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What’s In My Makeup Bag



What’s In My Makeup Bag

This post is going to be so fun because today we talk about one of my favorite things: MAKEUP!!!!


Ever since I’ve been doing my real food video cooking classes (you can still sign up for these cooking classes HERE), I’ve been getting a lot of questions about what makeup I use.



I figured since I’ve been getting asked a lot, I’d do a β€œwhat’s in my makeup bag post”, which makes me so happy because, well…..I LOVE makeup.

Always have. Always will.

I’m such a girly girl when it comes to makeup and will totally be one of those little old ladies with pink lipstick smeared all all over my face because even though I won’t be able see a darn thing by that age, by golly, I still want to feel pretty at 88 years old πŸ™‚

And even though inner beauty is far more important to me, it doesn’t change the fact that I still want to look my best.

Besides, I just LOVE makeup. Ever since I was little, I was enthralled by it. Even when I was in high school and college, I would do all my friend’s makeup for homecoming, prom and other formal outings. 

Now I don’t wear a full face of makeup everyday. Far from it. Usually that only happens once a week, if that. But I do wear mascara every single day. Yes, I’m that girl who won’t get the mail without a quick swipe of mascara πŸ˜‰  

But here’s a photo of me from this past winter fully made up. I love dramatic, neutral colored eye makeup, neutral, flattering shades for the rest of my face and a peachy pink lip. It’s my go-to look. 


If you are a regular reader of my blog, you already know by now that I am not a fan of   synthetic chemicals or artificial colors and fragrances and take great measures to try not to expose myself or my family to them when I have the choice.

So you can imagine my excitement when about a year ago, I discovered a makeup company called 100 Percent Pure that offers a full line of makeup that is all natural. And when I say all natural, I mean so natural, you can eat every single ingredient that is in their makeup. Yes, I’m totally serious. They are truly 100% pure – no chemical preservatives, no synthetic chemicals, no artificial colors or fragrances. I was beyond thrilled to discover this company.

 So to start, I ordered just the mascara to see if I would like their products.

  makeup 001

Here’s what the first 5 ingredients of their mascara looks like: Green Tea, Vitamin E, Honey Beeswax, Blackberry Extract and Black Current Extract.

Okay, we can all agree that the ingredient list is amazing and something that sounds good enough to eat, but will I actually like it on my eyes?

Now before I answer that, let me give you a quick background. I’ve tried many β€œnatural” mascaras before and they were horrible. I looked like a raccoon in an hour or it came off during the day or it took forever to get a good coat on my eyes. And for the record, mascara is something I refuse to compromise on. I love my mascara and since I wear it every single day, it must be good stuff.

So my 100 Percent Pure mascara came in the mail and truthfully I was not expecting anything phenomenal because of my previous bad experiences with natural mascaras. But I loved it. Like really, really loved it. It outperformed both my current favorite at the time mascaras which were the Tarte Lights Camera Lashes and the Maybelline Lash Stiletto.

Let’s just say my wallet took a beating from here on out.

If their mascara is that good, maybe I should give some of their other products a try. So the second time around, I ordered the foundation powder, the concealer and liquid eye liner.

And again, they were phenomenal. I liked the concealer better than what I was currently using and the foundation powder and liquid liner were absolutely amazing.

So then I ordered 2 lipsticks, a lipgloss, a few eye shadows, blush, bronzer and another mascara – Basically everything that I would ever need to put on my face.

And it’s all incredible. Not just incredible for β€œnatural” products. Like totally incredible – period. I would put 100 Percent Pure makeup up against high end makeup any day of the week and pick it, even if ingredients weren’t an issue. The only small disappointment I’ve had is that the bronzer is much too dark for me and they don’t have any lighter shades. Boo.

So, what’s in my makeup bag these days?! Let me show you!



Almost every single thing I use is from 100 Percent Pure. And no, the company did not send me this stuff – I purchased it all with my own money because I fell totally in love with the company, their ingredients and the integrity of their products.


