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Bone Broths Co. Giveaway! (Closes January 10)

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Bone Broths Co Coupon Code


Day 10 of my 12 More Days of Christmas Giveaways is here! And today is a chance to win one of my all-time favorite healing foods, bone broth, from a company called Bone Broths Co!  US residents only. Plus a Bone Broths Co Coupon Code for all!


Day 10 Bone Broths Co. Giveaway

Bone Broths Co Coupon Code


Bone Broths Co is giving away a 6-pack of their delicious grass-fed, pasture raised, beef bone broth to 3 winners! (US residents only).


Why I love Bone Broths Co.

I’ve been a fan and regular consumer of bone broth for years. Want to know why?

Benefits of Bone Broth:

  • Heals a leaky gut. Bone broth helps heal gut permeability. The gelatin in bone broth heals the mucosal lining of the digestive tract. Bone broth is the best thing you can consume to heal and seal your gut!
  • Helps the liver detox toxins more efficiently. The liver’s ability to detox toxins efficiently is limited to the amount of glycine available. We need to provide ample amounts of glycine in the diet so the liver can run optimally. Bone broth is abundant in glycine.
  • Reduces inflammation, helps joint and muscle pain. The specific amino acids in bone broth — glycine and proline — are the amino acids needed to build muscle, repair tissue and lessen inflammation. Bone broth is an excellent source of glucosamine and chondrotin, two supplements many people take for joint pain relief.
  • Helps fight infections. Grandma was onto to something when she told you to eat chicken soup while sick. It turns out that bone broth provides a rich source of minerals and amino acids that rebuild stronger, healthier cells. It also boosts antioxidant activity in the body.
  • Great for skin. As we age, our collagen production decreases. Bone broth is rich in collagen, the proteins found in flesh and connective tissues. Skin becomes smoother and more supple when there’s an abundance of connective tissue. There’s some evidence that bone broth even helps eliminate cellulite.
  • Helps strengthen and repair bones. The large amounts of calcium, magnesium and phosphorus in bone broth strengthens and repairs bone.
  • Promotes good sleep. Research has shown that consuming gelatin before bed helps induce sleep because of the amino acid glycine. Glycine plays an important role in the neurotransmitters within the brain. Because of this, it will also help reduce daytime sleepiness and help improve your memory during waking hours.


HERE is my recipe to make your own bone broth. But I also know so many people who have trouble finding good quality beef bones or don’t have the time or desire to make bone broth and just want an easy button. Well, here it is! I’m so glad that Bone Broths Co is able to supply this wonderful and very important source of nutrition! 


Bone Broths Co Coupon Code


Bone Broths Co is the first and only company to make USDA Grass-fed bone broth.  Each batch uses only certified organic ingredients and bones from grass-fed cattle that are slow simmered for over 24 hours to ensure maximum minerals and nutrition.  Not all bones are created equal, which is why they only use knuckle, patella, femur, and feet bones. These bones have been shown to contain the highest concentration of white and red stem-cell marrow, as well as high levels of collagen – one of the major benefits of drinking bone broth! Plus, it’s absolutely delicious!


I add a pinch of salt and then drink it out of a mug just like I would tea. It’s so soothing and comforting to me, especially in the colder months. Bone broth has been key in healing our digestion and food intolerances! 


Bone Broths Co Coupon Code

Bone Broths Co Coupon Code PRIMALLYINSPIRED10

Bone Broths Co Coupon Code for all! 

Bone Broths Co Coupon Code: PRIMALLYINSPIRED10


How To Enter the Bone Broths Co. Giveaway:

1. Make  sure you’re subscribed to my weekly emails.

This giveaway is for my email subscribers only. I will verify that all winners are subscribed, so if you aren’t yet here’s where to subscribe:

2. Leave a comment on this blog post!

That’s it! You’re entered to win this 6-pack of 100% grass-fed bone broth! I’ll announce all the winners after the closing of all 12 days of giveaways on January 10th. You can enter all 12 days of giveaways.


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Good luck!!

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