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Do You Need a DETOX? 15 Signs your Liver is STRESSED

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Do you need a DETOX? 15 signs that your liver is STRESSED

Do you need a detox? Learn the 15 signs that you have a stressed liver and what you need to do to safely detox so you can regain your health.

Do you need a DETOX? 15 Signs that your liver is stressed | PrimallyInspired.com

Our liver is so overburdened and overworked from the toxic and chemical nature of today’s world. It seems like everything in our world is toxic these days – our air, our soil, our water, our food and the list goes on.


Did you know our bodies are now the home of well over 700 toxic chemicals?! That’s crazy! Even scarier, an Environmental Working Group study found newborns contained an average of 287 toxins in their urine including mercury, pesticides, formaldehyde, Teflon and more from exposure before birth.


Even if we make a concentrated effort to eat organically grown food and use natural personal care and cleaning products, we still can’t control the thousands of harmful toxins that are present in our environment.


Our liver has the super important job of cleaning all these toxins from the body. As you can imagine, it’s the hardest working organ in our body! But our liver was never designed to handle all the toxins and chemicals that are in today’s world. These excess toxins leave our liver overworked, overburdened, and stressed. When our liver can’t handle our toxic load, toxins accumulate in our body.


Alarming studies show that 100 percent of human fat cell biopsies show elevated levels of known toxins. Yikes! When toxins build up in our body, our health suffers. Mary Vance, holistic nutritionist and author of Three Weeks to Vitality says,

 “Toxic overload creates an acidic internal environment and has been impli­cated in a number of diseases, including cardiovascular disease, cancer, chronic fatigue, allergies, skin conditions, asthma, mental illness, hyper­tension, gastritis, kidney disease and obesity. Studies are beginning to reveal that toxic overload contributes to more serious conditions such as autoimmune diseases, inflammatory/rheumatoid arthritis, and neuro­logical disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.”

  Detox - 15 signs of a Stressed Liver | PrimallyInspired.com

Signs of a stressed liver:

  • fatigue
  • brain fog
  • headaches
  • chronic joint or muscle pain
  • digestion issues including gas, heartburn, bloating, diarrhea or constipation, and abdominal pain
  • insomnia
  • autoimmune diseases
  • hormonal imbalances like PMS or menopausal symptoms
  • acne or skin rashes
  • anxiety or depression
  • allergies
  • inflammation
  • chemical sensitivities
  • chronic bad breath
  • weight gain


How do I fix a stressed liver?

The great news is that we can reduce and eliminate these unpleasant symptoms. By reducing our exposure to processed foods and chemicals, along with liver-supportive herbs and foods that support our body’s detox pathways, we can lower our total toxic load, making us feel better and experience more vibrant health and longevity.


Who needs to detox?

If you have any of the above symptoms for a stressed liver, you should definitely consider going through a detoxification program to regain your health and quality of life back. These days, I personally think everyone would benefit from going through a holistic cleanse or detox to reduce our toxic load and help support our liver.


How do I detox?

There are many gimmicky detox programs out there selling pills and products and making big promises to lose weight and feel great. But please be careful, do your research and choose a program carefully. Some programs can be downright dangerous. I recommend looking for a whole foods based detox or cleansing program that helps you transition into a long-term healthy lifestyle.


I personally recommend and can vouch for this 3 week detox program by nutritionist, Mary Vance called Three Weeks to Vitality (find it HERE). I especially like this program because it’s a whole foods based detox plan that focuses on liver supportive real, whole foods and liver cleansing herbs that support our body’s detox pathways. Mary clearly lays out easy to follow directions and guidelines for each week. There’s even meal plans, recipes, lifestyle tips, product recommendations and a wealth of valuable nutrition information. One of my favorite parts is that she teaches how to transition off the 3 week detox program and how to maintain it for LIFE, which is so key to a healthy liver and a healthy, vibrant life.


Have you ever done a detox cleanse before that brought you good results? Let us all know which one you did! 

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Do you need a DETOX? 15 Signs that your liver is stressed | PrimallyInspired.com

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  1. Avatar

    Jen and Jadah over at simplegreensmoothies.com have a fantastic 21-day whole foods cleanse! The food is delicious, and I continue to integrate it into my diet even after the cleanse! (:

  2. Avatar

    Hi Kelly, great post! I have been cleansing and detoxing on a regular basis for nearly a year now due to Candida and cancer. I have found that coffee enemas are very effective and safe for detoxing the liver. I do one daily. I know they work because if you’ve ever done an Epsom salt, grapefruit juice and olive oil liver cleanse, you will eliminate stones and chaff that float on the top of the water. The same thing happens with the coffee enemas. They are awesome! And of course one should still also follow a whole foods diet 🙂

