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Collagen Hair Mask DIY Recipe

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Collagen Hair Mask Recipe

Collagen Hair Mask Recipe - DIY Collagen Treatment



DIY Collagen Hair Mask How-To Video



DIY Collagen Hair Mask Recipe Blog Post:


Today I’m excited to share one of my secrets for how I got super strong, healthy hair.  My little secret is collagen! And today I’m sharing my Collagen Hair Mask recipe. It’s such a good one! You’ll want to bookmark this recipe for sure, especially if your hair could use some help. And while this mask benefits all hair types, those of you with damaged and/or color treated hair will notice some pretty dramatic benefits.


Now I have naturally curly hair and if you happen to have curly hair like I do, you probably already know that curly hair is a lot more prone to damage, breakage and split ends.   


And boy did I used to have some damaged hair.  My hair was lifeless, dry, thin, frizzy, and super fragile. It took tons of product and work to get my hair to look halfway decent. 


And then collagen entered my life. Oh, collagen! A girl’s best friend as I now lovingly like to call it 🙂 Supplementing with collagen works wonders for the skin, hair, joints, bones, and more. (Learn more benefits from collagen supplementation in my post HERE).


I sing the praises of supplementing with collagen and gelatin all the time. I take 2 tablespoons of collagen peptides every single day in my green tea frappuccino and I’ve experienced some really amazing benefits from it. The biggest benefits I’ve personally noticed are with my hair and skin.


But you may be surprised to find out that collagen can also do wonders for your hair when applied externally


It’s true! 


I started noticing that a few fancy-schmancy salons now offer collagen hair treatments. And those treatments cost around $200 and up! Woah.


So I did some research, discovered what I needed and developed my own homemade Collagen Hair Mask that costs about $1 to make and it’s just as effective as those expensive salon treatments. Super awesome, right? You are going to love this!


Collagen Hair Mask Recipe - DIY Collagen Treatment


Benefits of Collagen for the Hair


Collagen peptides, also known as hydrolyzed collagen, absorb into the hair and strengthen it from the inside out. Collagen also helps fortify and strengthen the entire hair shaft by forming a protective shield over each strand of hair. This will not only reduce breakage and make your hair stronger, but it will also protect it from damage caused by heat, sun and other environmental factors. Collagen is also known to make hair shiny, soft and more manageable.  How cool is that?!


Really cool if you ask me. Because collagen really did transform my hair. I went from having really fragile, damaged hair to strong, healthy hair in just a matter of a few months. I used to have a big clump of hair in the shower drain after every shower – ugh! After seeing that huge clump of hair after each shower, I was always amazed that I had any hair left! But since supplementing with collagen and applying this once a month Collagen Hair Mask, I don’t have any hair in the shower drain anymore. It’s crazy. That’s how awesome it  works! I also rarely have split ends anymore, my hair has so much more volume and wait for it…..no more frizz!!!! For us curly haired girls, that is a small miracle 🙂


Collagen Hair Mask Recipe - DIY Collagen Treatment



When shopping for collagen, it’s really important to look for collagen peptides or hydrolyzed collagen for this mask to be effective. Protein molecules are much too large to absorb into the hair, but collagen peptides or hydrolyzed collagen go through a process that make the molecules small enough to penetrate the hair, allowing the collagen to work it’s magic. I use THIS kind of collagen – it’s high quality and I love it. 


Collagen Hair Mask Recipe - DIY Collagen Treatment


*Just a word of caution* — there is such a thing as too much protein for your hair. As much as this Collagen Hair Mask rocks, you don’t want to overdo it by applying it too often. Once a month is all you need! 


Collagen Hair Mask Recipe:

Collagen Hair Mask DIY Recipe
Serves: 1 application
DIY Collagen Treatment will reduce breakage and split ends and make your hair strong, shiny and smooth.
  1. Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl until thoroughly mixed.
  2. Apply to your entire head of dry hair massaging into the scalp and applying it all the way down to your ends.
  3. Leave on for 20 minutes.
  4. Shampoo out and rinse well. Repeat shampoo, if necessary.
Apply once a month.
*Make sure to use Collagen Peptides or Hydrolyzed Collagen for this mask to be effective!THIS is the kind I use.

That’s all there is to it! I can’t wait for you to try this! And please keep me updated on your results. I’m excited to hear how much your hair improves from collagen 🙂


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Watch My Video Tutorial For How To Make this DIY Hair Treatment HERE!