For my eyes:



makeup 001

Mascara – This is what started my love affair with 100 Percent Pure. I buy their blackest black color, which is called Black Tea. Best. Mascara. Ever. 


makeup 002

 Gel Liner for my upper and lower lash line in Black Tea (seriously the blackest jet black liner I’ve ever seen. It’s amazing.)  I’m still looking for a good ingredient, good quality charcoal eye pencil. I prefer to use a charcoal pencil for my lower lash line and 100 percent pure doesn’t offer them. I’d love some suggestions if you have any! 


makeup 003

Satin Eye Shadows – I do my whole lid in Fiji (the lighter brown) and then do the outer corner and crease in Barbados, the darker chocolate color. These shades are so pretty and it’s a great combination together. These satin shadows are extremely nourishing to the eye (made from avocado butter!) and the staying power is incredible. They last all day on me without creasing. 


 For my face:



makeup 004

Flawless Foundation Powder – love, love, love this stuff. It’s super lightweight and doesn’t even feel like I have anything on. My color is golden peach and it’s pefect. If I apply it with a foundation brush, it’s a nice medium coverage, just like how it would be if I wore a liquid foundation (although their liquid foundation is on my wish-list – heard great reviews on it). If I want a lighter coverage, I just swipe some of the powder with a big fluffy brush and it gives a nice, sheer coverage. 



Concealer – The bomb. I use a tiny dab to cover any red areas. My shade is golden peach.

makeup 005

Blush – Love this color. I think it would be such a flattering shade for anyone. The color I use is called Pretty Naked. I bought it in a trio set with 2 powder eye shadows. The eye shadow colors are way too light for me and don’t show up on my skin so I wouldn’t buy this trio set again, but I absolutely will buy the blush by itself again. 


makeup 006

Bronzer – this shade is way too dark and orange for me. I still use it, because I don’t have a better alternative,  but I have to be really light-handed or else I’ll look like a member of the jersey shore – no thanks. I really wish they made a few different color shades. I love the product, but not this dark of a color. I would not purchase this again unless they start making it in lighter colors. So I’m open for suggestions for natural ingredient bronzers! Comment below if you have any. 


For my Lips:

makeup 009


makeup 008

Creamsticks – These 2 shades are incredible. I think these would be so flattering on all different skin tones. I have the Perfect Mauve and Perfect Pink shades. They are super long lasting, too!

makeup 007

Gloss – My shade is called Pink Peach. It’s the best peachy pink color ever. Love. 


So that’s all the makeup I use when I want to get all dolled up! For day to day, I usually just wear mascara and lipgloss and maybe a quick swipe of the foundation powder.


Also look out for me doing more 100 Percent Pure Makeup Reviews. They carry so much stuff and I already have a big wish list started for my next purchase πŸ™‚ I’d also love to hear what makeup you’ve been loving so leave me a comment and let’s talk makeup!


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  1. Avatar

    Thank you! Just signed up last night and went today to see this. Exactly what I am in the market for. New 100% pure makeup. Never heard of them and will give them a try. I loooove makeup too. Great website. Gotta get in that kitchen…

  2. Avatar

    I tend to have oily skin. Does this leave any kind of residue feeling?

  3. Avatar

    I have researched natural and organic makeup for almost ten yeras now. I use and love Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques, Earth’s Beauty, Meisha (part of Earth’s Beauty) and Pure Anada brands. I am extremely picky and won’t use any products that have parabens, phenoxyethanol, japanese honeysuckle or sodium hydroxymethyl glycinate as preservatives (with a LONG list of other ingredients I avoid). With the Pure Anada I avoid their mascara due to phenoxyethanol but love their other products.

  4. Avatar

    Thanks for sharing! I love wearing make up and seeing what other people have in their make up bags is always fun!

  5. Avatar

    I know this might be a silly question, but is there such a thing as natural glitter? One of the things I love most about my eye shadow is the glitter! I am finally in a place in life where I can start making these changes to my life…

  6. Avatar

    I’m a junkie too! πŸ™‚ I’ve got a few things on my wishlist to try from 100% Pure now. Thanks for sharing! I like Vapour Organics and it tends to be my everyday go-to makeup for my drier skin. I like that it’s in a stick or liquid base for the foundations and stick for blush and shadows and bronzer. Makes for easy and quick application and very natural (feels like I’m wearing nothing at all). Love the ingredients the most! Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques is another favorite… you might actually like her bronzers (golden). I also really LOVE Priia Cosmetics mineral foundation….better for oilier skin types IMO, but she makes a very nice bronzer called Vacation In A Jar. Also, really love the lip, and eye colors! You might like checking out the healthy cosmetic reviews at glamorganicgoddess. Danielle is a breast cancer survivor and reviews safe/non-toxic cosmetics. πŸ™‚

