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3 Ways To Reduce Chemicals in Your Home


3 Ways To Reduce Chemicals in Your Home

Thanks to our polluted world, our bodies now house well over 200 toxic chemicals. Even scarier, an Environmental Working Group study found newborns contained an average of 287 toxins in their urine including mercury, pesticides, formaldehyde, Teflon, and more from exposure before birth.

While there are many harmful chemicals that we have little or no control over like air pollution and water impurity, there are 3 major ways to drastically reduce the amount of chemicals you and your family are exposed to on a daily basis:

  • Switch out processed food for real food and buy organically grown produce and pasture raised meats whenever budget allows.
  • Switch out chemically filled personal care and beauty products for more natural products.
  • Switch out chemically filled cleaning products with natural and homemade cleaning products.


 Please keep in mind that making these changes don’t happen overnight so be patient with yourself. Living a more natural life is a process. Remember, small steps to lasting changes.

In today’s post, I want to focus on switching to natural cleaning products and introduce you to an amazing resource I found: DIY Non-Toxic Cleaning Recipes by Heather Dessinger of Mommypotamus. 



Natural and organic cleaning products from the store can cost a fortune, but why buy them when you can make your own for a fraction of the price AND they are super simple to make.


While I swear that a little vinegar, water and baking soda will clean anything, I was ready to up my game in the natural cleaning world and find some recipes that really work for specific jobs. I was specifically looking for a liquid dish detergent since the one I currently buy is almost $10 a bottle and still doesn’t have 100% pure ingredients. I also need some help in the natural powdered dish detergent and laundry department since I’m not completely happy with what I’m currently using.


So I came across the DIY Non-Toxic Cleaning Recipes and wow, what a gem of a book!

This book contains over 50 recipes for every cleaning product you’d ever want to replace from all purpose cleaners to tub and tile care to any cleaner you can imagine!

But the best part, in my opinion, is that the recipes are super, super simple.

There’s no weirdo ingredients or things that I would be intimidated to try.

In fact, I’m willing to bet that you already have a majority of the ingredients right in your cabinets (I did!)

The first recipe I tried was the Lavender Lemongrass All-purpose Spray. I had everything I needed right in my cupboards and it literally took me 20 seconds to whip up. Love.



Remember I told you I wasn’t 100% happy with my laundry cleansers, right? So the next thing on my list to make was the homemade oxygen bleach. Holy moly, it was so ridiculously simple. Without spilling the beans, it’s seriously one ingredient. One! And it worked brilliantly! I am ecstatic over this.


I just read the book last night, but I’ll leave you with some other pictures of the recipes that are on my to-do list asap.

Grapefruit Soft Scrub that with only 3 ingredients that I already have!


Stain Remover for Laundry Care again with only 3 simple ingredients!


Another 3 simple ingredient Dusting Spray


 Ridiculously Simple Tub and Tile Cleaner


Fabric Softener


Rinse Aid for the dishwasher



There’s recipes for air fresheners, carpet, wood and tile floor care, toilet bowl cleaners and much, much more. I can’t wait to try them out.

Click HERE to purchase this brand new book, too!



Are you in the process of making the switch to living a more natural life? Do you have any tried and true homemade cleaners?  

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