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How to Make Snow Ice Cream (Dairy Free)

Learn how to make Snow Ice Cream with just 2 ingredients! It’s delicious and fun to make when it snows. Dairy or dairy free recipe included. 

Snow Ice Cream Recipe

How to Make Snow Ice Cream


Have you ever had snow ice cream? It’s so fun! 


And super simple. Just 2 ingredients and one of them is….snow!


Snow Ice Cream Recipe


The other ingredient is your favorite flavored creamer. You can use any creamer you love. (You want to use creamer and not milk for this recipe because milk makes it taste too watered down.)


My go-to creamer is THIS Almond Milk Vanilla Creamer. It’s so good and my favorite dairy-free creamer. (Not sponsored – I just love it!)


And if you aren’t dairy free, any flavored creamer works for snow ice cream! 


Snow Ice Cream Recipe


Just mix 1 cup fresh snow and 1/4 cup flavored creamer. That’s it!


Snow Ice Cream Recipe


It’s so easy to make that my 2 year old loves making it all by himself in his pretend “ice cream truck” and proudly serves it to me and my husband.


Snow Ice Cream is really fun to make with kids. You can even add fun toppings if you wish. The flavor possibilities are endless! Enjoy!


Snow Ice Cream Recipe


Snow Ice Cream Recipe:

How to Make Snow Ice Cream (Dairy Free)
Serves: 1 serving
Snow Ice Cream Recipe with just 2 ingredients!
  1. Mix fresh snow and creamer together. Enjoy!

If you’ve never had snow ice cream before, I hope you’ll try it the next time it snows in your area. And if you’re in one of those places where it doesn’t snow, you’ll just have to come visit in the winter and my little boy would love to make some for you! 🙂

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Snow Ice Cream Recipe

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