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Paleo Lemon Bread with a Lemon Glaze – Grain Free, Paleo

Paleo Lemon Bread

Paleo Lemon Bread with Lemon Glaze – Grain Free, Paleo 

My wonderful, adorable and hilarious internet friend, Janice from HealthStyle Living, always gives me the nicest compliments about my no grains, no added sugar paleo banana bread. She raves about it all the time and said she was so happy to discover something she and her husband could enjoy while still staying healthy. I just love hearing things like that!


One of my favorite things to do is to experiment in the kitchen and take the typical “not so great for you foods” and make healthier options while still maintaining an amazing taste.


So when I caught wind that Janice was searching for a healthier no grain replacement for her husband’s favorite lemon bread, I couldn’t wait to take on the challenge.


Some of you may be familiar with the Starbucks lemon loaf: Delightfully lemony and delicious, but full of artificial ingredients, refined sugars and flour. This lemon bread tastes just like it, but this is full of wholesome, real, and good for you ingredients! Score!


Janice and I worked together for a long time on this recipe to get it absolutely perfect and we’re so excited to share with you the final version. We hope you love it as much as we do!

  Paleo Lemon Bread  PrimallyInspired.com

Paleo Lemon Loaf with a Lemon Glaze – Paleo, Gluten Free

Paleo Lemon Bread with a Lemon Glaze
Serves: Makes 1 loaf
Paleo Lemon Bread with a Delicious Lemon Glaze
Paleo Lemon Loaf:
  • 6 eggs
  • ¼ cup coconut oil (Find HERE) or butter, melted
  • zest from 2 lemons
  • juice from 2 lemons plus enough milk of choice (coconut milk from can or box, dairy milk, almond milk, etc.) to equal 1 cup*
  • ⅓ cup pure honey
  • ⅔ cup coconut flour (do NOT substitute another type of flour – it will not work! You can find coconut flour HERE)
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • ¼ teaspoon sea salt
*Juice your 2 lemons and pour the lemon juice in a 1 cup measuring cup. Add enough milk to the lemon juice until you reach 1 cup.
Lemon Glaze:
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
  2. Combine all the lemon bread ingredients in a mixing bowl and mix well.
  3. Pour into a greased bread pan and bake for 32-45 minutes (mine was perfect at the 35 minute mark, but it may take up to 45 minutes) or until golden on top and middle is cooked through. (If the top starts to get too brown towards the end of the cooking time, put some foil over the top.)
  4. Let cool.
To make the lemon glaze:
  1. While the lemon loaf is cooking, mix all glaze ingredients together in a small pot over low heat until it starts to simmer.
  2. Remove from heat and let sit to cool.
  3. Once cooled, put in the fridge to firm up.
  4. Once loaf is cooled and glaze is firmer, pour the glaze over the top of the loaf.
  5. Refrigerate the loaf at least 30 minutes - 1 hour until both the glaze and the loaf firms up a bit.
  6. Enjoy! Store leftovers refrigerator.
If you do not feel like making the glaze, you can skip this step (although, I highly recommend taking the few extra minutes and making it – that glaze is soooooo good!). You just need to add the following glaze ingredients directly to the lemon bread mix: honey, lemon zest and juice, and vanilla.


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  1. Avatar

    YES! I”m living in the high arctic and trying to convert to a paleo lifestyle, getting there slowly. I am gluten free and have all my flours up here with me. I didn’t bring any almond flour but did bring 2 pounds of coconut flour. I’m thrilled that I can make this!. yes. ty ty

    • Primally Inspired

      Woo! I LOVE coconut flour! Hope you like it!

      • Avatar
        Challenged Baker!

        Hi there – I got so excited about the lemon bread recipe and not being the best baker, I made it and something went horribly wrong. I followed the recipe exactly but the batter ended up being very liquidy. I baked it anyway and of course it was a flop. Any suggestions?
        Many thanks

        • Primally Inspired

          Uh oh!! The batter is liquid-y until you add the coconut flour in. Then the coconut flour will absorb all the liquid and turn it into a very thick batter.

          If you substituted another flour, it definitely wouldn’t work out. If you did use coconut flour, I’m not sure what to tell you 🙁 I’m so sorry!!

        • Avatar

          This happened to me once with a different recipe that called for coconut flour. When I went to make it a second time I realized that I had two Bob’s Red Mill bags that looked a like; one was SHREDDED coconut and the other was Coconut FLOUR! I had used the SHREDDED the first time! When I remade the recipe with actual coconut flour it turned out perfect. Maybe you ladies did the same?

    • Avatar
      brenda mclaughlin

      just tried a lemon loaf very good texture sliced a piece off knew right away i forgot the honey oh well trying another.. its in the oven now and yes i just love coconut flour have been experimenting all week gluten free recipes thank you for your recipes next one is the borwnie raspberry recipe thanks again

  2. Avatar

    I use Tropical Traditions coconut flour. I can’t wait to make this!!Looks so good!! Thanks for sharing.:)

  3. Avatar

    This looks like the perfect recipe to * finally* see what all the buzz is with coconut flour. It looks easy, minimal and tasty! Thanks:)

  4. Avatar

    Just days after my husband and I started the Primal diet, he ran into Starbucks to grab our daily cup of coffee and came out with a little bag in his hands too. I peeked inside and said “You can’t eat this!” He had ordered a slice of his favorite lemon cake completely out of habit. I can’t wait to give this recipe a try and have a pleasant surprise waiting for him when he gets home today!

    We LOVE your banana bread too… actually there hasn’t been a recipe of yours that we have tried that we haven’t liked. Thanks!

  5. Avatar

    I’m new to primal and your site. I like this recipe and clicked on the link to Amazon for the organic coconut flour. The reviews of various brands were confusing to me. Would you share what brand you’re having success with?

    • Primally Inspired

      Hi Lynn!

      I have been buying my coconut flour through an Amish market close to my house, but I have used Honeyville in the past and have been very happy. I have heard many wonderful things about Tropical Traditions coconut flour, too. Hope that helps!

  6. Avatar

    Thank you SO VERY MUCH, Kelly!!! Kevin and I LOVE this AMAZING lemon bread recipe!!!!!! It is, as I say, THE LEMON BREAD OF THE GODS!!!!!

    You are generous and thoughtful soul, and we appreciate you very much! <3 We were happy guinea pigs. 😀

    I seriously cannot use enough exclamation points in my response. LOL

  7. Avatar
    wendy wallace williams

    Ohhh my goodness, just made this… and it’s amazing.

    thank you soooo much. x

  8. Avatar

    What is the calories and fat content per Alice of this bread ?

