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BIG (…or little) News!

Big (…or little) News!

Kelly Winters Pregnant 28 weeks


I’m pregnant! 7 months pregnant to be exact. Yes, very pregnant πŸ™‚

Here’s some of the fun details:


Due Date:

End of March 2017 



I wanted it to be a surprise so we opted not to find out. So many people tell me that waiting to find out the gender until birth was one of their top most incredible moments and I can imagine! The anticipation even thus far has been so fun! Zach thinks we are having a boy. At first, I totally thought the baby was a girl because I had a few baby girl dreams, but lately I’m thinking it may be a boy, too. My side of the family and most of Zach’s side think it’s a boy. Plus, a lot of people tell me that I’m carrying like I have a boy. We shall see! I can’t wait πŸ™‚


Maternity with dog Picture


Planned or not:

Definitely a surprise baby! This may come as a surprise to a lot of you, but Zach and I never planned on having kids. It’s not that we don’t like kids. Because we do. A lot!  But we love the life we’ve built together during our 13 years of marriage… including lots of sleeping in, going out, freedom, fun, adventure, travel, romance, incredible intimacy, great communication, do what we want, whenever we want. 


Looking back, we had so many fears about having kids. We truly thought that kids would ruin everything we loved about our life. Finding out that I was pregnant was a huge emotional roller coaster for both of us.


In fact, we didn’t even tell anyone I was expecting until 18 weeks because we were having a difficult time wrapping our heads around everything. We both sought some therapy – as a couple and one on one – to express and get rid of all our fears, resistance and concerns around child birth and child raising so we could move forward with excitement, gratitude and love. And now I can honestly and confidently say that we are both thrilled about this new little blessing. It will definitely be a new kind of fun and adventure, but one that we’re welcoming with very open, joyous, grateful and loving arms. 


I realize there are so many people who have been struggling to conceive and what I just wrote doesn’t seem fair. I debated even sharing my feelings around it because I didn’t want to cause any hurt. If you are struggling to get pregnant, please know that I see you and I care about you. I don’t know why some things work out the way they do. But I personally find hope in knowing that all things do work out for our highest good and in the perfect timing. That promise has gotten me through a lot of life’s curve balls over the years and it’s eventually always proven true. Perhaps you may find some hope and comfort in it, too:

“He knows us far better than we know ourselves….That’s why we can be so sure that every detail in our lives is worked into something good.” Romans 8:28, The Message


Kelly Winters Pregnant 28 weeks



How I’m feeling:

So so great! Dare I say…..phenomenal?! It’s true – this has been such an easy, comfortable pregnancy. I feel incredibly healthy, strong, vibrant and I have an abundance of energy. I even feel more compassionate, loving and tolerant, which I never was expecting because I’ve heard so many horror pregnancy stories from friends and family. I’M SO THANKFUL…and so is Zach!


Kelly couple maternity photo



Fruit! Fruit, fruit and more fruit, but even more so in the first trimester. I can’t get enough of kiwis. I eat 2 or 3 a day and each time I eat one, I act like it’s the best thing I’ve ever eaten in my entire life. Zach says I look and sound like Homer Simpson eating donuts while I’m eating my kiwis haha! During the second trimester, I seemed to want all the healthy fats. Especially cheese and dairy. Givemeallthecheesethankyouverymuch.  And now that I’m in the 3rd trimester, I want protein. So. Much. Protein. Thankfully, I haven’t wanted sweets or desserts at all. No weird cravings either.


Looking back, I find it incredibly fascinating that my body intuitively craved the exact nutrients needed for a baby’s optimal development at precisely the right time. Our bodies are SO COOL!!!



None yet. We have fun discussing names, but nothing stands out to us yet. I want to see a face and a personality before I pick out a name so we’ll probably pick something after the baby is born. In my mind,  as soon as we see the baby we’ll just know and agree. People tell us that’s a horrible idea, but Zach and I are such spur of the moment kind of people and we think our way will suit us just fine.


Now I want to answer your questions! Ask me anything….


