLY work to get my hair to look good. lol.

      But I do realize that no-poo is not for everyone. Before no-poo, I was just using a fairly “clean” shampoo and conditioner from Trader Joe’s (can’t for the life of me remember what it was called) twice a week and using a very small amount of Argan oil (this one: http://amzn.to/1omIgg3) as my frizz tamer. Once a week, I would also deep condition with a coconut oil mask (http://www.seedsofrealhealth.com/coconut-oil-hair-mask-recipe/) <<-----love that mask recipe!

  9. Avatar

    Could not agree more. Dressing Your Truth was life-changing for me as well. My daughter and I did the course together, and then went thrift shopping for new wardrobes. I now love shopping, whereas before it was the most depressing experience. I couldn’t believe the difference in my confidence level, and the number of compliments I have gotten. You look fantastic! Or should I say cute?

  10. Avatar

    Great post! I also found the DYT course to be a major life overhaul. (Not to mention the closet!) I would always delete my pictures before anyone would find them πŸ™ I now take joy in not only the way I dress, but in who God made me to be. This carries over to my precious children and I even understand total strangers better just based on their movement and features. Can’t say enough great things about it!

  11. Avatar

    Kelly, I would love to learn more about this. But every time I click on your links, It seems to get stuck on “tracking” and the website never opens.

  12. Avatar

    Hi Kelly!
    I know this response is not prompt! Sorry! I saw this post, and was intrigued! First and foremost, you look amazing! You always did, but I used to wonder why such a pretty girl wore so much black eyeliner! And, now, you are just stunning!!! πŸ™‚

    So… question for you… did you really get those amazing results just from the free 8 video emails from Dressing Your Truth? Or is that just an intro to a program that you purchased?

    Thanks so much for introducing us to so many wonderful things!! πŸ™‚

  13. Avatar

    Hi, really thinking about getting the course. Through the videos and Child Whisperer, I am pretty sure that I am type 1 like you. What is your secondary energy, and does the course address how to accessorize for it?

    • Primally Inspired

      Hi Anna! I love the Child Whisperer! My secondary energy is type 4, although it took me about 6 months to figure it out (and it’s so obvious, I can’t believe it took me that long to see it!). The course did an awesome job at addressing how to accessorize and dress for your secondary energy. When you get the course, you have access to a whole huge members area with a ton of videos that aren’t public. They have a few really good videos where they address this. There is also a special Facebook group for your specific type for those who have bought the course. We often talk about secondary energies in there, too. Hope that helps!

  14. Avatar

    You’re beautiful! Have tried your paleo banana bread, it’s great (although I made a few changes), my husband had it every day as a snack. Hello from a type 4 lady in the UK.

    • Primally Inspired

      Thanks, Bianca!! I always love hearing from other Dressing Your Truth women πŸ™‚ My secondary is a fairly strong 4!

      • Avatar

        Great to hear that! πŸ™‚ Maybe you’d be able to help me with something then. Most pictures that I see of type 4 ladies have straight hair. Are there any that you know of who have curly hair? Mine is curly, as afro as can be. I wouldn’t like to damage it with hair straigteners and relaxers. Thanks.

        • Avatar

          Hi, Bianca

          In case you still read this after so many months:

          On the Website Dressing Your Truth is a special section for People with curly hair, accessible in the members area.

          You can keep your curls :-).

          I am just starting and don’t seem to be able to figure out whether I am a 4 or a 2.

  15. Avatar

    I too am a Type 1/4, and love Dressing your Truth!
    You look Great!!!!
    I love your Blog.


  16. Avatar

    Thank you so much for writing this post. I read it about a year or so ago and was obsessing over dyt till I got the course this christmas. I decided I was a type 3 at the very last moment but then after going through the course realized I was indeed a type 1. This has been a beacon of hope for through my battle with chronic illness and I never would have gone through it if it weren’t for you. Thank you:):)

    • Primally Inspired

      I’m so happy to get your comment, Alexina, my fellow type 1 friend πŸ™‚ I thought I was a type 3 at first, too, but after the free introductory videos, it was so obvious that I was a 1. I’ve heard the 1/4 combo can come across similar to a 3! I wish you the best in your health, Alexina. I’m so happy you can let your bright ray of happiness and light shine freely now! xoxo, Kelly

  17. Avatar

    I started taking the DYT free course then jumped in and took the paid course. I am a fellow Type 1 who felt so liberated letting go of a lot of dark colors in my closet. I have not totally embraced the gold jewelry but can’t believe how much better I feel. Fairly certain my secondary energy is Type 2. Comfort and quiet are equally important to me as fun. And both are all about the piles! So glad to have found your blog and you! Wish we could go shopping together! πŸ™‚

  18. Avatar

    Hi! Love the makeover! You are absolutely stunning.