  9. Avatar

    Do you glaze and cool this while still in the pan…or remove it from the pan immediately, while still warm….

  10. Avatar

    I made this and it was really good. The only thing was that the bottom quarter of the cake stuck to the pan even though I had buttered it. Would you suggest flouring the pan as well to keep it from sticking?

    • Primally Inspired

      Hi Marianne, thank you! It’s definitely worth a try and a great suggestion! I’ve been letting mine cool just a few minutes right when it comes out of the oven and then taking it out of the pan while it’s still warm with no problems. But I am going to try dusting the pan with flour next time and see if I can get it out nicer when it’s cool. If you try it before me, let me know if that worked better.

  11. Avatar

    Delicious made as waffles this morning with the glaze as a syrup. Wonderful!!!

  12. Avatar

    I have a lemon tree; so I froze juice and zest. How much juice and zest did you get from two lemons?

  13. Avatar

    Really tasty! The best way to keep it from sticking is to put a piece of parchment paper in the bottom of the pan. Let it extend an inch over the ends of the pan and oil the sides with coconut oil. You can use the ends of the paper to lift it straight out of the pan!

  14. Avatar

    Just a follow up to my last reply; I did finally make this ( it was my very first coconut flour recipe) and it is divine! I let the syrup soak in whilst it was hot and just kept spooning heaps of syrup over the cake- the result was a fairly wet cake with a taste and * almost* texture of baked cheesecake……..in fact I probably made too much syrup:) All in all very very pleased with the result and very looking forward to your future recipes.

  15. Avatar

    Just made this and it’s sooooooo tasty!!! I’m not even a fan of lemon cake but its my mums favourite. However I really liked this. Tasty and good for you! Lol. Banana bread next as soon as my bananas ripen! Love your recipes! Thanks you!

  16. Avatar

    This was amazing!!! Anything lemon flavored is good in my book, but this was over the charts! My mom even said it was even better than the unhealthy lemon breads and cakes she’s had. Thank you!!!

  17. Avatar

    Oh my. Ohmy, Ohmy, Ohmy!!!
    This was fantastic!! I cannot WAIT to make it for my other Paleo peeps to try!
    Woo hoo!
    Blessings !

  18. Avatar

    Okay. It’s me again – I just nosed around on your site…..I am in LOVE!! I am so excited to try out your recipes, workouts and just spend some time here!
    Alright. I’m finished now, I’ll quit leaving comments. ;o)
    Blessings, indeed!

  19. Avatar

    I giggled as I cut a slice of this. Seriously. I eat SCD and felt like I was being naughty but without having to pay the consequences. I substituted 3/4 cups applesauce for 3 of the eggs. The loaf is extremely moist. So moist that I wasn’t sure it was fully cooked except that my tester came out clean. It tastes great and the house smells amazing. Cant wait to eat a full slice with the dairy free refined sugar free strawberry icecream I made this morning. The lemons are from my tree and the strawberries are locally grown. Any recipe suggestions for using the fruit from our 4 grapefruit trees? Those always seem to go to waste. Thank you for your treats.

    • Primally Inspired

      Cynthia, your comment made me smile, especially the giggling part. lol. That is so great to hear of the applesauce substitutions. I get a lot of substitute questions, so I always love when someone chimes in on what they did and what worked for them.

      So glad you liked it! 🙂 The longer you keep it in the fridge, the more firm it will get. So if it seemed too moist, keeping in the fridge overnight helps that a lot.

      You must have been reading my mind on the grapefruit. I’ve been itching to make some grapefruit recipes and even bought (wish I had a tree!) a bunch on Monday for this very purpose. I don’t have any recipes off the top of my head, but I’m working on getting some good ones very very soon!

      • Avatar

        I know this isn’t a baking recipe, but it’s a really good pick me up drink made with grapefruit. I made this with only 1 grapefruit instead of 2 to start. After I realized how good it was, I went with 2. This is Sweet N Tart Citrus Juice from Reboot with Joe. Throw this in your juicer!

        3 cups Cranberries
        2 2×2” pieces Ginger (2 small pieces)
        3 Oranges
        2 small Ruby Red Grapefruit
        2 Limes

  20. Avatar

    I cannot believe how good this is!! I can’t wait for my husband to come home so he can try it. He LOVES lemon bread and this is better than any lemon bread I’ve had. It tastes like cake!

  21. Avatar

    Just made this….it was delish! Very happy, and I could have two slices if I wish and don’t need to feel guilty about it! I searched for a week for coconut flour and the oil – but when i got it from my local health food store I made it ASAP!. I’ve been primal for 7 months now and have lost 20kg with extreme amounts of exercise too but I credit the primal blueprint too! I wasn’t unhealthy but have been training for the police and happy now I can make this delish guilt free loaf! Going to be making banana loaf too when my bananas turn! 🙂 thank you for the inspirations!! 😉

    • Primally Inspired

      Thank you so much for your comment, Tua! And congrats on all your success with being primal! So awesome! Glad you will now be able to enjoy some nice wholesome treats every once in awhile, too – coconut oil and flour are amazing 🙂

  22. Avatar

    Ok, so….I have the 2 pickiest little boys on the planet. Seriously! They also LOVE Starbucks Lemon Bread….yeah, I know….bad!!!! Anyhoo…..when I saw this recipe I almost died and knew I had to try it. I’ll be honest, as much as I thought it was great….when I made this tonight…..I was worried my picky little guys would take one bite and turn it away. Guess what???!!! They LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, Thank you!!!!!

  23. Avatar

    Hi, I just made this and it is sooooo yummy!
    Sweet and moist without being sickly or heavy.
    I have been reading through the comments on this page and I just wanted to say how great I think it is that you make such an effort to reply to all your readers comments!
    Your excited, sweet replies make me want to try every one of your recipes as I can see how genuine you are.
    Thanks for the recipe and for inspiring me to just be nice!

  24. Avatar

    Hi! I am a big fan of yours and my family is always waiting for me to try more of your recipes.

    I just have one question, why don’t you use almond flour. The reason I ask is because my favorite all time cake was a lemon marzipan cake, which was a lot like this one. I just miss the almondy taste.

    Thanks again for sharing so much!!

    • Primally Inspired

      Hi Mariana!

      Thank you so so much for your sweet and thoughtful words!!

      I purposefully do not consume a lot of almond flour baked goods for a couple of reasons.
      While almonds and nuts can be good for you in moderation, in my opinion and research, consuming an excessive amount is not the best choice for our health or waistlines. The fats from nuts can go rancid very easily. Once you bake or heat nuts, the heat causes the fats to oxidize and go rancid, which will cause a lot of inflammation in our bodies. Nuts also contain a high level of polyunsaturated fat (omega 6).
      Most almond flour baked goods call for 2 or more cups of flour for one recipe. It takes over 90 almonds to make 1 cup of almond flour. That’s a lot of almonds and my opinion, an excessive amount to eat at one sitting.