As you may have guessed, I’ve done loads of research on easy, healthy pregnancies and comfortable, natural deliveries and am committed to taking the best possible care of myself and my baby. Because I’m in the holistic living field, I’m incredibly lucky to be surrounded by some of the top experts and doctors in holistic, natural pregnancies and I’m taking full advantage of their knowledge and experience.  I’ve always taken really good care of myself, but now that I have a little one counting on me for nourishment, I’ve stepped it up a couple notches. Especially in the self-care and rest department.  I’ll share my pregnancy must haves in an upcoming post. I believe they are a huuuuuge reason for my super easy pregnancy and abundant energy and I can’t wait to pass on the knowledge! πŸ™‚


But in the meantime, Zach and I want to put together a video answering any of your questions surrounding pregnancy and birth, our feelings, what we’re doing, the details, etc. As you may have guessed, we are doing things a bit outside the box of a conventional pregnancy and birth. So if you have a question please comment below. Nothing is too personal or off limits so don’t be afraid to ask us anything! Or if you want to share any encouragement or tips for us newbie parents, we’d absolutely love to read them, too! 



Kelly couple maternity photo


Thank you for sharing in our joy, being a part of our lives and for your continued support and encouragement!  You are a blessing to me!

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  1. Avatar

    I’m so incredibly halt for you both! I was in the Dane boat, totally scared and unsure if I was in the right frame of mind to be ready for a baby. Truth is, NOTHING prepares you for a baby. And there is NO right time. But once your little precious is here is like they have been here the whole time. It’s amazing! I can’t even remember my life before my baby girl and that is fine by me! One thing you must do before baby comes, run out of the house and drive somewhere, anywhere, the gas station, around the block, just get up and go because it will never be that easy again, lol. Oh and a personal favorite baby name for boy or girl… Quinn…not just because it’s my girls name πŸ˜‰ but it’s beautiful too! Thank you for sharing this update with all of us fans!

  2. Avatar

    Sorry for all the typos in previous comment!

  3. Avatar

    Congratulations! I love your blog and can’t wait to see what you share about pregnancy, birth and parenting. Being a parent is the best blessing we can have in this life. It’s usually not easy, but nothing is more rewarding!!

  4. Avatar

    Congratulations. You are just beginning on this amazing path. Wait until you have 3 generations that you have been a part of creating. Life is such a miracle, and it is infinitesimal. May your enjoy every moment, as they have a habit of going too quickly. Hugs!

  5. Avatar

    Congratulations! My husband and I didn’t plan on having children either but a couple years into our marriage I got pregnant. By that time I was 36, yes we married late in life. I decided to stay on my good Shaklee vitamins and not prenatal since there wasn’t enough good stuff in the prenatal. I kept eating healthy and delivered a 5 lb 2 oz baby at 38 weeks. I couldn’t nurse so starved her for a few weeks but she was healthy. She’s all grown up and a wonderful married daughter who hasn’t had children either (by choice). However, I didn’t want to have an only child so we started working at it and had another daughter 3 years later. She was born 7 lb, 4 oz and was healthy. She is working on her masters degree in social work and loves it. It pays to keep yourself healthy. One of these days she will marry and have children. (I was 40 when I had her).

    • Kelly from Primally Inspired

      I love your comment, Carol! I’ll be 37 when I have this baby and I love hearing about other women who’ve had children a bit later in life. And yes I agree, it definitely pays to keep yourself healthy. My midwife said even though many doctors would consider me a high risk pregnancy because of my age, I’m so much healthier than 99.9% of the young 20 year olds! Makes me feel good haha!

  6. Avatar

    You are such a beautiful little mama! Congratulations to both of you! The moments of love will make it all worth while!

  7. Avatar

    So happy for you both. Love your reference to Romans so fitting. God knows what He is doing. I had a few issues in having kids, but God gave us two beautiful boys in His time. I wish you all the best and don’t over think it and you will do just fine. Blessings ?

  8. Avatar

    I am so excited for you guys! Congratulations!!! I also can’t wait to see what you share about your pregnancy and how you overcame any obstacles the natural way! I am curious to know, I hope this isn’t too personal, but do you plan on having a home birth?? Or even a water birth? If so, I definitely look forward to hearing about all that too! My fiancee and I are kinda sorta trying lol, so I love being able to hear others women’s experiences as far as pregnancy & birthing! Congrats again girl! ❀

    • Kelly from Primally Inspired

      Madeline, thank you so much for your comment! We are doing a water birth at such a precious 3 room Birth Center specializing in completely natural births about 45 minutes from our home. I feel so blessed to have a place like that close to me! We are also doing a hypnobirth with a hynpodoula which I am SO dang excited to share about – it’s a game changer and I want all women to at least know about that option! I can’t wait to share about my experience with it so far!