    • Primally Inspired

      Hi Amy! I will look into Vapour Organics. That’s funny that you should mention the Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques and especially the bronzer because I was just looking at them over the weekend and that bronzer caught my eye. I think I will have to order it. I can’t get away with this bronzer I have now much longer, especially now that Fall is coming. The Lauren Brooke one is much more natural looking. Thanks for letting me know about glamorganicgoddess!!! That’s right up my alley πŸ˜‰

      • Avatar

        Let me know how you like the Lauren Brooke bronzer! πŸ™‚ I use the “golden” shade and we have similar coloring (I have fair skin with yellow and pink undertones with blonde hair and green eyes). It’s one of the few bronzers that don’t look orange on me! LOL The Priia Vacation in a Jar is a nice one too (probably better for oilier skin). I sometimes use the Vapour bronzer in “Simmer” alone (with no makeup), when I just want a little color without wearing foundation. ~Have FUN! πŸ˜€

        • Primally Inspired

          I got the golden bronzer and black eye pencil from Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques last week and love both of them! Thank you so much for that recommendation πŸ™‚ You are right – the bronzer is the PERFECT shade. Love. The only thing I don’t like is how tiny it is. When it first came, I thought for sure they messed up my order and sent me a sample size instead. But when I went and looked at my receipt, I saw the regular size is that tiny. lol. But, I am really loving it. Now I might have to get Vapour’s simmer πŸ˜‰ I am a makeup junkie, ahhh!!! Any other recommendations? lol

  7. Avatar

    I do like the 100% Pure – I use the liquid foundation quite often. I also highly recommend Monave, and The All Natural Face – both of which are all natural. I have used natural skin care and makeup for many years – my skin loves it! I also love supporting small independent vendors πŸ™‚

  8. Avatar

    Thank you all for sharing. I ‘ve been looking for good natural makeup. I will look into those companies. I hope they deliver to Canada. πŸ™‚

  9. Avatar

    I found a Groupon for 100% Pure and got the mascara, concealer, and face powder. I LOVE the concealer and face powder but the mascara did the raccoon thing with in a few hours. I did go to yoga where my eyes were closed for most of the hour so maybe I’ll give it another shot since that didn’t happen to you. Thanks for sharing this post, I think every girl should know what they are putting on their beautiful faces.

    • Primally Inspired

      Oh wow, I definitely don’t have a problem with raccoon eyes with the mascara. The mascara is probably my most favorite out of it all – love it! And I totally agree – every girl should know what they are putting on their face πŸ™‚

  10. Avatar

    Did you just get lucky on picking the right colors? It is so hard to tell online what a color really looks like. There is a 100% Pure store in West Hollywood, about 40 minutes away from me. Guess I should make a trip over there before I move to PA.

    • Primally Inspired

      I know!! I really dislike how small the pictures are on their site. I was really hoping they’d have better pictures on their site by now. I held up my favorite makeup colors to the screen and picked them out that way. LOL. I think I just got pretty lucky. It worked because I was really happy with all the colors – the eye shadows were a little lighter than what I was hoping for and the cream lipsticks ended up being a little darker than I thought they would be, but it all ended up working out really nicely on my face. I would go crazy if I had a store that close to me. I banned myself from going in makeup stores. I’m a mess and have no control in places like that!

  11. Avatar

    I have not driven to the store yet but I ordered the mascara, concealer, stick liner, and a powder eye shadow. I figured those things didn’t need to be matched to my skin. I picked the same concealer as you. The mascara smells so good! I can smell it for a little bit after I put it on. I never like any mascara when it is new. I have used it twice and I already love it. The concealer is so creamy and goes on well. Haven’t figured out how to use the liner yet. I use the darker side as eyeliner but not sure how to use the lighter one. My plan is to go to the store this week ( I hate driving into LA but for makeup….maybe)and get a foundation and ask them how to use everything!!!

