12 Tips To Heal Your Thyroid Naturally

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Do you have thyroid issues? When your thyroid isn’t functioning properly, it can create a real mess in your life and leave you feeling run down, stressed out, unhappy and unhealthy.


You see, your thyroid is responsible for a lot of things! It regulates your metabolism, keeps you at a healthy weight, makes energy, keeps your moods balanced and even, helps you get a sound night’s sleep and helps you have good digestion. In fact, your thyroid plays a part in almost every physiological process. That why, when it’s not working optimally, it can really wreck havoc on your life.


Unfortunately, thyroid disease is becoming an epidemic in our country. And there are still so many that have a problem and are not diagnosed.


If you suspect you have a thyroid problem it’s important to see a holistic practitioner so you can get the necessary lab testing. Together with your practitioner, you can work on finding the root causes of your thyroid issue. Your thyroid problem will not go away if the root causes are not addressed.



But there is hope! It is possible to heal your thyroid naturally through diet and lifestyle changes. Here are 12 great ways to get you started so you can begin to heal your thyroid naturally:


12 Tips To Heal Your Thyroid Naturally

heal your thyroid naturally - www.PrimallyInspired.com


#1 Find a good holistic practitioner to seek out the root causes of your thyroid issues.

Your thyroid problems will not go away unless the root causes are addressed. I cannot stress this enough. A good holistic practitioner will work with you to discover the underlying issues that are causing the problem and work towards a solution that works for you individually. HERE is a directory to find a holistic practitioner near you.


#2: Have your practitioner run a GI pathogen test.

A GI Pathogen Test is a stool test for parasites. You need to make sure there is not a parasite infection in the intestinal tract because more often than not, those with elevated TPO or those that test positive to thyroid antibodies, have a parasite infection. Make sure your practictioner runs at least a 4 day test, to get the most accurate results.


#3: Avoid Soy

Soy is damaging to your thyroid gland because it blocks essential nutrients necessary for the thyroid to function properly. Check your labels carefully because soybean oil is used in almost every packaged product.


#4: Avoid Gluten

The gluten in the United States is extremely inflammatory and acidic and is a major cause of thyroid dysfunction. Gluten causes an autoimmune response in many people and is now being examined as the cause of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, a common autoimmune thyroid condition. Gluten also causes immune antibody production in those with elevated TPO levels.


#5 Use Coconut Oil.

Coconut oil does not interfere with T4 to T3 conversion like many cooking oils do. Coconut oil increases your metabolism and helps you lose weight (read more about that HERE). It also supports GI and immune health, which are key in aiding the thyroid. Replace your cooking and baking oils with coconut oil and make sure to consume at least 1 tablespoon of virgin coconut oil (like THIS) a day. I like to add a teaspoon or two of coconut oil to my morning tea or coffee. Adding 1 tablespoon to a smoothie is also a great way to incorporate coconut oil to your diet.


#6 If you have hypothyroidism, make sure to cook all vegetables containing goitrogens.

Goitrogens block thyroid hormone production. The vegetables that should always be cooked if you are dealing with thyroid problems are broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, cabbages, kale, bok choy, rutabaga, and watercress.


#7 Avoid peanuts and peanut butter as they also contain goitrogens.


#8 Eat Seaweed and other Sea Vegetables.

Seaweed and other sea vegetables like nori, kombu, wakame should be eaten often. These foods are the highest dietary source of iodine and come loaded with many other beneficial nutrients.


#9 Drink Bone Broth daily.

Bone broth from healthy, pasture raised animals is a wonderful healing elixer that helps heal and seal the gut lining and also strengthens the immune system. Both of these are crucial for optimum thyroid health.  Drink 1 cup of bone broth daily and add in a pinch of sea salt and kelp flakes to further support thyroid health. Read how to make a healing bone broth HERE


#10 Find ways to De-Stress and Detox

Stress is one of the worst thyroid offenders. Most Americans are under chronic stress from the stresses of life, food toxins, enviromental toxins, etc. The constant supply of stress chemicals, adrenalin and cortisol, produced by your adrenal glands interferes with thyroid hormones and leads to thyroid disease. Find ways to de-stress and detox so your body isn’t as overburdened with stresses. Epsom salt baths are one of my favorite healthy ways to both de-stress and detox (find my favorite detox epsom salt bath recipe HERE). THIS turmeric tea is also a delicious way to effectively help detox your liver.