    This was an encouraging post to read. I recently went through the free DYT course, and still don’t know what type I am. The only thing I’m fairly certain about is that I’m not a Type 4. Maybe I just need to do the full course, because I am down to three summer shirts that I feel comfortable and semi-attractive wearing, and the thought of going shopping fills me with dread!

    I’m also looking forward to browsing through your blog!

    • Kelly from Primally Inspired

      Hi Beth, Why thank you so much for your sweet words!! πŸ™‚ Figuring out your type may seem frustrating now, but honestly, it’s all part of the fun journey of self discovery. And when you finally figure it out, everything will make so much sense! I can’t wait for you to figure yours out! Keep me posted!

  19. Avatar

    Thank you for sharing this. I just did Dressing Your Truth and discovered that I am also a Type 1. I have enjoyed your Stitch Fix posts. Your stylist chooses very Type 1 clothing for you. Does she know your type? I would love to try Stitch Fix, especially if the clothing would be true to my type!

    • Kelly from Primally Inspired

      Hi Georgina! Thank you! So cool that you are a fellow type 1 πŸ™‚

      I did briefly explain the style of a DYT Type 1 to my Stitch Fix stylist. She wasn’t familiar at all with DYT, but I used all the key words on the back of our color card (fun, cute, bright, etc.) and she easily understood what I was going for. It also helps to have a Pinterest board filled with only Type 1 clothing and styles. I’ve had 3 Stitch Fix stylists so far who were unfamiliar with DYT, but they totally got the Type 1 style based on the color card words and my Pinterest board. I also told them that I NEVER wear black or grey and ONLY wear bright spring colors – so that helps me to always get sent the right colors (or at least 95% of the time) πŸ™‚ Hope that helps! Getting Fix’s is so fun – hope you get to try it out!

  20. Avatar

    I saw the DYT recommendation on your blog. You are right…it is life changing. I am about 45 days in and am starting from scratch. 3/4 of my wardrobe was black, and I had nothing but silver jewelry. I too am a type 1 and have been dressing a 4 for years. It’s like having permission to have fun in life. Thanks for the recommendation. I’m now pinning your Stitch Fix pins with the pops of color.

  21. Avatar

    look at those sweet apple cheeks–of course, you’re a 1! I’ve been trying to work through this for the last week or two, and am having a terrible time settling on a Type. I’ve always presented myself as a T1–known as the lady with the smile, frequently asked “Do you ever NOT smile?” But I’m not so sure… I’m kind of an optimistic or cheerful introvert with a strong streak of perfectionism. And, 35 years ago (yes, I’m that old!) I had my “Colors” done, and have been very comfortable with my bright summery tones and silver jewelry… It’s a puzzle! I’m glad you’ve found yours!

    • Kelly from Primally Inspired

      Thank you, Ann! And I can totally relate to where you are coming from about being a happy introvert with a strong streak of perfectionism. It sounds like you are describing me perfectly. Although I would consider myself an extrovert, I am extremely introspective and reflective, which can come across or often be mistaken for an introvert. But, I have a very strong secondary 4, which explains the introspectiveness, the perfectionism and my all or nothing nature. Once I realized I had a strong secondary 4, this all made so much more sense to me. It sounds like that could be a possibility for you, too? πŸ™‚ Might be something to explore! The 1/4 combo is really interesting!