  12. Avatar

    Hey Kelly, I have been using 100% Pure products for the past couple of months and love them, too! Can you recommend a good makeup brush cleanser, whether homemade or available for purchase online? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. πŸ™‚

    • Avatar

      Heather, Crunchy Betty has a natural way to clean them. I have used her method and it works very well.

      • Primally Inspired

        Thanks, Mona!! I do a very similar thing as the link. I don’t bother doing the oil or vinegar, but I do wash them in water/castile soap mix. I just do a big squirt of castile soap in a small bowl and then fill the rest of the bowl with warm water. Swish the brushes around it in. Rinse well and then air dry. Works like a charm.

        Here’s the castile soap I use, but you can find this pretty much anywhere: http://amzn.to/18Apkgs

        • Avatar

          Thanks for your responses, Mona and Kelly! I’ve been using Dr. Bronner’s castille soap as a body wash, but didn’t think to clean my brushes with it (duh!). That seems like a simple, effective way to clean them daily and maybe I’ll use Crunchy Betty’s as a nice, deep cleanser periodically. Thanks again! πŸ™‚

  13. Avatar

    I have been using 100% Pure for about a year myself. I have tried lots of natural makeup manufacturers, but I couldn’t ever find a good concealer that was all natural until these guys. After using their concealer, I did the same as you did once you tried their mascara… Bought everything I could get my hands on to try and fell inlove even more… The one thing I have yet to buy is their mascara because I always wear Maybelline’s blue. However if this doesn’t smudge all over like you say, I may finally go back to black because I can’t deal with the waterproof stuff.

  14. Avatar

    I have check the product 100 % pure and also check it at the Ewg’s Cosmetic Data Base and it ranked in the numbers of 1-3 several of their product had high risk of cancer can you please advise on this Thank You.

  15. Avatar

    I am trying to find the best organic skincare for wrinkle but I could not find the best brand. I am using organic eminence skincare and coconut oil for nite. Any suggestion for a good brand thanks.

  16. Avatar

    Thanks for the review on 100% Pure. I was looking for a good natural alternative and I could find nothing I really liked.
    I agree that it is hard to tell what you’re buying from the site as the pics are just too small and difficult to judge the color.
    I purchased anyway and am sold.
    I love the mascara, the powder foundation is perfect and the eyeshadow stays put all day.
    Thanks for the recommendation!

  17. Avatar

    I was really interested to read your post/ info on 100% Pure. However, when I checked on the Mascara INGREDIANTS I noted hydralyzed wheat protein. Does the rest of the line contain this too? I am looking for glutem free.

  18. Avatar

    Hate to sound like a Debbie Downer but titanium oxide isn’t really safe, so excited when I read your post but looked at the ingredients list and saw titanium oxide on most of the makeup and eye shadows . So wouldn’t that kind of cancel out the good ingredients? Just a thought.

  19. Avatar

    I have tried many brands before and I really love some of 100% pure products. Currently, I love RMS Beauty πŸ™‚
    I am still on the search for my HG mascara πŸ™‚

  20. Avatar

    Thank you for sharing about 100% Pure! I just ordered some fun things to try out and am so excited to have found something pure and that will stay!!! Can’t wait for it to get here! Thanks again!!!

  21. Avatar

    Have you tried #ErePerez Natural Cosmetics? I really recommend these natural cosmetics. All natural, oil free, fragrance free, VEGAN product, Certified Cruelty Free, Non GMO. These cosmetics are made with natural ingredients like oat milk, chamomile, calendula, arnica, almond oil, rice, corn, aloe vera, sunflower oil, jojoba, olive oil, sesame, carrot, beetroot, rosehip and others.
    Distributed in Australia, South Korea, Singapore and Mexico.
    For shipping to USA please contact this seller:
    LIKE> https://www.facebook.com/SOYACTITUDNATURAL.organicbeauty
    E-mail: soyactitudnatural@gmail.com
    Ask for catalogue, prices and more information.

  22. Avatar

    Any reccomendations on an all natural translucent setting powder?

  23. Avatar

    These are a few recipes for:

    Homemade makeup & sunscreen I found sometime ago online.. You may want to try it: http://www.scratchmommy.com/smooth-finish-diy-organic-foundation-sunscreen/

    Here is another with several recipes for homemade mascaras, etc…
    DIY Beauty Recipes – Face

    Thought perhaps you would be interested in having a look!