  9. Avatar

    Congratulations!!! Love your recipes, blog and your website even though I don’t usually comment Children are the hardest and the best thing you will ever experience in your life! You will be amazed at how much you learn about yourself in this journey but most of all you will get to experience a love and joy that you have never known before. SO VERY HAPPY FOR YOU! Thanks for sharing all your tips and life with us. God bless! πŸ™‚

  10. Avatar

    Congratulations! I wish you all a life of joy and continued blessings.

  11. Avatar

    Start studying The Bradley Method if you want to have any chance for a truly natural/ unmedicated pregnancy and delivery. Hopefully you will be able to find a Bradley instructor nearby for your classes! Get going!

    • Avatar

      Absolutely right on! I did Bradley with two unmedicated deliveries. Congratulations! One point of advice, no fret over the baby, relax and enjoy your new baby. It never gets easy, just different, and there is no love like it. It must be the love our Heavenly Father has for us.

    • Kelly from Primally Inspired

      Tracey, this is such great advice! I looked into and love the Bradley method! I ended up deciding to do hypnobirth with a hypnodoula. The program I took/am taking is very, very similar to the Bradley method – they both are so great. I can’t wait to share about my experience with my hypnobirth so far – it’s so amazing!

  12. Avatar

    I’m so happy for the both of you . I feel a child is a gift from God and I think God every day for my three kids two boys military 14 and 17 years abroad and one beautiful daughter that is now 30 living in New Zealand she will probably carry my products on and do it there . Just bond and stay as close as you can to that person because you never know what life brings to us and teach them to love be compassionate obey and have respect for all very inspiring I’m so happy for you Kelly

  13. Avatar

    Congratulations!! You will be awesome parents. It is an adjustment but one day you will both wonder why you didn’t have kids sooner. I have 3 grown children and every minute has been a blessing. We never changed the way we were living and included our kids in everything we’ve done, even from the moment they were born. They have never cramped our style. As for names, you will know what it is when you first lay eyes on your baby; the name just comes to you. As for delivery, the more you stay physically fit the easier the delivery. Again, congratulations, I’m so happy for both of you. ??

    • Kelly from Primally Inspired

      Lu Ann, thank you for such an encouraging comment! Zach and I especially loved the reassurance that we will wonder why we didn’t do this sooner and that you didn’t change the way you were living (although, we probably won’t get to do as much sleeping in haha!) I’ve definitely had to adjust my working out, but love still being active and getting outside and hiking with my pup as much as possible…I’ve just started to get out of breath so quickly now though lol.

  14. Avatar


    Congratulations on your surprise baby! My hubby and I are in the same boat when it comes to kids. We’ve been married 6 years and we love the way our life is without them. Some people think we will change our mind, and maybe we will, but in the meantime, things are great. We sleep in, travel and get to eat out more than we probably would if we had kids.

    I’ve had a pregnancy scare or two and boy does that instantly change the way you think! I went off the pill years ago, then tried the Paragard (copper IUD) but my body just didn’t take to it. Next I got fitted for a diaphragm only to find out that they didn’t make them in the US anymore. I ended up buying one online from ethicalfamilyplanning.com which is based in the UK. I’ve had one for about 3 years now and I love it! If you don’t mind me asking, what method of birth control were you guys using?

    I’m excited to hear your birth story and see how you do things as I’ve always said that if anything changed and we did have a kid/s….we would definitely go the crunchy granola way. πŸ™‚ Midwife, home birth, maybe in a birthing tub, etc.

    So glad you are feeling well and that momma and baby are doing well. Looking forward to hearing more about your pregnancy and birth. Congrats again and you guys will be awesome at this whole parenting thing!


    • Kelly from Primally Inspired

      AJ, I’ve always thought we were so similar…at least what I can gather through your comments over years haha! So it doesn’t surprise me that we were on the same page about kids.

      For birth control, we do the fertility awareness method, using non spermicide condoms on the days I could get pregnant and have been doing so for 11 years. That way has truly been great for us, but I’m so regular (literally my period is every 28 days on the same hour…I can time my watch on it) so it’s really easy for us. This time, it definitely wasn’t the methods fault for the pregnancy. It was our “mistake” (although I hate to call it that now).

