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Natural Energy Boosts: 7 Tips for More Energy

Get more energy naturally! Here’s 7 natural energy boosts to increase your energy when you’re tired. Including 3 easy, natural energy drink recipes & simple exercises to boost energy quickly.

Get more energy naturally! Here's 7 natural energy boosts to increase your energy quickly when you're tired using easy, natural energy drink recipes, movement and harnessing the power of the mind.

Elizabeth Resnick, health coach, friend and fellow blogger is sharing her favorite natural energy boosts with us today! I love all of her healthy natural energy boosting tips and I even learned about a new one – Crio Bru. I just ordered some (I mean roasted cocoa beans that increase energy naturally and are really good for you?! I can’t resist!) and am excited to try it đź™‚ Enjoy reading her post below! ~Kelly

Here's 7 natural energy boosts to increase your energy quickly when you're tired. 3 natural energy drink recipes and simple exercises for quick energy!

Natural Energy Boosts

If there’s one thing we could all use more of… it’s energy!


Not just energy to get through the day, but energy to actually enjoy the day. Because isn’t that what it’s all about? We want to feel happy, healthy and hot, and that’s hard when we’re tired and dragging.


So today I’m going to share some quick simple, natural tips to use throughout the day whenever you need a quick energy boost. And bonus… all these natural energy boosts have many other health benefits as well. Because we all love a win-win!

How to Boost Energy Naturally with Food

Let’s start with what you put into your body. You can increase your energy naturally with healthy food! Many times when we need an energy boost we reach for a combination of sugar and caffeine, which usually means a crash later on. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are the top healthy foods to boost energy naturally:

1. Lemon Water

Let’s talk about lemon water…because that’s how I love to start every single day. Our bodies lose water when we are sleeping, and being dehydrated can contribute to fatigue. The freshly squeezed lemon juice gives you bio-available vitamin C, and just the scent of citrus is very stimulating. I carry lemon water with me in a travel cup when I am out all day.

Here's 7 natural energy boosts to increase your energy quickly when you're tired. 3 natural energy drink recipes and simple exercises for quick energy!

2. Crio Bru

Another great energy boost (and treat!) is Crio Bru. It is made from fair trade cocoa beans that are roasted and ground like coffee, and it’s a dream come true for a health conscious chocolate lover like me! You can find Crio Bru HERE. You brew it just like coffee (a French press like THIS works best) and you can enjoy it hot or cold.  The beauty of Crio Bru is that it is 99% caffeine free, yet the theobromine gives you a boost of focused energy, without jitters or sleeplessness. If you are trying to wean yourself off of coffee, Crio Bru can be a huge help. Oh, and the ground cocoa beans? High in antioxidants and magnesium too! See, it’s a win-win! 

3. Matcha

You can also get that calm, focused energy with matcha. Matcha is made from finely ground green tea leaves. It contains caffeine, but much less than coffee. The L- theanine in matcha is what gives us that focused, alert feeling. And matcha is also a great source of antioxidants…much higher than traditional green tea, since you are consuming the whole leaf. It is also said to boost metabolism and aid weight loss. Matcha is made by simply whisking the powder into hot water. You can turn it into a frappuccino by blending with coconut milk and some sweeter. (Kelly has an awesome recipe for this HERE!) or drink it iced. Be creative!

Here's 7 natural energy boosts to increase your energy quickly when you're tired. 3 natural energy drink recipes and simple exercises for quick energy!

Simple (& Fun!) Exercises for a Quick Energy Boost

If your energy is lagging throughout the day, sometimes it just means you’ve been sitting too long. Get up and move! Here are my favorite ways to get an instant natural energy boost through simple and fun exercise:


1. Go for a Walk

A walk outdoors is ideal. Not only will movement help you feel more alert and awake, exposing yourself to natural light during the day helps adjust your melatonin production so you sleep better at night. While you’re out, try to put down the iPhone and really pay attention to what’s going on around you. There is so much energy out there, especially on a nice spring day. I love to hear the birds singing and the bees buzzing!


2. Bounce

One of my favorite ways to boost my energy and alertness, at any time of day, is to bounce. Yes, bounce! A mini-trampoline, or rebounder like THIS, is great for this. Just a few minutes on it and you feel like a different person. Even just sitting on a large exercise ball, with your feet planted on the ground, and gently bouncing, is helpful. And like everything else on this list, bouncing has other health benefits. It stimulates our lymphatic system, which helps our bodies detox at a cellular level, AND helps improve bone density. Oh, and did I mention it’s fun?!


3. Dance  

Speaking of fun, when all else fails, turn on some great music and just dance around the house. Everyone knows I like my boy bands, but play whatever makes you want to move. I love doing this at night when I need some motivation to clean up the kitchen.

One More Important Tip To Boost Energy when you’re Tired

So, we’ve talked about some great beverages that give you an energy boost and have amazing health benefits. And we know that just getting up and moving can help. Now let’s talk about what’s going on inside our heads…


I know it’s tempting, but resist the urge to tell yourself and everyone else how tired you are. That’s only reinforcing it.


When those tired thoughts creep into your head, make a quick mental list of ten things you’re thankful for. In fact, any time you are down just give this a try!


And there you have it…some quick, easy, natural tips to increase your energy throughout the day. Kelly and I would love to hear from you. Which of these tips have you tried? Any others you would like to share?


(Note from Kelly — Don’t you just love Elizabeth’s fun and upbeat attitude?! I think you will enjoy her blog with all her healthy living ideas as much as I do! Be sure to check it out HERE.)


Elizabeth Resnick - helping women get happy, healthy and hot! Elizabeth Resnick is a holistic health coach who believes that all women deserve to feel happy, healthy and hot! She loves showing busy women how simple, fun lifestyle changes can help them look and feel better than ever. Elizabeth earned her certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York, but she has always enjoyed sharing her passion for health and whole foods. When she’s not writing her blog or working with clients, you can probably find Elizabeth listening to music, driving with the top down, or enjoying the outdoors with her dog, KO. Check out Elizabeth’s happy, healthy, hot blog HERE or follow her on Instagram @resnickelizabeth


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    Ahh, thanks for the tips!! I love the fresh ideas. And I already ordered some Crio Bru!! Can’t wait to try it out. Thanks for sharing with us, Elizabeth!!

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    I am curious about the Crio Bru and the bromine you get from it because my naturopath has had me on a strict protocol trying to rid my body of bromine that has wreaked havoc from years of exposure. Do you know anything about this?

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      It is my understanding that theobromine (one of the components of Crio Bru that helps to give you energy) is not related to bromine in any way. I would certainly consult with your doctor about any concerns. Have a great day!


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    Why have I not tried this before?! Ok, it is on my Must Get list now! I love matcha green tea but sometimes want something different and less…green.Excited to give it a try! Thanks Elizabeth for all the info! 🙂

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