  24. Avatar

    OOoooo I am a make-up freak! I currently use Bare Minerals but have been reading lately that their products can cause cancer in the respiratory tract. I have been looking for an alternative and can’t wait to try this! Thanks!

  25. Avatar

    great post! Saw it on Facebook and it was timely! my eyelashes wont grow back and I was told GF mascara would help!

  26. Avatar

    I have the same shades of the lip cream sticks and love them. I’m dying to try out some other things from their line! If your still in the market for a good bronzer I highly recommend Brija Cosmetics. She has two shades of bronzer for lighter skintones and the one I use is called “Chai Cupcake” and it’s a perfect match for the natural tan I have on my chest and arms from being in the sun!

  27. Avatar

    I love their stuff and also emptied my wallet the first time. But I found that I liked the ginzing mascara from origins instead since it gives a fuller look and their bronzer is amazing! It’s not really dark do it comes on naturally.
    Those cream sticks though are amazing and I got am awesome deal on cyber monday for them last year!

    • Primally Inspired

      Ooo, thanks for the tips Kelsey! A few years ago (actually like 8 or 9 years ago–yikes, time flies!), I used to use Origins products a lot and always really enjoyed everything from them. I haven’t worn anything from them in awhile and have never tried their bronzer or mascara. I just put them both on my wish list πŸ˜‰

  28. Avatar

    Another great company to try is w3ll people, amazing natural make-up. Worth checking out.

  29. Avatar

    You might like Pink Papaya. I used to sell it but am too busy — my sister sells it now. They have 93% up to 100% natural products. God bless you! I hope you find what you’re looking for! I am going to save this info on 100% Pure for some products.


  30. Avatar

    I have been using the 100% pure mascara also and love it! I had the hardest time giving up drugstore mascara, even though I had switched just about everything else that I put on my face and body. But I heard so many good things about 100% pure and I am thrilled with it. Thanks for the recommendation.

    Also wondering if anyone out there knows how the 100% pure powder foundation would compare to the bare minerals loose powder foundation that I have used for years.

    • Primally Inspired

      So glad you like the mascara, Elizabeth! I’m still in love with it – don’t you love how it smells?! I’d love to hear how the 100% Pure powder foundation stacks ups against the bare minerals. Hopefully someone can comment about that. I’ve never used bare minerals so I can’t comment, but I always hear nothing but great stuff about it. I am still using the 100% pure powder foundation and am still a really big fan of it. Since this post, I’ve discovered Lauren Brooke eyeshadows and I’m liking them a lot. They have a large color selection and the colors are very pigmented and go on so nicely. And I’ve been using the HoneyBee Gardens pencil eye liner, which I like. Everything else is 100% Pure!

  31. Avatar

    Hey there,
    I am a big fan of 100% pure and your blog! Was wondering if you could help me with one thing though: I can’t seem to find a sharpener that works on the lip creamstick. What do you usually use?


    • Kelly from Primally Inspired

      Hi Aubrey! I had this same problem!! I ended up finding a sharpener from Wet’N Wild (you know that super cheap makeup brand that you find at drugstores…). Since then, I’ve also seen some extra thick sharpeners at Target, although I can’t remember who the brand was that makes them. I hope that helps!

  32. Avatar

    Hey Kelly,

    I know this is an old post. I’m curious…are you still using 100% pure? I’m curious to try their foundation. I like a powder that comes in a compact (which they offer) that gives decent coverage. I wish someone sold it locally just so I could try out colors. That’s always the hardest part.

    • Kelly from Primally Inspired

      Yes and I still love it!!! It’s funny because I just bought their new BB cream yesterday (or maybe it was the day before — all my days are running together lately lol). For normal days, I just use their foundation powder in Golden Peach. On days/nights I want to look a little more made up, I use their liquid foundation (golden peach) and then use that foundation powder to set it.

      I am one that loves to try new things, so over the years I’ve given other things a try, but nothing has compared (at least to me) to 100% Pure in both performance and quality ingredients. I just started using their shampoo and conditioner and love it, too!

      If I had to guess a color in the powder for you, I’d probably say Golden Peach. And another suggestion: sign up for their emails and wait for a sale if you can wait. They frequently run really great sales!

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