      Another major reason you won’t likely see almond flour recipes on this site is because most of my family is allergic to almonds/nuts. I started this site for my sister and her family so she could easily find quick, healthy, yummy meals and snacks to make for her young kids. 4 out of the 6 in her family are allergic to nuts so I tend to avoid nut based recipes because most of the recipes are created with her family in mind.

      That’s just my two cents, but I totally believe in everything in moderation, so I’m not by any means 100% against almond flour (I make a baked almond flour choc. chip cookie that I LOOOOOVE!). But if I have the choice, I’ll almost always pick coconut flour everytime. It’s a wonderful and in my opinion, healthier alternative.

      Wow, I just yacked your ear off (lol sorry!).
      Hope that answers your question, though! 😀 Have a great week!!

      • Avatar

        I feel the same way about almond flour, and I was very happy to see that this was made with coconut flour, though I also just heard (today!) that the coconut is the world’s largest nut… and I guess it’s a tree nut like the others, so…. not sure what that means in terms of comparisons. Actually, I think almonds are considered a fruit, but maybe it’s the type of fat and what happens when it’s processed/heated that is the real issue. Since coconut oil can take a high temperature, I wonder if the same goes for coconut flour in baking? It feels lighter on the gut to me, in any case.

        Well I just made this lemon loaf today, and it’s to die for! Jury’s still out on whether I should be eating eggs and honey right now (doing a “leaky gut” diet and pretty sure I’ll be eating paleo/primal for life, regardless), but if this keeps me out of the “regular” baked goods, I’ll take it – it’s a much better alternative. That glaze is essential, in my opinion!

        Thanks so much for sharing the recipe!

      • Avatar

        I am allergic to both almonds and coconut. This means that when I do end up making bread goods that I end up having to use soy flower as that is all that is available to me. Do you know of any way to make this recipe without coconut flower?

        • Primally Inspired

          Hi Lyrabela! Coconut flour recipes are so hard to convert to other flours because it’s such unique flour. Generally, you would have to greatly decrease the eggs and greatly increase the flour. In this case, I’d try 2 eggs instead of 6 and 2 cups of soy flour rather than the coconut flour. If you are an experienced cook, you’ll probably be able to tell if it needs another egg or if that combination would work. If the mixture seems to thick, you’ll probably need to add another egg. I hope that might help 🙂

          • Avatar

            Thanks! I will let you know how it turns out. Is it suppose to be a thicker mix or more creamy? That is usually how I judge how many eggs to use 🙂

            • Primally Inspired

              A creamy thickness (LOL!), but seriously, that’s exactly how I would describe it!

              • Avatar

                so interestingly enough I would say that if I used 3 eggs I would want barely a cup of soy flour. The soy also gives it a weird taste, you can’t taste the lemon as well. So either I will use another lemon next time or I will add a tiny bit of sugar cane to go with it. Th glaze was absolutely amazing though!

  25. Avatar

    I’m soooo excited to try this! I love all things lemon, especially lemon loaf!!

  26. Avatar

    In your experimenting have you found that the coconut flour can be switched straight across in other recipes that call for flour? Or are there other tweaking tips?

  27. Avatar

    I want to make this cake, but was wondering if I can use xylitol instead of stevia? If yes, do they compare straight across or would i use less/more of xylitol? Thanks

    • Primally Inspired

      Elissa, I wish I could answer this for you, but I don’t have much experience at all with stevia and xylitol and honestly have no idea. Hope you can figure it out because I think you’ll like this 🙂

    • Avatar

      Hi Elissa,
      I was wondering if you’ve made this lovely bread with stevia or xylitol if so, how did it turn out? I am unable to have honey at this time due to candida but would love to try this recipe with stevia. Thanks!

  28. Avatar

    I haven’t done any cooking with alternative flours, but from what I’ve read, I think you should be able to substitute coconut flour in something closer to a 1/3 or 1/4 ratio in other recipes. Don’t hold me to that though. 🙂

    • Primally Inspired

      Right on Keith! That’s pretty accurate from what I’ve found, too. You also have to decrease the moisture and/or eggs if you want to use flours other than coconut. Coconut flour is a tricky little beast 🙂

  29. Avatar

    We can’t wait to give this delicious smelling loaf a taste! It’s cooking as I type this 🙂 the only thing is mine sunk down in the middle while baking. Is this normal? Yours looks so pretty and the top is nice and even. Just thought I’d ask 🙂
    Thanks for the recipe!

    • Primally Inspired

      Hi Ashley! You know the last couple that I’ve made have sunk a little bit in the middle, so I researched it and found out that the culprit of mine was my baking soda was outdated (who knew?!). But, in my research I found there are multiple reasons why it could have sunk.
      Here’s the rundown if you are interested:
      -outdated baking soda
      -overmixing the batter hinders rising and can cause sinking
      -if the batter stands too long before baking, it will sink in the middle
      -if your oven is too warm it can cause sinking: breads should not be baked at more than 350 degrees
      -too small of baking pan can cause the bread to sink in the middle
      -too much wet ingredients in the recipe or not measuring accurately can cause sinking

      So, there’s a bunch of reasons that it could be, but I hope you still got to enjoy it!! 😀

  30. Avatar

    This recipe sounds awesome! One quick question though: is there another fruit that I could substitute for the lemon? Everything sounds great except the lemon…for some reason I’ve never been a lemon fan. I’m new to this type of baking so I need all the help I can get hehe. Thank you 🙂

  31. Avatar

    I am about 2 weeks into paleo now and still need that fulfillment from a good bread and this was incredible for having no grains. I think it took a couple days for me and my girlfriend to eat the whole thing! Next time I would add just a little bit less milk because it was just a pinch too moist for me. The flavor is amazing though.

  32. Avatar

    Hi, I made this for an afternoon tea – for which I also made a Nigella Lawson damp chocolate cake – guess which one everyone preferred? That’s right! The lemon bread. I live in South-West France and it’s pretty challenging being paleo (or at least trying to!) I’ve been trying to find alternatives to using almond flour and finally I stumbled on to your site- thanks to “Just Eat real Food” on Facebook. Once again, thank you – I will continue to read your blog!