      We had such a strong opinion about not having kids that we were alway extra extra careful using that method and honestly never once made a mistake in those 11 years. This may be TMI, but we were not being very careful on the very last day of my “buffer day” (a day when you really shouldn’t be able to get pregnant anyway) and boom! All I can say now is that you really gotta watch those buffer days πŸ™‚

      Thank you for your encouragement and positivity – it means a lot to me <3

      • Avatar

        Just seeing this comment now for some reason.

        Yes, I think we have a lot in common too. Funny how you can gather that from comments and whatnot. πŸ™‚

        I’ve read so much about the fertility awareness method and I sort of wish I could say that’s all we do, but in reality I use my diaphragm 99% of the time, even though I track my temperature and whatnot. My cycle varies in length from 26-35 days so that makes it interesting.

        I will say though, that I’ve had a number of friends and acquaintances that live a paleo lifestyle get pregnant super easy. So maybe that had to do with the buffer days.

        Either way, congrats again and I’m praying that you deliver a happy, healthy baby just the way you envision it!

  15. Avatar

    just wondering. can you use the infra red sauna while pregnant?

    • Kelly from Primally Inspired

      Great question! As with most things in pregnancy, I think it’s a personal choice and something you need to feel comfortable doing, but based on the research I’ve done, I found the infrared sauna to be safe in temps of 100 degrees or lower during pregnancy. (disclaimer — it’s always best to check with your doctor or midwife)

      I’m still using the sauna at 100 degrees a few times a week for about 20-30 minutes and I’ve done so all throughout my pregnancy and LOVE it! It’s such a relaxing time for me and the baby. I don’t sweat at all at that temperature and time, but my body loves the relaxing warm heat and I’ve especially been loving and noticing the benefits I’ve gotten from the chromotherapy. I’m currently working on a post all about the health benefits of color therapy it because it’s been extra beneficial for me during this time πŸ™‚

  16. Avatar

    Oh so exciting! Thrilled for you. I hope you have a chance to do some Hynotherapy for Birthing. As a Holistic Wellness Therapist, I suggest (and perform) hypnotherapy for an easier and more relaxed birthing experience. Most of my clients who have tried hypnotherapy for their birthing (through me or other therapists) find it incredibly helpful and peaceful. I was never able to have children but have been blessed to be a member of many women’s birthing teams. It’s a joy to see a woman become a mom. Blessings to you and your husband.

    • Kelly from Primally Inspired

      Oh Johnann, you are amazing! Thank you for sharing your gift with others…what a blessing. And yes, I am doing a hypnobirth with a hypnodoula and it’s seriously one of the best things I’ve ever experienced. I want to shout it from the rooftops to all women that they need to look into hypnobirthing. It’s been a total game changer for me..and my husband, too! I can’t wait to share our experience with it so far. I’m working on a post πŸ™‚ I’d love for you to chime in with your business information when you see that post so others can reach out you <3

  17. Avatar

    Congratulations! Very happy for you and your hubby. I have four children and loved each of my pregnancies. My recommendation to you both is to enjoy every minute you have with them, it goes by way to fast and then they are all grown up. All mine are grown and I miss seeing them everyday but I am so thankful for the time I had with each of them. Blessings!!! πŸ™‚

  18. Avatar

    I felt that I might have been the only person in the planet who had not planned on having kids. Conveniently, i married a man with 2 kids and i felt they needed attention (they did). It was the shock and surprise of my life to discover I was pregnant and 9 months wasn’t long enought to wrap my head around it. All this to say that I felt GUILTY for having kids while my friends struggled to get pregnant (I had only been 1 month off birth control for health reasons, and the same “thing” happened again so that my kids are exactly 14 months apart). I didn’t understand why I had these gifts when it wasn’t in my, um, plan. Sometimes I still ask, but I know I need them. Parenting is super hard, but kids are amazing blessings.

  19. Avatar

    Congratulations, Kelly and Zach, you will be wonderful parents and you will appreciate life so much more. Looking forward to seeing your new future through the blog (when time allows, lol).