#11 Go Natural

Our body is so overburdened by the chemical nature of today’s world. Our food is toxic, our air is toxic, our homes are filled with toxic beauty and personal care products, etc. All these toxic chemicals wreck havoc on our body and thyroid health. The more we can clear out the harmful chemicals in our food and home, the better we will feel and healthier we will be. Ditch as much packaged and processed food as you can. Look for all natural, toxic-free personal care, beauty and cleaning products.


#12 Optimize your Vitamin A, D and K2 levels.

These vitamins are crucial to good thyroid and hormone health and many recent studies are finding that those with thyroid disease are deficient in these crucial vitamins. 

Vitamin D can be obtained by spending 20 minutes to an hour in the sunlight each day. Make sure to use no sunscreen for at least 20 of those minutes, as sunscreen blocks Vitamin D.  Use a natural sunscreen (like THIS) after those 20 minutes to 1 hour. You can also supplement with a good quality Vitamin D. I like using THIS fermented cod liver oil or THIS high quality Vitamin D supplement.

Vitamin A can be obtained through the diet by incorporating organ meats from healthy pasture raised animals (I take frozen liver pills with excellent success – read my story HERE), full fat milk and cream from grass fed cows (only if you tolerate dairy), and high quality cod liver oil. Most fish oils on the market are low quality and are actually detrimental to your health because they are heat treated which cause the oil to go rancid. Rancid oil equals inflammation and free radicals. I recommend THIS or THIS fish oil brand.

K2 can be obtained by eating egg yolks and butter, hard cheeses and kefir from grass fed, healthy cows.


***Update: I came across an online holistic thyroid seminar that is absolutely incredible. There are many reputable holistic practitioners, functional medical doctors, naturopaths, nutritionists and experts that I am familiar with on the panel to answer your questions like should you take iodine, how to deal with thyroid problems naturally, what tests you need to ask your doctor for, how to lose weight if you have a thyroid problem and a lot more. If you have a thyroid problem (or know someone who does) and are seeking to heal your thyroid naturally, please check out this online thyroid event. My close friend, who has Hashimoto’s signed up for it and called me the same day crying (happy tears!) and said she learned more in the first 30 minutes of it than she did the whole 10 years of seeing doctors and specialists for her thyroid. I am very picky about what I recommend on my blog, but I feel that this particular event is that powerful and valuable and I know it has been changing people’s lives.

Click HERE to sign up or learn more about the online Thyroid Event.


Do you have a thyroid problem? Are you treating it with more natural options? If so, can you offer up any advice in the comments?


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29 Responses to 12 Tips To Heal Your Thyroid Naturally

  1. Joy says:

    Many of these are very good, but you need to make sure you don’t have hyPERthyroidism (or Grave’s disease) before avoiding/consuming certain foods. You would actually do the opposite of some of the things you’ve recommended. I’ve found that avoiding sugar and managing stress has helped me tremendously. I can feel it in my thyroid whenever I eat sugar.

    • Grimm says:

      Graves is not always HYPERthyroidism. I have Graves and HYPOthyroidism caused by untreated Graves for many years.

  2. Tee says:

    Agree with the statement Joy makes it is important to state if these treatments are for over or under active thyroid issues. But these tips are very helpful and provides much more information that has been listed on a number of sites on the web. I have an over active thyroid and this I have been on the road to incorporating a number of these tips. The article was a big help. Thank you.

  3. Laura says:

    Helpful tips except for the fish oil and sea veggies. I wouldn’t recommend fish oil but instead Fermented Cod Liver Oil by Green Pasture is superior compared to fish oil. Green Pasture tests their products for safety so they are clean. Our waters are so toxic these days with all the nuclear reactors leaking, Fukushims, oil spills, fracking, etc. that anything that comes out of the sea is not safe to eat these days.

  4. Lindy says:

    I really appreciate your site but I think it’s irresponsible to say you can heal your thyroid naturally. As someone who has thyroid disease our thyroid needs replacement therapy to be able to function. There are over 300 symptoms associated with thyroid disease. This should not be ignored. Yes your tips are helpful but until you can prove this is a cure I would be careful!

    • Lindy, thank you for your comment and insight! I’d love for you to sign up for the thyroid event where you can learn how many doctors and holistic practitioners have healed thousands of thyroid cases naturally. Thyroid disease should never be ignored and treated very carefully, I 100% agree. That’s why my #1 tip was to see a holistic doctor that will work with you and your current medications. But if you’d like to learn a wealth of information about healing thyroid naturally, I would encourage you to sign up for that thyroid event. The panel of doctors are awesome on it!