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Collagen Hair Mask Recipe - DIY Collagen Treatment


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  1. Cannot wait to try this! I have just switched from Great Lakes to Vital Proteins. Do you know anything about using this on highlighted hair? I’m getting mine done at the end of the week and wondering if it makes more sense to do this treatment before or after coloring. My hair is fine and prone to breakage. Taking collagen internally has definitely helped, so I’m sure this will improve it even more.

    • Kelly from Primally Inspired

      Hey Elizabeth! My hair is highlighted and it works great for it! I always do this treatment after coloring. I’ve noticed that it really seems to protect and prolong the color. Can’t wait to hear what you think of it!

      • Kelly, I loved it! I used castor oil instead of olive oil, because I have tons of it right now and it is supposed to stimulate haor growth. My hair feels soft and looks super shiny. Something else that has really helped my hair stopping using any heat on it at all. Really hard to do, since my hair is flat and straight, but so worth it. Thanks for the great post!

        • Kelly from Primally Inspired

          Nice!! I really need to figure out a better way to curl my hair without heat. When my hair is short or long, it looks good naturally curly without a curling iron. But this mid length hair that I’ve got sporting right now looks so much better with a couple quick curls with a curling iron. But I know that kind of heat can be so damaging over time! I try to limit my curling iron to just 2 or 3 times a week. If you or anyone else has any suggestions about nice looking curls without heat (that don’t require a lot of work — I have no patience) let me know!

          • I use sponge curlers with simply dampening the strand of hair, dries quickly. I do it at night or early in the morning. Thanks for information on Collagen mask for hair.

          • Have you tried ceramic curling irons? I have crazy hair and it needs a few swipes to tame it. I noticed the ceramic one on lower heat settings actually seem to condition my hair. No more metal for me! Sally beauty supply has a good selection. Get one with adjustable heat settings.

  2. My hair was damaged from years of salon coloring. About a year ago I started oiling my hair at least 2 times a week. I alternate between coconut, castor, avocado, and olive oils. I always mix at least 2 different oils for my treatments. I want to grow my hair super long. In May I started taking collagen internally. What a difference that made. It was as if my hair grew overnight! I added the collagen to my coconut oil and castor oil this morning. My hair is smooth despite the heat and humidity in southeastern Pennsylvania today!

    • Wow, Maryann, that’s great to hear! I really want to grow my hair long also. The collagen taken internally has definitely helped the new hair growing in, but my ends are still very prone to breakage which is why I am struggling to grow it longer. Hopefully this treatment will make a difference!

      • Elizabeth,

        In the beginning I had a problem with my ends breaking but that has subsided. I make sure I put a tiny dab of oil on the ends of my hair everyday. Also I stopped using color that contains ammonia. I now color my hair myself. I have stopped using plastic combs. I use a wooden detangling comb and a bone comb. I also use a wooden brush with wooden bristles. This has been a long journey for me, it is finally paying off. Any questions feel free to ask. Take care.

        • Wow, thanks so much! I have been using a natural bristle brush but the wood sounds interesting. My hair really thinned out from several courses of accutane years ago as well as some major stress a few years ago. I’m seeing improvement but always trying to tweak my routine.

    • Kelly from Primally Inspired

      Nice!! I can’t believe the difference collagen makes – so glad to hear it’s been amazing for you, too! Love your tip about using 2 oils for your hair. I try to give myself a scalp rub with olive oil and a few drops of rosemary essential oil (so great for hair growth!!) about once a week, but I’m not quite as faithful as you! You’ve inspired me to keep at it 🙂

  3. Hi,
    I’ve got the hair mask on my hair right now. I have to ask though, in the directions it didn’t say to try to dissolve it before it goes on the hair. It’s very grainy – is that right? How can the grains I can feel with my hands go into the hair shafts unless it’s dissolved? I’m just needing clarification. This is the first time I’ve tried anything like this. My hair is wavy like yours and is VERY frizzy/straw-like. It doesn’t break easily, but it’s falling out, just like you described with yours before you started this routine.

    I posted a question on your Facebook page but haven’t heard back. I was wondering how long after you started taking colleaen internally and the hair mask externally did you see results?

    Thanks much! I really enjoy your site.