  20. Avatar

    It’s funny, I guessed you to be pregnant from some comments you’ve made in previous emails. πŸ™‚ I couldn’t imagine life without my kiddos (6, 4 and almost 2) and we are even thinking about more! Crazy, I know. The thought that God hand picks our children for us, first handcrafting them inside us, then revealing their personalities to us over the years can be quite humbling at times. There is nothing that takes more of you than raising children, but there is also nothing that gives back as fully either. (Marriage is a very close second, but since you’re both adults, it’s just not the same.) I have been blessed to have midwife care and home/water births for each of my three. Originally I was planning for a water birth at a birthing center, so it didn’t take much to move to a home birth. And I wouldn’t do it any other way! My third birth was the best of all. Practice makes perfect, I suppose. I highly recommend getting plenty of rest leading up the birth (easier for the first than the third, lol :)). Hopefully you have a wonderful caregiver to coach you through it all. It makes a difference. God bless you both and your coming little one. Can’t wait to hear more.

    PS. My three are Isaiah Lee, Amelia Faye, and Madeline Louise. We used all family names for the middle names and liked Bible names for our boys. Hoping for another boy in the near future! ?

  21. Avatar

    So happy for you both. You look absolutely beautiful! Delight in and enjoy every moment in this season of your lives. It will be a blessing indeed ?

  22. Avatar

    What wonderful news, Kelly. You look totally fantastic. That really was quite a surprise you and Zach got. Having a baby will change your lives a great deal but there will be wonderful changes. You will trade in several of your loved activities to someone far more incredible. Your hearts will fill to the brim and then some with love so incredible that you will not believe it. You seem like a kind, loving, motivated and generous person—-always thinking of others. You will be a wonderful Mother. Thank you for sharing your special news. I wish you the total best! Susan

  23. Avatar

    Very happy to hear your news and that you are keeping well, don’t forget to schedule in lots of. Me time after the birth!

  24. Avatar

    Congratulations! Hopefully the little one will be a good sleeper because I know how hard it can be when they aren’t. What I found helped a lot was that I was well prepared before the birth. I had a serious nesting instinct and filled the freezer with meals I cooked from scratch and portioned so we could quickly just heat up on days we weren’t up to being in the kitchen much. I also have great news. I was told on Christmas day I’m going to be a grandmother for the first time and can’t wait!!! πŸ™‚ I should also tell you I ALWAYS have some of the wonderful slow cooker ghee I learned from your website in my fridge. The taste is amazing, nothing like bought ghee I think. So nutty! Thanks and best wishes. Sue

    • Kelly from Primally Inspired

      WOOHOO about your first grand baby!!! That is so great and makes me happy to hear your joy!!

      And I really hope I can be as prepared as you were with your pregnancies, Sue! That is such a great tip about filling the freezer with meals beforehand. I should start now while I still have a lot of energy πŸ™‚

  25. Avatar

    Congratulations!!! So exciting! My husband and I had our son 2 years and 8 months ago, after two miscarriages and trying for almost 14 years. He is such a blessing and yes, a baby changes everything… but for the good!
    For you…Bradley method…loved! Write out your birth plan and hand to person delivering baby. Raspberry tea a week or 2 before due date. Take 2 or 3 evening primrose tablets starting at 34-36 weeks. Pray protection over you both daily.
    For baby… no vaccines! Silvercillin (I like silver gel) on thei eyes after birth ( i took my own), If a boy, circumcise on the 8th day (God is so awesome. He designed our bodies and He knows their little bodies blood will clot on the 8th day…

    …….. among you shall be circumcised. You are to undergo circumcision, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and you. For the generations to come every male among you who is eight days old must be circumcised, including those born in your household or bought with money from a foreignerβ€”those who are not your offspring. Whether born in your household or bought with your money, they must be circumcised. My covenant in your flesh is to be an everlasting covenant. Any uncircumcised male, who has not been circumcised in the flesh, will be cut off from his people; he has broken my covenant. ”
    God told Abraham to circumcise babies on the 8th day of life.
    Did you know it wasn’t until 1939 that we had any idea why?
    The human body has two blood clotting factors. One of them is called Vitamin K. Vitamin K is not formed in the body until the 5th to the 7th day.
    The second clotting factor which is necessary is called Prothrombin. It interestingly enough develops to 30% of normal by the 3rd day of life and then with seeming in-consequence, peaks at 110% on the 8th day, before leveling off at 100% of normal….https://www.google.com/amp/s/sepetjian.wordpress.com/2012/06/12/anticipated-discoveries-of-the-bible-circumcision-the-8th-day/amp/?client=ms-android-att-us

    God Bless you all! So awesome to help the Lord bring another warrior for Him into this world!