    • Avatar

      Hi Ann πŸ™‚
      Is it possible that you are a 2/1? The photo is not a full-on view of your face but I see the possibility of you being a Type 2. Since you had your colours done and are happy with silver jewellery and silver hair, that assessment is probably correct. However, having a secondary 1-ness would account for being attracted to summery colours, being “sunny” and wanting to connect with people. I can see why you would wonder about having 4-ness, I did too at first! Initially, I believed that any kind of decisiveness meant 4-ness… :-/ But I have come to realise that 2-ness means that I do a lot of comparing and evaluating and want what’s best for me (and others). It also means that I worry a lot about other people’s feelings… :-/
      As for the colours, the Type 2 palette can appear very dull but I think it’s probably possible to concentrate on all the pink-hued colours to brighten the overall effect when dressing…
      Hope that helps! πŸ™‚

  22. Avatar

    Hi Kelly,
    I have been following DYT for awhile, trying to figure out what type I was. I don’t have the money to spend on the kit. However, I bought the book just last week, I haven’t finished it yet. I think I am a 2/4, however I just don’t see myself as a 2, I like those colors, shabby chic is my favorite style, however I am always complimented when I wear more 4 colors deep winter colors. Do you think maybe I am a 4/2 that has missed her true type? I’m definitely not a take charge person unless I have to be. HELP.

    • Kelly from Primally Inspired

      Hi Elisha! I’d love to know why you don’t see yourself as a 2. I took a peek at your blog and it’s so very type 2 (the colors, the details, the fonts, graphics, everything!) and very beautiful (what an awesome blog, btw – love it!). I don’t want to suggest that you’re a type 2 based soley on your blog, but it could be an indication πŸ™‚

      I have a lot of 2’s in my life because I seem to be attracted to them the most – love those 2’s πŸ™‚ And I can say that they are all different and each have their own mix of greatness! There is no cookie cutter type 2 or cookie cutter any type, really.

      And just a quick mention about colors – it took me awhile to learn this: We can look good in all the colors, but all the colors don’t support our energy. I actually look pretty good in black (or at least I think I do haha), but black doesn’t support who I am. I also used to wear a type 3 turquoise blue and would get so many compliments, but that color doesn’t represent who I really am. Make sense?

      Finding out what you were like when you were a young child is super helpful, too! Even though I don’t have kids, The Child Whisperer was the most helpful book for me. It helped me profile myself and was SO very helpful to help me understand my husband and other family relationships and friendships I have. It’s my favorite book of Carol’s!

      Anyway, this DYT thing is such journey and I can’t wait for you to figure yours out! Keep me posted!

    • Avatar

      Hi Elisha πŸ™‚
      I hope you don’t minde me butting in and answering! I just discovered this cool blog and the discussions about hesitating between types really speaks to me!!!
      I had a look at the photos of you posted on your blog yesterday and I *immediately* thought you were a 1/4! Those “apple” cheeks, extremely chirpy (infectious!! πŸ˜‰ ) smile, upward eyebrows and round/pointed chin all say primary Type 1 but the stright line along your eyes, square corners to your jaw and general symmetry to your face all indicate a secondary 4 energy. I checked again today and I still think it.
      It’s a misconception that Type 4s take charge! Think of a (house)cat with other house pets: they don’t take charge unless they absolutely have to and even then, they just keep everyone in line. They much prefer to retreat to a quiet spot away from all the mess. Organising and ordering people is actually more a sign of being a primary or secondary 3…
      I could say lots more things but then again, I’m a terrible chatterbox, so I will stop now and I just hope the information I gave is helpful to you (and anyone else!)… πŸ™‚

  23. Avatar

    Hi Kelly! What a wonderful post! You look absolutely radiant and beautiful in your type 1 energy. I have been Dressing My Truth for over two years now (I’m a 2/1) and I’ve never looked or felt better about myself in my entire life. I seriously think I look better now at 40 than I did in my 20’s. I also now LOVE to shop, (even at thrift stores where I score some MAJOR deals) where before I used to dread it because I just didn’t know how. I just want to encourage anyone who is on the fence to GO FOR IT!!!! You seriously won’t regret it!!!

  24. Avatar

    OH MY WORD!! You look amazing…..your mother also looks amazing!
    This is so encouraging and I too have been hooked on everything I can find on Dressing Your Truth. Never signed up yet but seriously considering it. I wear black all the time, That will be hard to give up πŸ™‚

    • Kelly from Primally Inspired

      Thank you, Wilma!!! DYT has been a life changer for us in so many ways! What an incredible journey and one that I am so grateful to have found. When the time is right for you to dig deeper with it, I pray you will find as much fun and inner growth as we have! <3

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