  33. Avatar

    What did I do wrong? My cake started foaming and overflowed my cake pan in the oven. What a mess(smells good though) only sub was agave for honey. Thoughts? I used a standard glass loaf pan

    • Primally Inspired

      omg! I have no idea! The only thing I can think of that causes a reaction like that is baking soda and vinegar – agave should be a completely fine substitute. I am so sorry and have no idea why that happened 🙁

  34. Avatar

    I am just about to try your recipe. So very excited as this type of cake was one of our favourites in a pre-primal life. I live in the UK and I notice (a lot) that people in the US don’t tend to weigh their ingredients, preferring cups instead, which can make it a little hard to know that we have the right amount. Can I ask how you measure your coconut flour (heaped or flat cup) or if you have it measured in oz or gm. Will let you know how I go! Thank you again for your very inspiring site.

    • Primally Inspired

      Hi Lisa! I hope you love the lemon cake 🙂 In the US, we have measuring cups and we just put the ingredients in the cups or spoons. I measure the coconut flour in a flat cup. Hope that helps and good luck with the recipe!!

    • Avatar

      There was a comment about not weighing our ingredients in the US, there are alternatives, try to find a US set of measuring cups and spoons, they should be very reasonably priced…look on the internet for equivalents…or you could use the ounces equivalent for the cups measure. There are 8 oz in a cup, 2 oz in a quarter(1/4) cup, 4 oz in a half(1/2)cup etc. I was taught that when you measure for baking, you sift the flour, then scoop it into the cup you’re using to measure with and then overfill it to then scrape off the top level with the top edge of the cup. I’ve been baking for many years and this is how I’ve always done it. Best of luck to you!

  35. Avatar

    I have been eating healthy for over five years now after reading both of Kevin Trudeau’s books, Narurals cures. I bought them as gifts for friends and that started a snow ball affect of us all researching different diets and all natural “real” foods to be eating and different diets. I now have created vegans, vegetarians and people who just eat fish I stead of other meats.

    I discovered your website on my friends Facebook post of your energy balls recipe. I never heard of the Paleo diet or way of eating before but I feel like I finally found something that makes perfect sense. The way I was eating was almost Paleo! I hardly eat grains if I did I was only eating brown rice or quinoa. My flours were already switched to coconut, almond, and quinoa. I don’t eat a lot of nuts because they are so fattening, at least for me. I also only eat meat with no antibiotics or hormone. I also just started making shakes of kale, spinach,and frozen berries with ground seeds, flax, hemp, chia, sesame, pumpkin, and sunflower.

    The only thing I wasn’t doing that’s Paleo is eating legumes! I had no idea you weren’t supposed to until I read about Paleo. Of course I just found a brownie recipe made with black beans that’s amazing! You can’t even tell there no flour!

    Long story not so short I will be trying your bread recipes soon!
    I want to share this awesome website with everyone for supplies if I may. You can find almost anything you’re looking for on there at a discount from flavored stevia drops to coconut flour to all naturals skin and hair care. It’s called swansonvitamins.com just type what you’re looking for in the search bar. The product are endless! They even have he’s,Ty pet products

    • Primally Inspired

      Hi Dina!

      Sounds like you are taking really good care of yourself 🙂 I am similar to you and I almost don’t like labeling my recipes “paleo” because I eat some things that are not considered paleo, too like beans (well soaked and cooked, though or else I have trouble digesting them), sometimes I’ll eat a small amount of whole grains like rice, also potatoes, and small amounts of dairy. I basically eat real foods that my body likes, are easy to digest for me and that fuel me well – paleo is the closest thing that I’ve found that describes how I eat, too 🙂

      Thank you for sharing the website with me and everyone else! It’s always nice to find a good supplier like that. Hope you enjoy the bread, too!!
      Take care!

  36. Avatar

    Even if you don’t consider yourself “Paleo” this is a great recipe. The bread has a very refreshing taste to it and, if you didn’t know it, you wouldn’t realize it was paleo (as I have found with most of my favored paleo recipes)! I think this would make a perfect complement to a summer picnic. Thanks for sharing!

  37. Avatar

    I made this into muffins and it made 12 perfectly, they tasted great! However I used whole milk as my liquid and when I added it to the measuring cup with the lemon juice it curdled. I thought to myself “gross”,and continued mixing the ingredients and baked them. Well they all came out with brown spots all over that sorta look like i added raisins to the batter. I think it must have been little pieces of the curdled milk( cheese?) lol. It didnt affect the flavor over all except when I ate just the brown spots they were bitter. So next time ill probably make with coconut milk instead.

    • Avatar

      Veronica, what you did by adding the lemon juice to whole milk was an old baker’s trick when a recipe called for buttermilk or soured milk. I wouldn’t think that that would cause browned bitter spots in your bread. I’ve done that lots of times and the “homemade” buttermilk blends perfectly with the other ingredients. I hope this gives some insight into what caused the dark spots and how to correct them next time.

  38. Avatar

    In the oven now! Also have some berries and lemon curd. So excited to try it!

  39. Avatar

    Baked this yesterday and it’s just lovely! Eating it right now – actually prefer it on its own, ie without the glaze. I’ll definitely be making it again. Thanks so much for sharing!

  40. Avatar

    making this for the first time. The batter was not a normal batter…kind crumbly. Not at all like cake batter. Is this normal? I really hope it turns out. My husband loves lemon and I am trying to go paleo, but need to convince him that it can taste good….

  41. Avatar

    I am going to try this as soon as my coconut flour arrives from Amazon. I was wondering if you can substititue egg whites or egg beaters for the whole eggs, or do you need the yolks?

    • Primally Inspired

      Hi Debra! I’m not sure the answer to your question (I’ve only done it with whole eggs) so I’m hoping someone else writes in that may have tried it! Hope we figure it out and hope you love the bread 🙂

      • Avatar

        Just made this tonight it came out great. I substituted 3 of the 6 eggs for egg whites and it turned out fine. Next time I make it Im going to try using only 2 eggs and the rest egg whites. Also I cooked it for about 45 50 minutes. Its more like a lemon pound cake but lighter. I love it. Thanks for the recipe.

  42. Avatar

    Made two loaves this evening and they are so delicious!
    Just wondering if anyone has had success freezing this for later enjoyment? Made two to be efficient and would like to put one away for next week. Concerned it might get overly mushy because of how moist the cake is.

  43. Avatar
    shannon margera

    This bread is tasty! My first time making one of your recipes. Only thing is my glaze never hardened… Not sure if i did something wrong? I waited until both were completely cooled. The sauce was very liquidy as i poured it on the bread making the bread wet and after i refridgerated it for over an hour the sauce hadnt hardened completely and the bread was soggy… The flavor was still great just wondering what i could do different next time 🙂 Thanks!!

