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Lilac Honey Recipe (with free printable labels!)

Now you can enjoy the smell & taste of lilacs all year long with this easy, delicious lilac honey recipe. Plus free printable labels for easy gift giving!

Lilac Honey Recipe

How to Make Lilac Honey (with free printable labels)


Is there any smell better than lilacs?! It’s one of my very favorite smells and lucky for me, I have 2 gigantic lilac bushes on my property.


Lilacs Edible


Not only do lilacs have the most glorious smell, but they are indeed edible and quite tasty.


My 2-year old, Sam, thinks lilacs smell so good that whenever he smells them, he buries his whole face in them and says “mmmmmm!”


Edible Lilacs


And lucky for all of us, there’s a very easy way to enjoy the smell and taste of lilacs long after they are finished blooming for the season: lilac honey!


Lilac Honey Recipe


Instructions for Making Lilac Honey

1. Pick fresh lilac flowers and buds off the lilac stems. Pack a glass jar 3/4 of the way full with lilac flowers. Try to avoid stems and green parts since they are bitter.


Lilac Honey Recipe


2. Pour honey over the flowers until the honey reaches the top of the glass.


Lilac Honey Recipe with Free Printable Labels


3. Cap your jar. After a few minutes, the flowers will settle to the top of the jar. After a day, the mass of flowers at the top will become much smaller in size.


Lilac Honey Recipe


4. Let the honey sit for a minimum of 2 weeks to up to 6 weeks (or however long you have the patience for…. you can leave the flowers in for as long as you want!)


Lilac Honey Recipe


5. When you are ready to eat or gift your honey, scoop off the mass of flowers from the top using a spoon. Recap the lid. Print out the free printable labels I designed and enjoy!


Lilac Honey Recipe


Tips for Lilac Honey:

It’s best to use non-washed lilacs since washing them will rinse away much of the fragrance. If you must wash, spray them lightly with water and dry them in a salad spinner or on the counter before placing them in the honey.


Make sure the lilacs you’re using aren’t sprayed with chemical sprays!


You can store your lilac honey in the pantry and it’s good for 1 to 2+ years!


You can use any size glass jars you wish. I typically use THESE 8 ounce jars.  (THESE jars are less expensive and very nice.) 


I get my adorable wooden honey dippers that are perfect for gift giving HERE.


Lilac Honey makes the cutest gift for Mother’s Day and also perfect wedding, bridal, baby shower favors and more. I give an 8 ounce jar to all the moms in my life for Mother’s Day and everyone swoons over it! THESE 3.4 ounce size jars are the perfect size for favors, though!


How to use Lilac Honey:

You can use lilac honey anyway you would use regular honey. Just keep in mind that the delicious and subtle flavor of lilac will shine through any way you use it! You’ll also receive some of the wonderful medicinal properties of lilac (woohoo!). Lilac is most known for helping aging skin and helping stomach issues (you can learn more about the medicinal qualities of lilac HERE).


Here are some of my favorite ways to use Lilac Honey:


Lilac Butter – fold some lilac honey into softened butter (SO good!) and use on toast, pancakes, etc.


Lilac Lemonade – HERE is a my favorite lemonade recipe made with honey. I use my lilac honey instead of regular honey. Wow, is it good!


Take a spoonful for an effective cough and throat syrup or as a general immune booster.


Use it on your face for a nourishing and healing  honey face mask. Lilac is excellent for healthy & glowing skin. HERE is my tutorial on how to do a honey mask.



Click HERE to Download the Lilac Honey Free Printable Labels

(or click label graphic below to open the PDF file)

The PDF file is a sheet of twelve 2-inch labels that I designed. You are welcome to print it yourself or download it. I have my local professional printing company print them on a high quality sticker paper for the best colors and quality. It only cost a couple dollars and I think they turned out beautifully!

Lilac Honey Free Printable Labels


Pin Lilac Honey Recipe HERE:

Lilac Honey Recipe

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