    • Kelly from Primally Inspired

      Hi Susan! Thanks for bringing this up! Yes, it is very grainy and that’s ok. The oils will condition and smooth your hair during the 20 minutes, but once you begin to rinse the treatment out with water, the collagen then begins to work it’s magic. You should even notice thicker hair after the very first treatment. It took me about a month of taking collagen internally to notice my that hair was getting noticeably thicker (friends noticed too without knowing I was taking collagen!). After about 2-3 months is when I noticed a huge reduction in the amount of hair in the shower drain and that my hair was growing a lot faster.

  4. I used this mask today and my hair feels amazing!! It doesn’t feel like straw! Yay! Thank you for the recipe. My hair was highlighted about 3 weeks ago- and this mask didn’t bother it.

  5. This sound awesome. I just bleached my hair so I need to try this out. Can I substitute with gelatin like the one from Great Lakes?

  6. Hi, I’m in the UK and struggling to find either of the collagen peptides or hydrolysed collagen in powder form. I do have some Great Lakes “collagen hydrolysate” in and reading the label this looks to be the same as hydrolysed collagen-can you confirm if this is ok to use? Many thanks

  7. Hey Kelly,
    Thanks for this awesome recipe, I cannot wait to try it! Can I use the Great Lake (red can) for this? I have s whole can I need to use up. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks so much!
    Amy ?

    • Kelly from Primally Inspired

      Hey Amy!

      The molecules from the red can are too large to penetrate into the hair and won’t provide strength from the inside out when applied externally. It will still give some benefit like temporarily thickening the hair. The green can is able to penetrate into the hair, though!

  8. If I make a large batch of this and keep it in a jar, how long will it stay good? Thank you! I can’t wait to try this! I have very curly and frizzy hair!

  9. I’m so excited to try the mask, living in Ga my hair is a frizz ball mess, and being pregnant double trouble. I’m in my third trimester what are your thoughts of taking it internally?

    • Kelly from Primally Inspired

      Hi Amber! Congrats!! 🙂 I’m not a doctor, but I personally would take (or eat! since it’s considered a whole food) collagen while pregnant and nursing. I think it’s one of those important foods and even more important while growing a new little one and recovering the body from giving birth. Here is what the response is from Vital Proteins when asked if it’s safe for those pregnant and nursing: “Getting enough collagen while pregnant is critical because it provides essential proteins that our bodies utilize daily and that promote optimal health for a growing baby. Collagen helps to build and repair our bones, joint surfaces, skin, teeth, eyes, arteries, intervertebral disks, and much more. Collagen is needed to ensure a strong body and to help you to continually heal. Although, we always recommend speaking with your physician regarding your specific health needs while pregnant and nursing.”

      I wish you the best with your delivery!!!

  10. Can I use the mask and take the collagen orally without exposing my hair to too much protein?

  11. Hello Kelly, can I add rosemary essential oil and vitamin E as well? Vitamin E being a natural preservative, do you think I can make the paste and keep it in a jar for at least 3 to 6 months?

  12. Would it be okay to add essential oils?

  13. Hi Kelly
    I have broken/thin edges will the collagen hair mask help me


  15. Hello, I was wondering if you should start with clean washed hair or if you can use this the day after washing if you have product on your hair such as hairspray from the day before?

  16. Hi Kelly!

    I can’t wait to try this but I have three questions first:

    My hair tends to be quite oily and is quite damaged right now. Would this make the oiliness worse? Maybe I should use it on a weekend?

    Second, I worry about rinsing all those oils down the shower drain, especially into a septic tank. Should this be a concern?

    Third, I use homemade shampoo bars, would that suffice in washing out the mask?

    Thank you!

    • Kelly from Primally Inspired

      Hi Rachel!

      The only way it would make your oiliness worse is if your shampoo bar wouldn’t wash all the oil out.

      To be on the safe side, I would ask a plumber that oil question because I’m not sure of the accurate answer and I’d hate to give you the wrong answer that could potentially cause a problem. All I can say is that I’ve been using many, many oil based products for years and years (probably over 15 years now!) and we’ve always had a septic and have never had any problems.

      I’m not really sure about your shampoo bar because I don’t have experience with your exact one. But I’ve used shampoo bars in the past with this mask! I had to wash my scalp 2-3 times to get the oil out, but it did wash out beautifully 🙂

      I hope you get a chance to try this! <3 Take care!!

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