  44. Avatar

    Just made this and I love it! If I was out and after a treat lemon would usually be last on my list but as this is a healthy treat I love it!!! My fiancé also loved it! I made it without the glaze as was missing a few ingredients. Where for the glaze it says 2 T – what does the T stand for?? Teaspoon? Tablespoon?
    Many thanks 🙂 Will be trying more recipes!

    • Avatar

      Big T is generally Tablespoon, while a little t is teaspoon. I have seen recipes with just “T” and “t” used and also others that use the T for tablespoon and tsp for teaspoon. Have fun baking!!

  45. Avatar

    So I just made this and it is SUPER tasty! My only thing was it fell in the middle as well as others (and my baking soda was brand new) and then the other thing was I just couldn’t wait that 30 minutes to an hour for it to cool, and it fell apart when I took it out of the loaf pan. Oh well. It was just for us and honestly, it’s all going to the same place so who cares if it’s in pieces. I’ll be more careful next time (which will be very soon cuz this stuff is the BOMB!)
    Thanks again, Bestie!

  46. Avatar

    Thank you for this superb and delicious recipe! My husband and I love love love it. 🙂

  47. Avatar

    Hey! Are you and this page:
    related at all?

    It’s the same recipe: )

  48. Avatar

    Since I discovered your Banana Bread and LOVED it – I seem to be going through your recipes one by one with great results! Thank you! Currently waiting for my cucumber to grow so I can make pickles.

  49. Avatar

    Silly question – have you ever tried this in a donut pan? I just got mine and I am looking for recipes for it. I’m also bringing breakfast to a friend on Saturday who is paleo and I think she might freak a little over donuts!

  50. Avatar

    My glaze didn’t work,I think I had too much juice from my lemon and not enough butter to equal it.. but I’m very excited to try the bread!

  51. Avatar

    I just made this cake. It smelled delicious while baking and when I took it out of the oven it was a beautiful, golden brown. I was so excited to cut into it after putting the glaze on. However, about 2/3 of the slice was nothing but cooked gray egg! It literally looks like a brain in the shape of a loaf. Totally inedible. I followed your recipe exactly so I cannot imagine what went wrong. I don’t think I can risk making this again and wasting all those eggs! Any idea what could have gone wrong?

    • Primally Inspired

      Penny, I have no idea and I’m so sorry it didn’t work out! I’m going to post this question on my facebook wall to see if anyone could offer insight as to what may have gone wrong. Was it the bottom half of the bread that was cooked gray egg? If so, it almost seems as though all the yolks settled to the bottom. Lemon bread brains (that did make me laugh. lol)?! ew, oh my!! I’ll try to get to the bottom of it for you!

  52. Avatar

    I’m SO excited to try this recipe!!

    Have you ever attempted to make this in a bread maker? I was recently given one, and I’m kind of addicted to it. 🙂

    • Primally Inspired

      ooo! A bread maker! No, I’ve never tried to make it in one, but I’d love to find out if it works. I actually got rid of my bread maker when I went Paleo 4 years ago. I didn’t know back then that I’d be creating “Paleo” breads! haha 🙂

      • Avatar

        It worked! 🙂 My bread maker has a gluten free setting- I put all the ingredients in the bread maker pushed start and walked away. It turned out great and my house smells fantastic!!

        • Primally Inspired

          That is so great to know! Thanks for trying it out so we all know now!! Looks like I’ll have to buy another bread maker now 🙂

          • Avatar

            I still have mine, but most of the resale shops have them around cheap. I guess it is one of those things that has come and gone so people give them away. I get most of my small appliances at resale places. Keeping my eyes open now for a spiral veggie cutter to make veggie “noodles/spaghetti”. Can’t wait to try the recipe. I love lemon stuff and so does my hubby. Just found your blog today and added to my “feedly”.

  53. Avatar

    I think its great that you focus on Coconut flour. In my case we have Coconuts in abundance (Sri Lanka). So we just make our own. Almond flour on the other is not available and is way too expensive to make. Thanks for the recipe!

  54. Avatar

    Quick question, and maybe it has been answered but I didn’t read all the way through all the comments so please excuse. If one uses cows milk, I think the coconut juice might curdle the milk. If the milk curdles, it would definitely separate and perhaps that is why the woman’s loaf came out looking like “brains”? Just a thought. Have you actually made it with cows milk? Did it turn out ok for you or did you blend it in such a way to avoid the issue? I wonder if adding the cows milk, mixing, then adding the lemon juice would solve the curdling problem?
    Thanks for the great recipe. My sister is visiting in September and I am looking for sweet recipes she can actually eat when we have tea! This looks to be just the thing and I will definitely be making it!

    • Avatar

      WHOOPS…I meant lemon juice curdling the milk. NOT coconut juice! (see what happens when I try to write something at work?) sheesh!

    • Primally Inspired

      Hi Sandi! Thank you so much for your input! I usually make it with heavy cream or coconut milk and I haven’t had a problem with the milk curdling with the heavy cream. But I did have one other commenter saying her milk curdled so I think you may be onto something about the potential reason that the other woman’s loaf coming out like brains. I was so stumped on that and that’s a great suggestion. Thank you! And I hope you and your sister like this 🙂

      • Avatar

        I’ve seen a lot of people commenting on the lemon juice and milk thing curdling the eggs, etc…I know that if you need buttermilk for a recipe, and don’t have any you can add a couple of Tbsps of either plain white vinegar or lemon juice to a measuring cup and then top off with milk, stir to combine and voila! you have a buttermilk substitute. Maybe the problem comes from not mixing or stirring together the lemon juice and the milk?? I’ve used this substitute all the time as I don’t generally keep buttermilk, but, love things made with it. I hope you find out what the problem is and share here. Have a great day!!

  55. Avatar

    Help! I made this this morning and it did not turn out well, the middle sunk down after I took it out of the oven and after pulling it out of the fridge and slicing into it I discovered that the bottom 8th of it looked and felt like the eggs had settled. What did I do wrong?

  56. Avatar


    I am new to this paleo way, so it could be something I did . I made this loaf just now and it turned out really eggy. Almost similar to a custard? Do you pack your coconut flour? Is one brand of flour better than the other? Looking forward to trying the banana bread, but I love lemon and was a little sad it didn’t turn out like a loaf. Also, about how much juice are you getting from your lemons?

    Always looking forward to your new recipe posts!
    Thank you!!

    • Avatar

      I just made it and was way too egg-y tasting…very custard like flavor. I’m not a fan of egg flavor so won’t make it again. Is 6 eggs really correct?

  57. Avatar

    What size of loaf pan do you use?

  58. Avatar

    I can’t wait to try this recipe! What are your thoughts on coconut nectar? I’m curious if I could use this low-glycemic alternative to the honey. Thanks for any feedback on the idea!