    • Primally Inspired

      I have heard from a few people about the effectiveness about coffee enemas! Thanks for your knowledge and I wish you much healing, Anastasia!! xoxo, Kelly

    • Avatar

      I have just been diagnosed with having gall stones.. They want to take mt gall bladder out. I asked the surgeon about the grapefruit ,Epsom salts and olive oil. He told me NO WAY would the stone go through the tiny ducts to my colon and out!! He said impossible .
      Help me before I make a huge mistake . I need your method day by day recipe to flush them out…

      Pleased help
      Thank you
      Lisa Vandelac

      • Avatar

        Lisa, It’s ok to get a second opinion or look for other options. I am not a doc, and I don’t know anything about coffee enemas, but just know that we as adults need to pick and choose what we think is right and reasonable for our own health. Try finding a Doc who practices Functional medicine. Keep asking questions. If you are not in a life and death situation, do what you can to avoid a possible unnecessary surgery ??? Just my opinion ;). My husband told me a horrible story yesterday about a young boy who’s appendix ruptured AND had severe blockage of feces in his intestines. Will spare details, but golly gee whiz, sometimes Docs miss things–nobody is perfect. Continue to be your own advocate !!

      • Avatar

        Lisa i had gall stone and try to flush them with natural ways..the resul was that one stone got stcked in the pancreas and i went through hell, really serious consequences as the pancreas was not working properly anymore and was infected 🙁
        They had to operate on me and the procedure was much more invasive that the one they would have done if i accepted at the beginning… My advice, look t the size of the stones and think, because if they are big they dont come out, if they are small they coud go anywhere…laparoscopic operation for gallbladder is easy, find a good doctor and live in peace..

        • Avatar

          I am all for natural healing, healthful -real food eating, and natural detox. However, if you’ve been diagnosed with gallbladder disease, please take it seriously. There is a difference between suffering from gallstones, and a diseased gallbladder. I have gone through both. I was pregnant with my oldest, and at 26 weeks they performed lap. gallbladder removal. My gallbladder walls were paper thin and I was in danger of rupture. A ruptured gallbladder can be devastating. Listen to your dr. Ask questions, do the research. I have since turned my health around, and am happier and more energetic at 34, then I was at 24. You can live, and thrive without your gallbladder. I would have preferred to keep mine, but that was NOT an option. I make good digestive choices now – balancing my bodies ph, and using ACV and enzymes to support my system.

        • Avatar

          I agree, depends how big is stone,pancreatitis is nightmare.
          I got my gallblader removed,bit still every 3 -4 years I have pancreatitis from
          wondering new stones. I am wondering which method is good to stop this

      • Avatar

        Has your doctor mentioned Lithotripsy? This is a procedure where they place the patient into a large pool of water and send sound waves thru it and thru you. This will crush the gall stones for you to pass them naturally. This technique has been available for several decades, however, you can’t find it at every hospital. We have 6 hospitals in our city but only one offers the Lithotripsy. The rest opt out for the common surgery. My suggestion is to get a second opinion, ask lots of questions…including lithotripsy and weigh the answers.

    • Avatar

      Hi Anastasia
      How is the daily coffe anema that you do and what food we should take daily? Please help. my GGT test is very high for more than 8 years. I need the liver detox badly. When i do coffee enema for 3 days i feel very weak and heart beat is high.


    • Avatar

      What is the Epsom salt, grapefruit cleanse?

  3. Avatar

    2 tbsp. apple cider vinegar
    8 0z water
    a bit of honey optional
    does wonders after a couple of days

  4. Avatar

    Interesting about the gall bladder detox. My now ex-husband went to the emergency room and found out that he had gall stones. They gave him pain medication and sent him home. He refused to try anything. I learned about a detox of olive oil and apple sauce maybe??? I don’t remember. I took it three days in a row to convince him that it was safe though disgusting. It was safe. He never tried it and two years later, he had his gall bladder removed. Then his pancreas. Now he is diabetic. And has high blood pressure. If you are having problems with something. I recommend you STOP. THINK. CHANGE.

  5. Avatar

    I’ve done a lot of cleansing and liver flushes and it is amazing what comes out of the body. It never ceases to amaze me. Everyone always says how the body can detox just fine by itself and all that but it is not true for most people whose systems are compromised and overloaded with emotional and physiological toxins. I’ve done 8 master cleanses and 5 liver flushes so far over about 3 years. Each time with the liver flush I get about 50+ small blue/green softened stones that come out. I have a protocol that I do with diluted cranberry juice leading up to the flush to dissolve the stones with the malic acid first. Liver flushes should not be done without extensive colon cleansing first.
    I would also add symptoms of elevated lipids, hormone imbalances, and anger to the list of signs for stressed liver. It’s amazing what the liver does for us!

  6. Avatar

    I would like to get this info in my enails

  7. Avatar

    Thanks for the useful tips!

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