  26. Avatar

    You look amazing, I’m guessing boy too! I have 1 girl and 3 boys and I craved tons of fruit just with the boys. I am also in Central Pa, I think you are too? And its a great place to raise children. Every thing you and Zach love to do you will love even more because you will enjoy it through the baby/child now- trust me!! We hike, bike, travel, and explore with the kids. My advice, once the baby is old enough is to get him/her outside daily- let them explore and get that fresh air. Once you hold your baby you will realize that nothing is more important than them- you would go to the ends of the earth for them- so the things prior to baby that may have seemed like too hard to do with a baby become manageable because they are beyond worth it! Blessings to you Kelly! Cheers to the BEST adventure yet!

    • Kelly from Primally Inspired

      Hi Susan! Yes we are in Central PA and love this area! Your comment is SO encouraging to both of us because like you, we are both so active and can’t imagine not being outside, exploring and going on adventures. It’s awesome to know that we will still be able to do all that and will actually love it even more now – woohoo! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ THANK YOU!!

  27. Avatar

    How exciting! Congratulations to you both!!! I have a feeling your fun and adventure in life is really only just beginning. Yes, having a child changes everything, but the wonder and joy they bring far surpasses anything you may have to give up. I never knew the full depth of love until I had a child. It gave me a better understanding of how great our Father’s love is for us. I will be looking forward to your updates and photos!

  28. Avatar

    You look blooming lovely, and I love that you are totally honest about having kids. Be under no illusion, this will change your life completely, but that doesn’t mean for the worst!! (which is what I thought!!). You can fit your children around your life, don’t make the mistake of fitting your life around your child(ren). If you didn’t like anything that your parents did when you were growing up, don’t repeat this on your own children!! You put the utmost effort into making other peoples lives great, so you will make a great Mum. Enjoy every minute, we never know what might be around the corner. Oh yes …… always sleep when the baby is sleeping, this way you will keep up with day to day life and not start putting your socks in the fridge and ice cream in the washing machine!!! that’s not funny!!! πŸ™‚

    • Kelly from Primally Inspired

      Nicki, thank you for this! So much! I was definitely under the illusion/fear that kids would change our life for the worst, too and am so happy to have a new, very much improved perspective. It’s so encouraging for us to get all these wonderful perspectives about kids. We are looking forward to how much more fun and adventure we will have now πŸ™‚

  29. Avatar

    Having a baby is such an amazing experience from the moment you find out to the birthing experience to all of the milestones. I have a 1.5 year old son and I’m due in February with baby #2 (another boy). I never knew I could love someone so much until our son was born and I can’t wait to feel that again and see how much more amazing it is with two kids. There will still be emotional rollercoasters along the way but overall it is so much fun and such an amazing experience. I’m so happy for you guys and I hope you love every second of it!

    • Kelly from Primally Inspired

      Danielle, thank you!! And congrats on your new February baby boy, too…so exciting! I can’t thank you and everyone enough for filling my mind with all of your wonderful perspectives about children. I think over the years I let the venting of my mom friends (no judgement – I know it can be hard and everyone needs a safe place to vent and feel heard) fill my mind with fear and negativity around having children so all this wonderfully positive information to fill my mind with is SO AMAZING! Thank you!

  30. Avatar

    Oh I am so so so excited for you. I was in the same place when I found out I was pregnant. But just like you I got more excited as it went on. And now our little boy is almost one year old, I feel stronger and better than ever, and we have had a blast! It turns out, he hasn’t changed much about what we love to do. In fact, I know this is cheesy, but he has enriched our lives. Definitely. And we still have a great time! So happy for you. And you look awesome!

  31. Avatar

    congratulations to you both on your wonderful news your expecting your first child you do look absolutely amazing and I wish you the very best my 5 pregnancies were wonderful and I must say my first child arrived so quickly he had to be caught by the midwife I never knew he would arrive so quickly but he did every pregnancy is different for everyone like myself I had 3 normal deliveries and 2 emergency c sections for I had twins so all in all I have 5 grown adult lads in there 20.S and I can still remember all the deliveries so like I said every pregnancy is different well I wish you and your husband all the very best and you look absolutely amazing god bless you