  59. Avatar

    Hi Kelly. I told you i would comment on the Lemon loaf, so here goes: YUM!!! I used 1 1/2c egg whites, and 2 2/3 c of oat flour. I had to bake it for 55 minutes. It is sooooo good! I poked holes in the top if the loaf with a tooth pick before glazing, so some of it seeped into the loaf. Hope this is helpful to anyone else with coconut allergies!!

  60. Avatar

    I really really love your banana bread recipe. Got it from Dr. F Lipman’s e-newsletter. So glad i found your amazing banana bread recipe. I made it into muffins instead of a loaf baked it for 25 mins. and it turned out superb. This is the best, bestest recipe of banana bread/muffin i have ever had and made. THANKS a TON Kelly for sharing this recipe and can’t wait to make the lemon bread. Have more recipes coming, Kelly?

  61. Avatar

    This was a huge hit at our 4th of July picnic! I came across your recipe while trying to figure out what to do with all these meyer lemons mom brought back from Grandpa’s lemon tree a few states over. I made a double recipe with full fat greek yogurt instead of milk and I put it in a cake pyrex “pan”. I’m not an experienced baker, but it came out wonderfully anyway. Seriously can’t wait to make it again!!! Just wanted to say THANK YOU!! Gonna try your raspberry brownies next 😀

  62. Avatar
    Jennifer Barnes

    I just came across this recipe today and am anxious to try it. I love lemony foods. My problem is I also have an egg allergy. I noticed one woman substituted applesauce for half of the eggs and was successful. I have a powdered egg substitute and wondered if anyone has tried that. Thanks for any ideas!

  63. Avatar

    A friend bought me some Lemon Blueberry bread from a local bakery. KNOWING that I don’t eat grains…but it is one of my favorites and I could not stop thinking about Lemon Bread…and that same I found your recipe (on a blog I believe) and the next morning tired your recipe……..Seriously, THE BEST paleo bread have made to date. My husband said this could be marketed and sold! (Don’t worry, I would never do that). Thank you Thank you for this wonderful treat! This morning added sliced strawberries to my piece..YUM! Side note, my oven takes longer then most to cook, I had my bread in for approximately 50 minutes. Caution! Could be come addictive (but that is such a good thing!)

    • Primally Inspired

      LOL! I love your comment, Jillian!! 🙂 Thank you so much for taking time to write and it makes me SO happy to hear that you are enjoying it. I’m a sucker for anything lemon and could eat this everyday! Sliced strawberries sounds amazing on it!

  64. Avatar

    Has anyone had success making this without honey and using a sweetener like splenda or stevia instead? If you did, how did you do your conversions?

  65. Avatar

    Holy crap! This is SOOOO good and so easy to make! Thank you!!!! Love the banana bread too. Your recipes are incredible. Keep up the great work! Yum Yum!

  66. Avatar

    I just made this and looooooove it! 2 months ago we found out our son(5 yrs old) is type 1 diabetic. We have all changed our eating to his. He must eat a low carb diet which coconut and almond flours are. Do you know of any kid friendly dessert recipes i can try? Hes still having a tough time with eating desserts that are not full of sugar or white flours.

  67. Avatar

    I made this and it was FANTASTIC! LOVED IT! Thank you. I read through the comments and I think these steps might help the people for whom the result was not as good as expected.

    * Definitely pre-heat your oven and grease your pans first (you will likely need 2 loaf pans), before mixing anything (I used butter to grease my pans, and I used glass loaf pans).

    * I only used 4 eggs and substituted a 1/2 c of unsweetened apple sauce for the other 2. I don’t think this would make a difference in the success of the recipe, but I’m just saying what I did.

    * separate the eggs and beat the eggwhites alone until fluffy, but not dry.

    * then, add in the egg yolks, honey (I only used 3 tbs for the bread, but added the sweet glaze after baking, and it was fine), lemon juice and zest, “milk” (I used almond milk) and coconut butter (I used Artisana coconut butter – not oil, but butter) and beat until smooth and fully mixed.

    * add the coconut flour (measured using “scoop and sweep” method – google it if you don’t know what this is) and baking soda quickly, ensuring it’s totally mixed – helps to use a whisk, because coconut flour and baking soda are known to clump. (I skipped the salt, but I don’t think this would matter in the recipe either way)

    * fill your loaf pans no more than half way full – this batter won’t rise much more than it already is at this point, but it will cook through a little easier.

    * bake until a toothpick comes out clean in the middle. This might take a while (perhaps longer than the recommended time in this recipe, though the half-filling of loaf pans might help), so don’t have the loaves too close to the heat source of the oven, or else you might get too much browning.

    * when I removed the loaves from the oven, I let them sit on a wire rack for 5 or 10 minutes, but then, making sure the loaves were solid, and pulling away from the edges as baked quick breads are likely to do upon cooling, I dumped the loaves upside down onto flat plates to continue cooling. I don’t know if this is really necessary, but I had a theory that doing this would redistribute the moisture of the loaf.

    I hope this helps those who might have been having trouble.

    Thanks again for a truly delicious recipe!!!

  68. Avatar

    I tried this lemon bread this weekend and I love it!!!! It is like a cake! I can’t wait to try the other coconut flour recipes. Thank you so much for sharing your recipes. 🙂

  69. Avatar

    I LOVE coconut Flour and I LOVE lemon. I have 2 kids with sever egg allergies and have been hunting for egg free coconut flour recipes. Any adivice on adaptations? Have you or anyone else tried subbing with chia seed “eggs” or grass fed gelatin “eggs? I fear it would just flop.


  70. Avatar

    This lemon loaf is fabulous. My husband and I have been eating Paleo for about a month and this recipe is perfect. Thank you so much for sharing it. Now to try the banana bread!

    • Primally Inspired

      I love hearing this, Meridee! I hope you enjoy the banana bread, too. I’ve been making the banana bread into muffins lately. They take a shorter time to cook (about 25 mins) and are a great “grab and go” item 🙂

  71. Avatar

    So excited to make this. But I have a question/request – any chance you have a pumpkin bread loaf recipe to replace the Starbucks pumppkin loaf my little boys long to have?

  72. Avatar

    I searched for your site after getting this recipe in my cookbook by Abel James. I have made this loaf twice now, and I must say, after seeing your recipe, it’s a little different than the one published. I think I’m going to need to make it according to your site because it falls in the middle. It tastes AMAZING, of course, but it isn’t very pretty…I can’t impress my mom with this until I get it right! P.S. Thank you SO much for a coconut flour recipe that doesn’t make my mouth feel like the Sahara Desert. 😀 Ohh…P.P.S. put a little homemade lemon curd on top…SINFUL.

