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Book Review: Real Food Survival Guide For Busy Moms


Book Review: Real Food Survival Guide For Busy Moms

I got my hand’s on a copy of Real Food Survival Guide For Busy Moms at the beginning of this month. The first half of this book is chock full of great advice, tips to save time and money and strategies for making real food work for busy families. The second half contains over 30 super simple recipes that taste amazing and will be a hit with your family.


I don’t normally do many book reviews on here because I’m usually too busy coming up with recipes, but this is one book I need to tell you about because I think it can be a ginormous help to you all, especially those who are new to eating real food and are feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. If you are a mom, just getting dinner on the table can seem like an impossible task most nights, right?!


And that’s the reason I love this book so much – it’s full of practical, real life advice that makes real food simple, affordable, less stressful and totally doable.


When I got done reading the book, my first reaction was, “Finally, someone who gets it!”


Lindsay Gremont, the author of Real Food Survival Guide For Busy Moms, “gets it” because she is currently living the life of a super busy mom. She is a full time working mom and wife who travels a lot with her corporate job and authors the popular blog, Homemade Mommy. If anyone is busy, it’s that chick. But she still manages to feed her family real, nutrient dense food every day.


Throughout the years, she’s learned a wealth of time and money saving tricks that cuts corners without cutting nutrition or flavor.  And she spills her secrets in her new book. She gives tons of ideas on how to stretch your food dollar to help give more nutrient dense food to your family. She also gives practical and realistic advice for time strapped cooks.


What you’ll learn:

  • How not to feel overwhelmed by cooking
  • The secret to making food your family will eat
  • How to save time and money on real food and how to reduce shopping trips
  • How to restock your pantry with real food alternatives
  • How to save time on prep
  • How to travel with real food
  • How to make smart choices while eating out
  • Get healthy lunch and snack ideas for kids in school
  • How to make over 30 simple, quick and delicious real food recipes
  • and more! 


I think Real Food For Busy Moms is definitely a must have for those that want to feed their family real food while keeping their sanity. 


 Click HERE to get this new book!


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