  32. Avatar

    Congratulations! Each pregnancy is individual. I craved different things both of my sons. Daniel was born at 26 weeks and stayed in the NICU the first two months (I couldn’t touch him for that long). Thomas was born at 40 weeks and 6 days and I got to hold him the very first day which is great because I didn’t have very much time with him. The only common things was I felt no pain, just my usual lack of stamina during delivery and it was vaginally. From talking to my friends theirs was different as well. True for awhile you won’t be able to sleep in but eventually kids will sleep through the night. I slept in with Daniel but he was on the bottle (the NICU gave him them first and he never took to breastfeeding) so it didn’t matter. Lee and my mother would take up the slack. With Thomas I breastfed so I had to be up every two hours which is when he wanted to be fed. You can still do all the other things you normally do. Just have to plan it out. If your child goes with your you have to bring items for them. If a relative or friend babysits you have to leave all the contact information. Sometimes priorities change. There’s always been a disconnect between Daniel and I. I was ridiculously happy with Thomas. Unfortunately he died of SIDS seven weeks after his birth five years ago. I breastfed him late at night. Laid him down for a nap like I had done countless times. Had to go to the bathroom. When I came back he was unresponsive and couldn’t be revived. Daniel was 3 at the time and he’s 8 now. I hope your baby grows up happy and healthy.

    • Kelly from Primally Inspired

      Jean, thank you for sharing your story with me and for letting me get to “know” your sweet Thomas and Daniel. I really appreciate your tips and encouragement, too – thank you! I am so sorry about Thomas and am glad you got to experience such a special relationship with him during the time that you had <3

  33. Avatar

    My mom told me when I had my daughter, Bridget, to enjoy every minute because they grow up way too fast. I took her advice and have had a blast for the last 18 years!!!!! It truly went by SOOOOOO fast!!!! Now, she is getting ready for adult life and I’m wondering where the time went. Enjoy every exhausting second with your little munchkin!!!

  34. Avatar

    Congratulations!! Being a mom is unlike anything you will ever experience anywhere else! I love it, even though it is the hardest job ever, you will love this job more than any other. We didn’t think that having children would happen due to my PCOS. I had to seek out a reproductive Endocrinologist and got pregnant very quickly with both of our children. They are complete miracles of God by His grace. We took Bradley classes, but it was not God’s plan to do this naturally. My kids were both big and my body didn’t cooperate at ALL! I had never read up on c-sections, big mistake on my part. My first was an emergency c-section and second was scheduled. They never engaged and dropped so we had no choice. I would not have been able to deliver my son, he had a 15in in dia head and 11 lbs!! Read every way to deliver, you don’t know what God has planned for your delivery. Enjoy each day you are given, sounds like pregnancy fits you well.

  35. Avatar

    Congratulations Kelly & Zach! What a happy surprise for you both. I hope your pregnancy and delivery continue to go smoothly.

    I remember I craved Bleu Cheese with my son–as an adult he absolutely hates Bleu Cheese. πŸ™‚

    All the best wishes for you and your new little family.

  36. Avatar

    Dear Kelly!
    I almost don’t know where to start! Literally! I read your email last night and have been thinking of my response ever since! So, here goes…
    Same. Same. Same!!! I mean, I could have written that blog post! (not as well as you, though!) My husband and I are married for 17 years, no intention of children ever (we love kids, but we felt like we could do more good volunteering and caring for people who are already on the planet who need help) but in July we found out that we had a huge surprise!!! I’m 36, I’m guessing you’re in that ball park, too, and I’m also a DYT type1!!! I also work for myself and I’m also doing pregnancy/birth (hopefully) slightly left of mainstream! We did decide to find our gender, we have a little girl! And she is due the 3rd week in March! And, we both sought some emotional therapy to help us get past the shock and get adjusted to our new assignment…
    I bet you think I’m making this up!! But I’m not!!! Anyway, being 28 weeks myself, I decided to decline the glucose test, and I’m now having to do blood sugar tests 4 times a day for 2 weeks… have you decided how you will handle this!?
    I’m so happy for you, I know that you’ll have so much wisdom and joy to pass on to your little one, and I feel personally blessed to be doing this at the EXACT same time as you, I know that your knowledge and example will help a lot of us out here! Thanks for sharing!
    PS- feel free to email me directly, if you want!

  37. Avatar

    How very special news indeed! I am so happy to hear your great news and wish you much health and happiness with the new addition to your family. What a great way to bring in the New Year.
    Congratulations and best wishes to you.