  73. Avatar

    I can’t handle any form of milk so I substituted a very ripe banana for the coconut milk. It was fantastic! This recipe is a keeper. And yes, the glaze is a must. I just increased the butter instead of adding milk. YUMMY!

  74. Avatar

    I find the bread turns out perfect if I let the batter sit a few minutes so the coconut flour can soak up some of the liquid and if I use a wide bread pan.

  75. Avatar

    I made this on Monday afternoon, it was good. By Tuesday morning (after overnight in the refrigerator) it was even better. Today is Friday and I have had a slice every morning for breakfast and it seems to get better every day. I was amazed that after 4+ days of storing in the refrigerator that is is as moist today as it was Monday right out of the oven!

  76. Avatar

    I couldn’t find my bread loaf pan when it was time to pour so my 4 year old and I opted to use a heart-shaped cupcake pan and we cooked for 25 minutes. They were very coconut floury in the way that coconut flour things are, but the glaze made them into perfection. Maybe now I will finally stop going to Starbucks!

    BTW, we were in a Starbucks in the Pacific Northwest and they didn’t sell lemon loaf. They said Starbucks had purchased a bakery and were phasing it all out by January 2014 and replacing with new pastries. That’s going to go over like a fart in church. 🙂

  77. Avatar

    oh my gosh, your recipe is amazing!
    most coconut flour cakes/breads i make don’t rise nearly as well. i even made the batter into muffins! thanks for sharing

  78. Avatar

    I would like to make this, it looks so yummy! Can you tell me what size pan you use? Or did I miss that info somewhere?

  79. Avatar

    Made this over the weekend. Delish!! I did have to bake it about 50 minutes. thank you!!

  80. Avatar

    I skimmed through comments and didn’t see this one. If I missed it, sorry for the repeat. Sugar alcohols don’t work for me and I am watching carbs (like 10/day). Will another sweetner work like Just Like Sugar which has the bulk but a net carb of 1????

  81. Avatar

    I saw in some comments that you stated you spread your glaze on…..
    What/where did i go wrong because my glaze was like water and therefore my bread is very wet. Delicious flavor though overall.

  82. Avatar

    I can’t eat eggs currently. Will egg substitutes work in this recipe?

  83. Avatar

    Will egg substitutes work for this recipe? Thanks!

  84. Avatar

    Poppy seeds! I added poppy seeds…forgot to put in batter, so sprinkled on top when done baking, then poured glaze, more poppy seeds, then more glaze…cooling in fridge. Can’t wait to try…lemon..my husband’s favorite! Thanx!

  85. Avatar

    Hi just came across your site ,looks amazing ,I’ve just started clean eating ,and was looking for inspiration .the lemon glaze what does the T stand or or am I just being stupid xx

    • Primally Inspired

      Definitely not a stupid question! It stands for tablespoon and I’m in the process of changing all the T’s to tablespoon because I get that question a lot 🙂 I hope you love the lemon bread!!!

  86. Avatar

    Thank you I always use tbsp xx yes I will let you know how it goes !

  87. Avatar

    I absolutely love this cake,thanks so much for sharing the recipe.
    Just a couple of different things I do, I use baking powder and not soda and the cake has never sunk, not sure if this is why.
    I only make half the glaze ingredients using butter and when the cake is still a tiny bit warm (almost cold) I put it back in the tin and pour the glaze over then in the fridge, it makes the most beautiful moist cake.
    Another way I have used the glaze is not to put it on the cake but when I slice the cake pour a little over the slice which is very nice, you do need to have the glaze slightly warm to do this xx

  88. Avatar

    I finally made the lemon bread today ,it really Is delicious ! Also I made the pumpkin bread with butternut squash was again delicious ,I love your website Thank you x

  89. Avatar

    So, I made this tonight and I totally messed up the glaze by not cooking it and it’s already on the bread and in the fridge. There is nothing raw so I hope it’s still good. I used whole milk in the bread and the glaze (don’t know if that is a factor at all). I greased my pan with butter but it still stuck, boo, lol. I will use parchment paper next time. The batter and glaze tasted great alone and I can’t wait for things to set!

  90. Avatar

    well, to start, I am so thrilled to have found your website! and so grateful for what you are sharing here. We made this loaf today… the kids are in love! They think it is divine! Hubby and I are a bit tortured as we are both on day 3 of a juice fast but we have big plans to enjoy this lemon-y goodness when we are readjusted to solid foods.

    Thanks and Blessings <3

  91. Avatar

    So far, my lemon loaf has been in the oven at 350* for 55 minutes & it still isn’t done. My oven temperature is correct as it was checked last week. My batter was very runny, not at all like a batter should be & I followed the recipe as instructed. In one other crape recipe I used the other day that used coconut flour suggested you need to let the coconut flour sit in the mixture for 10 minutes so that it can absorb the liquid. I think that may make the difference for those who have encountered the runny batter issue. I’m disappointed that I’m out 6 organic eggs along with several other rather expensive ingredients on this one. I won’t be making it a second time sadly 🙁

  92. Avatar

    I stumbled upon your website and fortunately this recipe. I read many of the reviews and because they were all raving I knew I had to try it. Let’s just say I’m so happy I did!!! It’s spectacular!!! I am pretty new to baking with coconut flour and the recipe went perfectly. I look forward to trying more of your recipes!! Thank you!!

  93. Avatar

    Can the honey be replaced with stevia as a sweetener or will that mess up the recipe?

  94. Avatar

    Can you make this loaf into muffins? I made it the other day and it was awesome!!

  95. Avatar

    Hi! This was nice, but for me personally I’d rather make coconut flour banana bread. I like it better and it’s a lot less work – no lemons to zest and juice. And most people probably realize this, but this doesn’t taste “just” like the Starbucks bread- how could it and still be so healthy? 🙂 it is a pleasant taste tho and I’m glad I tried it. Thank you for the recipe.

  96. Avatar

    Making this recipe right now… I so hope it turns out! I’m using Omega Nutrition organic extra-virgin coconut flour, and I ended up adding a couple tablespoons more than the recipe called for as the batter was still quite runny. I also let it sit for 5-10 minutes to absorb. My question is, have you ever used Energy Egg Re-placer in your recipes? I would really like to make this vegan, and was considering using flax or chia eggs (or the NRG) instead… just didn’t want to waste my precious coconut flour!! Thank you!

  97. Avatar

    Just want to let you know, I made this and it was incredible! Not only moist and flavorful, but it looked pretty, too!
    Thanks for the great recipe, I can’t wait to try the banana bread next!

  98. Avatar

    Ok – I used coconut flour and my batter was super sloppy. After baking it looked great but the top 1cm was kind of bread like then the rest of the bread was this weird soggy eggy mess with lots of air bubbles. Any ideas what went wrong??

