Apple Cider Vinegar for Hair Repair: DIY ACV Spray Recipe
Serves: 1 jar of concentrate
  1. Pack a clean glass jar ¾ of the way full with your dried herbs.
  2. Fill the jar with vinegar and cover with a plastic lid or line a metal lid with parchment or wax paper.
  3. Let sit for a minimum of 2 weeks up to 6 weeks.
  4. Strain and compost or discard the herbs and put the herbal vinegar in a clean jar. You just made an herbal acv vinegar concentrate that keeps for 1-2 years! Now we need to dilute it to use it for our spray.
To Dilute:
  1. Combine 1 part vinegar to 4 parts water in a spray bottle. You can safely store your diluted vinegar spray for up to 2 weeks. I like to dilute just enough to last 2 weeks at a time. I use about a tablespoon of spray each use.
When to Use:
  1. After shampooing and conditioning, apply a generous amount of your spray to hair and scalp. Massage your scalp down through your ends. Leave on hair and allow to dry. No vinegar scent will be present after your hair is dry. Enjoy your soft and strong hair!
How Often to Use:
  1. Since everyone is different with different types of hair, the amount you should use this spray varies. You'll have to experiment to find what works the best with your hair type. In general, dry hair prefers less ACV and oily hair needs more. Those with oily hair may find they can use it every day. Dry hair generally prefers every few days. I tend to be on the drier side and use it every time I shampoo/condition my hair, which is 2 times a week.
Best Herbs for Hair and Scalp:
You can choose one herb or mix and match to get a custom blend for your hair type!

Horsetail for Hair:
Horsetail is considered one of the best herbs for strengthening hair. It stimulates blood vessels in the scalp, nourishes scalp and hair and adds shine. It's a great choice for anyone with damaged hair, hair loss and those looking for extra shine.

Find organic dried horsetail HERE.

Rosemary for Hair:
Rosemary is also considered a top herbal hair remedy. It stimulates hair growth, adds shine, strengthens hair, and conditions hair and scalp. Rosemary is best for those with hair loss and want extra growth and volume.

Find organic dried rosemary HERE.

Nettle for Hair:
Nettle is important for the hair and scalp because it stimulates the scalp for hair growth. It gives hair body, bounce and shine, conditions and prevents hair breakage. Nettle is a wonderful choice for those with scalp conditions and/or those who are dealing with hair that's prone to breakage or those who want extra body.

Find organic dried nettle HERE.

Calendula for Hair:
Calendula conditions and soothes and adds shine. Protects hair from bacteria and fungus growth. Calendula is great for all hair types or those with scalp conditions.

Find organic dried calendula HERE.

Lavender for Hair
Lavender helps hair loss and scalp conditions and balances oil production. All hair types can benefit from lavender and it adds a nice scent.

Find organic dried lavender HERE.

Basil for Hair:
Basil increases scalp circulation and promotes hair growth, strengthens hair, protects from breakage and adds shine to dull hair. Basil is best for thin hair, hair loss, damaged hair or those looking for added volume and shine.

Find organic dried basil HERE.

Green tea for Hair:
Green tea is not just to drink! It strengthens & softens hair, prevents split ends. Green tea is an especially nourishing choice for those with damaged hair.

Find organic dried green tea HERE.

Peppermint for Hair
Peppermint increases blood flow to the scalp to promote hair growth. It's best for those with hair loss or thinning hair.

Find organic dried peppermint HERE.

Yarrow for Hair:
Yarrow is wonderful for anyone dealing with a scalp condition. It can help dandruff and other scalp irritations.

Find organic dried yarrow HERE.
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