  38. Avatar

    Blessings to you both and the wee one coming. Yes, he or she will change your lives forever, but it will be for the good. You’ll see. That being said, I’m sure you will never regret the time you and your husband had for just the two of you.

    We adopted two older children before I got pregnant and had a baby after 12 years of marriage so three children in 15 months. It was a lot of work but wonderful at the same time!

  39. Avatar

    FANTASTIC NEWS, YAY! You are such an incredible person, so I know you will be a super, incredible Mom! I am blessed with 2 sons and a daughter, my older two are now adults and my youngest is 14. What an amazing journey you have had already, and now you get to share a new, joyous life with your best friend! I know you probably feel like a newbie, but don’t let that deter you. You ALREADY have an innate awareness of what is best for you, baby and Zach, that can just grow and expand with the energy you guys already share, just see it expanding and encompassing all three of you. I was blessed to be able to stay home with my kids and we chose to home school them, it was the best choice we ever made! A long way off for you, but the best advice I can give you, is to sit quietly with your choices in all you do, keep following your heart and most of all, be kind to yourself. So happy for you all! Good luck!

  40. Avatar

    So incredibly happy for you and Zach. And totally appreciate your candidness about everything. You are so blessed to know as much about health and wellness as you do. This puts you in such a great place. I think it is wonderful to be surprised by the sex of the baby. i am guessing boy!

  41. Avatar

    Awe Congrats looks like a boy to me .From my experience with my daughter looked like a basketball sitting on my belly and carried her low. With my boys oh my they were higher kept getting up in my ribs my rear and hips got well lets say wide LOL. From my experience always make sure that you both are on the same page with rules and what they can and cannot get away with it is so important that you back each other on everything.I did not have that and wound up with my son hitting on me cursing me telling me he wishes I was dead etc.. I deal with this steal today just this past month I have had my elbow fractured, hip bone bruised really bad,my nose cut open and almost a concussion from the front door slammed into my head. I truly hope your husband loves you and backs you up so your child does not do these things to you. I love my children and it’s hard to put them in jail but it’s also hard dealing with the abuse. Well anyways that my best advice to save you some pain but as all parents know they don’t come with no manual just raise them with good values and respect for people and with all the love you can give and hope for the best LOL

  42. Avatar

    Kelly, congratulations! Wish you the best. Unfortunately my husband and I after .clombing over many obstacles could not have children. BUT the Lord is good and very gracious. He has our life planned better than we could imagine.

  43. Avatar

    Kelly and Zach-
    Congratulations on the baby to come and blessings on your new family. May God always be with your child – even when you cannot.



  44. Avatar

    So happy for you and your husband! We were married 15 years before our baby was born. We didn’t try for the first 10 years and when we were ‘trying’ nothing! We sort of gave up and moved on with our lives, doting on our nephews when baaaam..baby boy arrived Dec 24 1991… 5 years later..whoops we did it again and Dec. 21 1996 baby boy # 2 arrived ( I was 42) Won’t lie it hasn’t been rainbows and lollipops…but we love them and they love us! Tell them every chance I get that I love them..and at 25 & 20 still hug mom and Dad and tell us they love us.. What an adventure you and Zach are embarking on! Wish you much luck…I think it’s a boy.

  45. Avatar

    Congratulations to you and Zach, and I’m most thrilled with how you’ve handled this unplanned surprise. I know that with open hands and arms, you will be blessed with love returning to you in a bundle of joy. We never got pregnant and have been raising rescue dogs instead. It’s not quite the same since the dogs can’t talk back, but we have similar parenthood discussions, disagreements and adventures. Your dog has given you some head start on this adventure. I look forward to reading all about it as it unfolds for you!

  46. Avatar

    Kelly, how happy I am for you and your husband! I wish you every blessing and safe and happy birthing ahead! My children are in their late 40″s now, and so I did all this a long time ago, but *baby love* and the feelings are with you for a lifetime.

    I couldn’t resist the experience of having children and was fortunate that all went well. As far as advice, I would say, continue in your loving, Godly ways. It all flows as it should. Stay peaceful. Your baby will thrive in that peace, as will the two of you.

  47. Avatar

    Congratulations! And thank you for sharing – both your happy news and your reality going through a such a life changing event. The honesty is very refreshing! Many, many happy returns to you and the new little cutie coming your way <3

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