  99. Avatar

    I am sooooooo thankful to find your recipe!!!
    I have many many food allergies and I haven’t had my favourite lemon loaf in years…. I almost cried when I saw your recipe.
    I am making it tomorrow, and I am not going to share it with anyone! 😉

  100. Avatar

    !YUM! had all the ingredients on hand and paleo children LOVE it. The glaze makes it so special…thankyou. mine took a bit longer to cook so next time I will use wider lower loaf dish…not high sided one.
    Awesome recipe!

  101. Avatar

    For a few Easter’s I made a recipe by Food Wishes for a lemony Easter bread that had a glaze as well. Since modifying my carb intake and grains, I had been looking for a good Paleo recipe to modify. This one looks perfect! I just need to add anise extract and aniseeds to make it like the Easter bread. Looking forward to making it this week.

  102. Avatar

    Can I just say this was AMAZING! I felt like I was eating a gourmet slice of heaven!! I was staring at it too, it was so pretty looking and I was so proud that I made it correctly! Thank you so much!

  103. Avatar

    Thanks for sharing, glutenintolerant and live on low-carb diet.
    So i will try this but replace the honey whit stevia.

  104. Avatar

    I was going to make this bread tonight (and was so looking forward to it) until I realized I only have 2 eggs left in the fridge!! I usually have about 2 dozen at a time but I’ve run low and the health food store I get them at is closing soon. :/

    I’m going to try and tweak the glaze by melting down some frozen berries in a pot and mixing it into the glaze. I thought about just adding berries to the bread but figured I probably shouldn’t because of the moisture it would add.

    Thanks for this awesome recipe, can’t wait to try it soon. 🙂

  105. Avatar

    I am looking forward to making this. Please tell me what size pan to use.

  106. Avatar

    Hello 🙂 I tried this recipe today and followed it to a tee, but the middle of the bread loaf sunk! What did I do wrong? The only thing I can think of is I sifted the coconut flour like most coconut flour recipes call for.

  107. Avatar

    This was a bit of a disaster for me. The bottom section was really eggy, like omelette. I used all the correct ingredients but should you let the coconut flour soak in all the other wet ingredients before baking? It was very very liquidy when I put it in the oven and it seems like there is way too much egg in it. Any suggestions?

  108. Avatar

    Does the coconut flour give this even a slight coconut taste? I’m not a fan of it after trying it in multiple recipes so not sure if tapioca flour might work? I’ve tried to like it and just can’t get there. 🙁

    • Primally Inspired

      Hi Kelsey! This might be a good recipe for you to try because the lemon totally masks any hint of coconut. Substituting tapioca flour won’t work for this recipe because coconut flour and tapioca aren’t interchangeable.

      • Avatar

        Thank you! Is there anything that would be a good substitute for coconut flour? And would you say this bread is pretty moist like most paleo breads?

        • Primally Inspired

          I wish I knew of a good substitute for coconut flour, but I haven’t found a good one yet. It’s unlike any type of flour and soaks up A TON of moisture. Substituting other flours for it never turns out well! I would say, yes it’s pretty moist (at least it’s really moist at first – putting it in the fridge overnight really firms it up well and takes some of the moisture out).

  109. Avatar

    What size bread pan should be used? Didn’t see it listed in the recipe. Thanks.

  110. Avatar

    Made the bread today and used correct size pan – clear Pyrex. I baked it for 45 minutes – checked with toothpick to further determine if done. Sunken middle……………it is still cooling. What should I do differently the next time? I have been eating gluten free for 22 years due to celiac disease so am used to baking disasters. Thought I would have better luck this time.

  111. Avatar

    I have just finished baking this cake. About 10 minutes into it baking I realised I forgot to put any oil/butter! But it has still turned out fine! The cake and the glaze are now cooling and I’m sure it will be beautiful, if any moisture has been lost I think the glaze will fix that right up! I baked it in a cake tin and it didn’t sink in the middle at all, it rose quite well.

  112. Avatar

    Mine turned out great! Thank you so much for sharing this. I have been trying to find remakes of my favorite recipes and this is a winner! Keep up the good work!

  113. Avatar

    Delicious but after cooking for 50 min still not done in center… also, I gather one shouldn’t try to remove it from the pan until it’s chilled? I waited 5 min. and tried to get it out of the pan…I used parchment in the bottom and liberally buttered it… but it broke into several pieces. Still tasty though!

  114. Avatar

    I cant have honey so can I make this bread with maple syrup?

  115. Avatar

    The lemon cake is cooling and the banana bread is in the oven! I’m anxious to try both of them. I do line my pans with parchment paper and when I lifted the lemon cake from the pan there was a layer of cooked egg under the paper! Whatever do you think went wrong? I did use stevia a added a half cup of fresh blueberries, but I don’t think that should have mattered LOL….I’ll have to try again and see if it comes out right next time.

    • Kelly from Primally Inspired

      Oh my, Lynne – that is interesting! And I’m not sure what happened — I’ll have to do a little research to find out what could have caused that. I hope it’s still delicious, though!

    • Avatar

      This happened to me too! It looks like the eggs separated to the bottom of the pan and the parchment floated up between the eggs and other ingredients. It looks & tastes a bit weird, like a greyish lemon custard omelet with a greasy layer of cake on top. I wonder if mixing the batter for too long caused the problem. I became distracted when I had the batter in my stand mixer and let it go for longer than I normally would let a cake batter mix.

  116. Avatar

    Really good especially for “diet” food. Couldn’t find my bread pan (not a big baker!) so I used a bundt pan with Pam spray. It stuck really bad so next time I will definitely use a bread pan with parchment. Like another reviewer I found it too eggy however after refrigerating I enjoyed it MUCH better. I LOVE lemon and honey so this works for me. It doesn’t look pretty since I literally killed it removing from the pan! I also like that it is made with coconut flour. Having auto immune issues so trying to eliminate all gluten and most grains. This will be my breakfast tomorrow with coffee and coconut milk. Thanks!

  117. Avatar

    So delicious! I sprinkled flaked almonds on mine too and had a mouth-gasm. Woke up and 2am and had to have another slice!

  118. Avatar

    I have been gluten free for about 4 years and am always looking for recipes that limit dairy and sugar as well. I love to cook and bake and finding EASY, healthy recipes is a challenge. Although this is tasty and easy to make, it wouldn’t say it’s bread. I would call it a custard since it’s definitely ‘eggy’ and wet. I would serve this as a dessert topped with berries. Thanks for the recipe!

  119. Avatar

    This looks absolutely amazing! Thanks for sharing!!

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