    • Joli says:

      Lindy, I would love to chime in on this. I was diagnosed with hypothyroid over ten years ago and have been on medication ever since. Not until the last couple of years did I become aware of information about improving (and healing) your thyroid. I have now been on the GAPS protocol/diet for 7 months and have seen my thyroid antibodies (clearly indicating Hasimoto’s) go from over 100 down to under 20 (“normal”). My doctor and I are now in the procees of slowly (slowly!) decreasing my Synthroid. Looking through this list, these are the practices I’ve put in place, and it is working! A great book to read on this subject is by Isabella Wentz, “Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis- Lifestyle Interventions for Finding and Treating the Root Cause”.

  5. I’ve been dealing with Thyroid issues for 4 years probably longer but it wasn’t until having children that my body decided to let me know. These tips are great and support all the research I’ve done over the past 4 years. I’ve consulted numerous doctors – western doctors who are no help, GP’s, internist, holistic, chiropractor and now a naturopathic. Taking synthetic drugs can be harmful for many if you don’t address what’s happening. In my case T3 and T4 are not converting properly. An Endo once gave me Synthroid before checking my blood work. After 5 weeks it was like being in menopause.

    My relief has come from a very similar protocol as this. It’s a difficult time when your body doesn’t cooperate. Good luck everyone! I write about my journey here: http://www.sassymomsinthecity.com

    1. I eat Nori Sheets almost daily rather than bread. Check your iodine levels this worked better than supplements.
    2. I’ve added essential oils to my daily routine.
    3. I cook all Cruciferous vegetables.
    4. I see a chiropractor for weekly adjustments. Yes your spine can cause thyroid issues.
    5. I exercise a min of 5 days a week.
    6. Eliminated alcohol and coffee.
    7. Consume coconut oil daily (as noted above)
    8. Take 30 mg of Bio Compounded Porcine (Thyroid) daily on empty stomach and wait 1 hour before eating, drinking or taking any other supplements.
    9. Take 1,000 mg of Fish Oil but will be moving to Cod Liver Oil.
    10. 6,000 IU’s of Vitamin D per day [ must be pharmaceutical grade) Try Biotics Research – Bio-D-Mulsion

  6. Brenda says:

    Thank you so much for all of the helpful information you share!

  7. trinity says:

    I have no thyroid due to thyroid cancer and I’m on thyroid replacement drugs. I do suffer from all effects mentioned above, would this still help? I suffer from poor digestion, stress, unhealthy, unhappy, etc… I’m open to natural ways to boost my overall health and happiness.

  8. Rhonda says:

    I agree! See the above website for AMERICAN MADE, NON-TOXIC personal care and cleaning products. They’re the best I’ve seen.

  9. Judith Mattila says:

    Very interesting information.

  10. Diane Bach says:

    If you massage your thyroid (3 steps – massage lower central area of neck, then middle area then just under your chin area of your neck) for just a few minutes a day, you will balance your thyroid (either way) guaranteed. When I do this Chinese exercise, it works! Otherwise, when I don’t, my count returns to a low count, which is hyperthyroid. I took my count from .40 to 1.01 in just 4 months & my doc & I were elated! Thyroid medicine or iodine will become unnecessary (dangerous to take anyway). :)

  11. Diane says:

    Be careful of Vitamin K if you are on blood thinners.

  12. Elisabeth says:

    I have Graves Disease and this post made me furious. It is sheer nonsense and could very easily make someone naive enough to trust this advice even sicker than thyroid disease has already made them, if not flat out kill them. You should be ashamed.

    • Thanks for your comment, Elisabeth, but I do stand by my article. I have a very close friend and 2 family members that have thyroid diseases (one has Graves, too) and they have been helped and healed by holistic practitioners that have followed these same suggestions. Thyroid disease can definitely be healed!

  13. Victoria says:

    Thank you for your insight. This was very beneficial for me. The fact that some people go out of their way to berate you for this is APPALLING to me when all you’re doing is offering knowledge. I love what you’re doing and it and keep it up.
    If you haven’t tried anything on this list and you go out of your way to shame someone for this, YOU should be ashamed. Not the blogger.

  14. Francesca Thomas says:

    My first thought was that as a Graves patient I was always told to avoid Iodine – so stay away from the seaweed and kelp. Now that I am Hypo, do I still have to avoid the Iodine and the goigotren foods? I love radishes!!!

  15. Sudi Gee says:

    Check out Dr Becker, a vet that has an article about using neck bones to feed dogs. Recent studies have suggested that neck bones effect the dogs thyroid. You can reach her via mercola.com.

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